Charlaine Harris Discusses True Blood

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charlaine-harris-officeDiana McCabe from recently had the opportunity to speak with Charlaine Harris regarding her latest book”Dead and Gone” and Alan Ball‘s adaptation of her books into the HBO hit TV series True Blood. What becomes apparent in the interview is the mutual respect that Charlaine Harris and Alan Ball have for each other and for each other’s work.  Both realize and appreciate the different experiences that they bring to fans with their stories and never try to state what one should be doing in each other’s realm. A truly winning situation for fans as they are given the opportunity to be surprised and shocked by two different mediums that sometimes have two very different scenarios.

In discussions regarding “Dead and Gone,” Charlaine states that her character, Eric has grown through his relationship with Sookie, and realizes certain feelings have been awaken in him that he thought were long gone.  As to Sookie‘s feelings towards Eric and whether they are due to her blood bond to him or not, those questions will be explored in Book 10 which is scheduled to be published May 2010.

The biggest question that fans of the book series are wondering is who Sookie is going to eventually end up with at the end of the series.  Charlaine has mentioned numerous times that Sookie will not become a vampire leading readers to believe that she will not end up with one. Charlaine reiterates that:

“I said that Sookie will never become a vampire. And a vampire can’t give her what she’s always thought she wanted; a regular marriage with children. But that doesn’t mean Sookie will end up with exactly what she wants. I see no reason why she couldn’t settle with one person.”

As to how the series will end, Charlaine states that she knows how the series will end and has never changed her mind as she writes the series.

Charlaine discusses her cameo appearance on the season finale of True Blood and give fans a sneak peek at what to expect.

“I’m sitting in Merlotte‘s at the bar talking to Sam. I’m wearing a striped shirt. I have a line. I almost hope they cut it. I’m not an actor.”

Charlaine states that although there have been changes made in True Blood from her books that they do not influence her storyline.  The adaptation of her books into True Blood do have differences that she never thought about (the introduction of Jessica) but at the same time, many parts match up with what she envisioned.  In particular, Sookie‘s house and Sam‘s office look very much as she saw it in her mind when she wrote the books.  As to whether she knows what is going to happen in the episodes ahead of time, she does and watches them every Sunday.  As Charlaine states she keeps the two entities separate and enjoys the suspense and intrigue of both mediums have to offer.

Charlaine was asked at the end of the interview the same question that has been floating around for a while on the internet.   Which vampire is the better one, her Bill Compton or Twilight’s Edward Cullen.?  Charlaine simply, and eloquently said: “There is no contest.”


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