Charlaine Harris Talks About “A Touch of Dead” With CNN

October 21, 2009 by  

Charlaine-Harris-CNNCharlaine Harris sat down with CNN’s Reggie Aqui to talk about her latest Sookie Stackhouse novel “A Touch of Dead” and the highly successful adaptation of her novels by Alan Ball in HBO‘s True Blood.  Currently Charlaine‘s “A Touch of Dead” sits at number 2 on the New York Times Best Sellers List.  So sit and enjoy this entertaining interview with Charaline as she discusses a whole range of topics from how she began the series to whether she would want to live in Sookie Stackhouse‘s


  • antonio

    I find it fascinating that she has written 10 books..Wow!
    Stephenie Meyer has Only written 4 in the Twilight series,Anyway
    I’m always hoping that she will continue writing more TL books.
    It would interesting to see If Bella and Edwards marriage holds up and to see what develops between Nessie and Jacob.
    I’m glad for Ms. Harris From what I can see These books are literally Flying Off The Shelves! Last time I went to my local B&N the first 4 books in the series were All SOLD OUT!!
    As for the Books being “so” different than the show? Look at Twilight The Original novel by Stephenie Meyer And the film are kind of different also!!
    Case In Point:
    In the film Edward Never tells Bella WHY Vampires Like Twilight as the Best time of day……………In the Book he does
    We never find out WHY the Cullens came back to Forks to live
    …………In the Book We Do!
    In the book, Edward takes Bella into his “Father’s” office and there is aa king size cross on the wall…Kinda Strange for a Vampire to have sommething like that,huh?
    And There is a scene In The Book Where Bella is getting a blood test and Edward almost goes crazy smelling her sweet blood and has to restrain himself from attacking her to obtain some of it!!
    So You SEE its Not just TB Book fans that May feel “cheated”

    • antonio

      1 More thing, I want to reveal something to you about Twilight!
      Do You want to know the REAL reason Edward Cullen saved Bella Swan’s life that day in the school parking lot? (for those of you who read the book You Know) It WAS NOT Altruism,Heroism,Him trying to be noble, It Certainly Was Not because he felt love for her!! It was Because, as he said in the book, He couldnt bear the fact that If she were crushed and her blood spilled onto the asphalt He Would NOT be able to keep himself from Feeding On Her and Exposing himself for what He WAS A Bloodsucking Vampire!! His “heroic” gesture Was Really NOTHING OF The KInd!!
      So You see perhaps Edward Culllenwas not portrayed as he was in the book either!! I WAS kind of Shocked when I read This in the book!! I was like “You Bastard! I thought You Loved Her!”
      Perhaps Book Edward is Not like Film Edward EITHER!

      • Jamie

        Ok, Edward hater. He said that he would use the idea of not restraining himself from her blood spill as an excuse to his family. He had only just realized he loved her and could not live with out her. He himself ws shocked and wasn’t ready to tell them