Charlaine Harris Loving True Blood

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Recently, had the chance to interview Charlaine Harris about True Blood and her opinions of it. Be warned, some spoilers are present, so if you don’t want to know anything, don’t read this!

The interview opens with Charlaine discussing how she reacted to offers to make her Southern Vampire Mystery books into a TV series. She said that she had three interested parties, but of course Alan Ball‘s offer was the most interesting, so she chose him to create the show we all know and love.

In fact, just like the rest of us, Charlaine follows the show and loves it. She says,

“I’m amazed! I love Alan‘s creativity, I love the cast – I’ve just been very impressed with the way he’s stayed true to the spirit of the books. I’ve been with the characters for so long, but I admire the way they’re taking the parts and making them their own.”

Charlaine openly admits that she has no involvement with True Blood except for having created the source material, so it makes sense that the different visions she and Alan have of the characters create different outcomes. Those differences allow for fans of both True Blood and the Southern Vampire Mysteries to be surprised as new materials continue to be released by both series.

Charlaine also talked about how different her books and True Blood are. After all, she’s writing directly from Sookie‘s point of view, and Alan cannot do that, as TV is an entirely different medium that typically requires an omniscient point of view, which means that the entire world of True Blood is a bit more fleshed out, especially when it comes to secondary characters. Charlaine is also very grateful to Alan that he has kept his promise to her by staying true to the spirit of the books and Sookie‘s many adventures (something Charlaine repeats several times throughout the interview).

Ask if there have been any changes that she hasn’t like Charlaine stated:

“There have been some sub-stories that I wasn’t as nuts about as others, but there hasn’t been anything I’ve really hated. I wasn’t too keen on the voodoo story, but I see now why they introduced it in the second season. Once I saw it, it all made sense.”

Speaking of Sookie, Charlaine is a huge fan of Anna Paquin‘s portrayal of the spunky lead character on True Blood. In Charlaine‘s words,

Anna Paquin does a fantastic Sookie! I was so excited when she wanted the role and I think she’s doing a wonderful job.”

It’s wonderful to hear that Charlaine enjoys Anna‘s amazing performance as much as the rest of us fans do! After all, who else could play Sookie now that we’ve seen Anna take on the challenge so well? The same sentiment goes for the rest of the actors we know and love, like Stephen Moyer, Sam Trammell, Rutina Wesley, Ryan Kwanten, Alexander Skarsgard, etc. As Charlaine says,

“It’s bizarre seeing famous faces acting out my characters – it’s very strange and I’m still trying to get used to it! But of course, seeing my name up there every week is quite a thrill!”

Charlaine was also quizzed about whether or not she would ever pen an episode of True Blood. She said no, because she’s too busy writing the books and can’t imagine trying to make space in her calendar to do such a thing. After all, Charlaine‘s contract has 13 in total Southern Vampire Mysteries in it, and we’re still awaiting the next installment to the series as it is. Charlaine said that while writing the next book, she will consider whether or not to finish the series at the 13th book. Her decision will not affect True Blood, as she and Alan Ball are writing slightly different stories, and so far True Blood is only contracted up to Season 4.

The close of the interview was where the big spoilers could be found. Charlaine said that she has no plans to turn Sookie into a vampire, and also that the series will not end with Sookie dying.

It’s interesting to hear what may or may not happen to Sookie in the future, even though Charlaine wasn’t asked and gave away no real clues as to who Sookie will end up with. It will be very interesting to see how Charlaine will wrap up the series when it does finally come to an end.


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