Charlaine Harris Metro World News Interview

August 22, 2009 by  

00100777-080159_2811HBO’s hit series, True Blood, is based on Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampire Mysteries books.  She has written nine books in the series thus far.  The books are focused on the encounters of Sookie Stackhouse, the character portrayed by Anna Paquin.

Metro World News recently asked Charlaine what made her interested in vampires before the vampire craze began. She  has been writing the Sookie Stackhouse books since 2001. Charlaine says:

“The series is actually about the young human who is dating a vampire. I thought that would be a more interesting approach. It seemed to be that it would be interesting to write about characters who are so different from humans, who have seen so much history.”

The character Sookie is capable of hearing the thoughts of those around her, with the exception of vampires.  However, this ability should not be viewed as a “superpower” or talent.  Charlaine says:

“I don’t really think of them as superpowers; they have more like a disability. Sookie is telepathic, and that is a great burden.”

If Charlaine is on Team Bill or Team Eric, we may never know.  Charlaine says:

“I don’t have an ideal vampire. I think people are fascinated by the eternal vigor of vampires, who don’t age.


Photo credit:  HBO Inc.