Charlaine Harris Interview On Dr. Blogstein’s Talk Show

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true-blood-charlaine-harris-comic-conRecently Charlaine Harris, the best-selling author of the Sookie Stackhose Southern Vampire series, was interviewed on the Dr. Blogstein Radio Show.  During the interview Charlaine spoke in-depth about her books and the adaptation of her books into Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV series True Blood.  Also in the interview Charlaine provide a little spoiler information about what we can expect to see happen in Book 10Dead In The Family“. To listen to this wonderful interview with Charlaine it starts at the 19:00 mark.

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  • Antonio

    Of Course,I realize that CH has the literary “liberty” of creating her OWN ideas on How 1 “becomes” a Vampire..Or a Werewolf. After All, S.Meyer wrote her Edward to “Sparkle” in direct sunlight! I STILL Do Not get THAT! Bill Doesnt Have to sparkle His Desire and Tenacity light him up from within!!
    In the SSVM Vampires must be staked to be destroyed (By The Way Sam I Didnt like what You Said about “staking” MFV my favorite vampire!) In the Twilight saga Vamps can Only be destroyed by Incineration…Burning them in fire and dismemberment.

  • Antonio

    1 thing which i fail to understand about the books is after 10 of them Why Sookie is Not dead,sick OR a vampire?! Its obvious that in the books BOTH Bill And Eric have fed of off her! What with the biting,feeding and exchange of blood(BTW NOT a good idea in THIS day and age Eric could have had a couple of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Whatnot) ~~~Was there ANY way to practice “Safe Bite?” LOL I suppose Not. Sookie and Bill “fool around” a Lot in the show and from what I have heard With Eric a lot in the books. If I Were her i would ask for a sexual history on Both of them and ask for them to be “tested”
    “Bill Just HOW MANY Sex/Bite Partners have YOU Had in the past 80 years?? Just about How Many gals/guys has Eric slept with/bit over the past 800 or so years??
    I would ask “Bill? Have You ever been with a guy?”
    She should ask “Would you tell me if You had?”
    She should be smart about all this!

    Another thing. After 10 books, Why the hell isnt Sookie a vampire or dead?? How long can he keep feeding off of her without it having some seriouly ill effect on her health??
    Vampires Do communicate their “dark gift” to their victims sometimes Unintentionally. What the hell is goin on here??
    Sookie may be a bit more than human but she is still basically mortal. Which means that 1 day she will grow old and die.
    Bill and Eric will remain young and handsome forever.
    In Book 3 Eclipse of Twilight Bella must make a very serious decision She Must choose between life as an undead or life with Jacob as a member of his “family”. Eventually in book 4 Edward DOES turn Her but ONLY because she was dying! She has a most difficult time “converting” the “fever” “choking” and “burning” were Very visceral and hard to read! The vampire venom coursing through her veins was almost enough to finish her off! My Point IS Bella HAD to make a Choice!! Why Doesnt Sookie Have to make a similar choice??!
    I cant believe after 10 BOOKS CH still has her herione confused as to Who she REALLY wants!! C’mon MS Harris WHO Is IT??
    IF Sookie Desires to Be WITH Bill for Always She Will have to become LIKE HE IS 1 of Them!! Otherwise she will just grow old feeble get sick and one day die and Bill will be lonely again He might NEVER get over losing her!!! Is THIS Right?
    Must Ms Harris torture Bill like This??
    Sookie For Pete’s sake Make a Choice,Gal!!
    Pick Eric pick Sam pick Bill Just PLEASE Pick SOMEONE!!
    Ms Harris says she has No plans for Sookie to become a vampire?
    Well then She has doomed her to die! If she will Not be turned then she will succumb to the poisonous effects of his “venom” she will get Very Sick and She will Die!
    Those who do Not Become vampires Then Will Die from them!
    Thats the “Traditional” Way!! No Way around it! Read Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Of Course, there is very little “traditional” quality About OFV maybe thats 1 reason why he’s our favorite?
    I’ve bloviated enough here! I suppose there are just some things which the author will keep to herself?

  • Lauren Isabel

    3 more books! she knows the ending?! what’s the ending charlaine?!