Charlaine Harris Speaks about True Blood

August 8, 2010 by  

Charlaine Harris, the author of the Sookie Stakehouse Series originally wrote conventional mysteries and had decided that it would be fun to write something completely different, a little bit fun and a little bit spicy.  She wanted to write from the point of view from the girl who was trying to date a vampire and the tribulations that would come from that relationship.

Charlaine talks about how there were many offers for her series and it was Alan Ball who she trusted, and knew how talented he was, and that he would stay most true to “spirit” of the series.  She says that she normally always gets to see the series before it airs. Charlaine goes on to talk about how she is impressed with how it has turned out. Alan Ball has done a good job with the casting and Charlaine remarks on how a few of the characters are physically the exact same in the television show. She also mentions that she was jealous to not have thought about Jessica.

Charlaine answers the question many have asked about the many different “vampire” books that have come to readers these days. Charlaine says that she started the Sookie series before Stephanie Meyer started Twilight, and that readers should be able to enjoy both of these series since they were created with a totally different target audiences.