Charlaine Harris Talks About True Blood

January 5, 2009 by  

charlaineharrisCharlaine Harris discusses with Bill Foram from the Colorado Springs Independent how hard it can be to interpret books onto television.  She states she that she didn’t know what to expect and if her book would play out to her liking on TV.  However, she states that she is delighted with Alan Ball’s presentation of her story on HBO’s “True Blood”.  “True Blood”  has not only become a major hi9t for HBO but it has also stimulated interest in Charlaine’s book by being on the New York Times best sellers list  To read read Charlaine charming interview and learn more about her books, please click the article below.

SOURCE: I’ll be dead for Christmas – Charlaine Harris on True Blood, undead Elvis and teachings of tolerance

(Photo credit:  Colorado Springs Independent)