Charlaine Harris Talks Sookie and True Blood on her European Book Tour

March 7, 2010 by  

As she travels around Europe over the next couple of weeks, Charlaine Harris will have the opportunity to meet and speak with many of her international fans. She will be in the UK next week, so the local newspaper in Nottingham, England, interviewed her about her books and the experience of having them adapted into a television series.

Of course, Charlaine would not reveal any major spoilers about Dead in the Family, which will be out in May 2010, but she did say fans would be surprised about what happens to Sookie next. She also hinted at the appearance of a new supernatural being:

“In the next book there’s an incidental character who’s of another race. And there are still some fairies hanging around. Hope you enjoy them.”

On the subject of True Blood, Charlaine said how much she loves the show and enjoys seeing her stories and characters through executive producer Alan Ball’s interpretation. Asked about True Blood’s British star, Stephen Moyer, and his performance as old-fashioned Southern vampire, Bill Compton, Charlaine had very nice things to say about him:

“I admire Stephen. I’m so pleased he’s in the series, and I think he’s given Bill depth and great appeal.”

Charlaine also hinted at a possible adaptation of the Harper Connelly series. She has been approached by people interested in making a tv show, which “may happen, may not.” Her work is certainly in high demand right now! Harper would be an interesting character to see come to life, but for now we’re all just trying to make it through these last 3 months until we get to see Sookie and our beloved Bon Temps folks on our television screens again!


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