Charlaine Harris Talks About Her Books And True Blood

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Charlaine HarrisCharlaine Harris, the gifted author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels in which the hit HBO True Blood series is based upon, discussed her heroine Sookie, the real-life romance of Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, and watching her books come to life.

When asked about the Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries, Charlaine Harris said she decided to write a book combining mystery, science fiction, and romance–clinched on not sticking to the rules.

She also admitted that she shares certain traits with Sookie,

“Well, we’re both loyal, but she’s a lot braver than I am. She’s pretty much like I wish I was. She’s polite but direct. I like to think that’s me, too.”

And to top that, she feels a pleasant sense of obligation to the people who brought her stories to life, particularly Anna Paquin (Sookie) and Stephen Moyer (Bill) especially now that the duo are getting married which she felt strangely responsible for.

As for the show itself, Charlaine felt proud and excited about seeing the town she created come to life, fondly exclaiming:

“I had lunch in Merlotte’s in one of the booths. With Alan.”

When asked for details about the third season, Charlaine simply said:

“The third season will be the third book, but the show may go off on its own at any point.”

Though crossroads may be difficult in person’s life, for Charlaine the crossroads she experienced helped create Sookie, Bill, Sam, and all the other characters we love in Bon Temps. Furthermore, the books have spawned a hit show on HBO, causing a new mass of fans for Charlaine’s books and characters.

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  • Antonio

    While I have opted Not to read Any of these books So as to let Mr.Ball and the cast define what the series means for me,I must admit I was very curious. Especially after going to a local mart a few times and seeing the books there. I was tempted to pick up Dead Before Dark And The Living Dead in Dallas but somehow resisted doing so. Tonight, I went to a book website and read the first 4 or so pages of book 1. It held my interest pretty well. It was kind of neat to see everything and everyone from Sookie’s perspective. I did notice that in the show Sam seems to flirt more with Sookie than in the book~~Ive Only read about 4 or 5 pages into it So I wouldnt know.
    I got kinda nervous when The Rattrays were talking about draining Bill and selling his blood for $$. When Sookie listened to their thoughts~~and most of them were disgusting!
    I stopped because I didnt want to read about them “hurting” Bill
    even though I know that they did! Did Bill Really order a glass of wine? I dont recall that in the series I also dont recall “Sookie,More Beer over Here,Honey!” Either
    I guess the book Is kind of different They always are!