Charlaine Harris Interviewed In Miami Herald

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charlaineharris3-248x300wikiCharlaine Harris author of “Dead Until Dark” and Alan Ball’s inspiration for HBO’s “True Blood” was recently interviewed in The Miami Herald.  Charlaine talks about how small town life and the fear of change inspired her Sookie Stackhouse series.   In an excerpt from the article, which I feel makes it so translatable to me and other fans of the show (besides of course the hot vampires played by Stephen Moyer who plays Bill Compton and Alexander Skarsgard who plays Eric Northman) is the idea of the characters coming from a place we can relate to:

Stackhouse’s fictional hometown of Bon Temps, La., resembles the South, a South filled with waitresses who wear Keds sneakers and shop at Wal-Mart. Trailers dot the pastures outside the north Louisiana town, and pickup trucks fill the parking lot of the bar where Harris’ heroine works.”

Although I am not from the South I feel closer to characters that are not among the bourgeois vampires of the past, I read and enjoyed other vampire series and am an avid horror fan in general. I relate much better to a working class environment cleverly portrayed in the novels and the HBO series.  I also enjoy the euphemisms to racism and homophobia as Charlaine states in the interview “I’m no crusader; I just like to make a point. If people get it, good.  If they don’t, OK.”

I get it and hope other people make the connection. You never know who is watching and may make a comparison to how they view others around them and hopefully it can change them for the better.
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