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deadandgoneRecently Charlaine Harris spoke with Sandy from All About Romance to answers questions regarding her highly anticipated ninth book, entitled, “Dead and Gone” scheduled for release on May 5, 2009. With the return of season two of Alan Ball’s highly successful HBO TV series True Blood on June 14, 2009, Charlaine Harris answered a few questions regarding Sookie, Dead and Gone and on True Blood. There is a little bit of spoiler information here so if you don’t want to know don’t read any further.

The reporter asked the all to common question of “what can you tell us about Dead and Gone without spoiling it for us?” Ms. Harris in her charming way was able to provide an answer that leaves you wanting more.

“This book is full of shockers, I think, and it’s considerably darker than the other Sookie books. The Weres come out of the closet, and the war in the fae world spills out into the human world.”

An interesting question that Sandy from All About Romance asked was did Ms. Harris see Sookie’s final choice of “her very own supe” as the end of the story or could it continue on with Sookie and her chosen one going through challenges and adventures together?

Ms. Harris stated that she had not planned on continuing beyond Sookie making her final choice as to who she wants as a life partner but that it very well could happen. She mentioned she has read some great books where once the heroine or hero had made their commitment to their chosen one that the stories continued with the pair in whatever adventures that came their way. She said she is thinking about it, but we will have to wait and see if Ms. Harris does do it or not.

The reporter said that as a long time reader of the Sookie Stackhouse novels that she had already envisioned in her head what the characters looked like. However, this time around when she read Dead and Gone she could picture the cast of True Blood in their roles because she found them “incredibly well cast – honestly, I don’t see how they could have done a better job.” Then she proceeded to ask Ms. Harris if they also managed to creep into her head as she was writing. The reporter stated that in her own personal opinion “the story in Dead and Gone seemed…well, a bit inspired, if you know what I mean by a certain devastatingly sexy actor.”

Mrs. Harris stated that:

“Ha! I’ve met them, and I think they’re all devastatingly sexy. No, the plot line of Dead and Gone was established in my head before I saw all the episodes of the show. Sookie’s story makes a logical progression from the last book. As far as I can tell, my only reaction to the show is to give Sheriff Dearborn more to do, because I’ve been such a fan of William Sanderson for so long!”

The reporter mentioned that Ms. Harris must be quite pleased that her novels were chosen to be adapted onto television but touched on the fact that there has been much discussion online about how the series has veered away from the book and if she is ok with it and does she feel that the series has remained true to the characters and the themes?

“I feel totally cool, and I have succeeded in impressing my children and their friends, which is no small accomplishment. The storytelling in the show is different, which Alan had told me to expect. I think the series remains true to the theme of the books, and true to the spirit – that combination of humor, horror, and sex which characterizes the Sookie books.”

Sandy from All About Romance stated that if she was to have one complaint about the show is that it emphasizes on Jason too much which she states she has heard others mention as well. She then asked Ms. Harris if she knew if Jason was going to remain a prominent character in the series then he is in the books to which Ms. Harris stated she had no idea.

When asked if Ms. Harris could tell us what we might expect in season two of True Blood since it is rumored to follow the second book in the series, “Living Dead in Dallas,” Ms. Harris replied,

“I am less in the loop this year than I was last year. I really don’t know what’s going to happen, which is actually a lot of fun. That having been said, I do hope I get to see the first episodes a little before the rest of the world.”

To conclude the interview the reporter mentioned that in Dead and Gone Sookie‘s great-grandfather makes an ambiguous – and potentially very important – observation to Sookie at the end of the book. She then asked Ms. Harris if she would be willing to give readers a super small, maybe equally ambiguous clue as to what he meant?

Ms. Harris’ response. No. Sorry!

Source: All About Romance Books: Charlaine Harris Interview
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