Charlaine Harris Talks True Blood and Sookie’s Future

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Charlaine Harris co-headlined the Metro Library Network’s Out Loud! Author series in Iowa City with Jace Everett, singer of the True Blood theme song “Bad Things” on June 17th. Harris sat down with the Huffington Post and answered questions about True Blood, what her kids think about her writing and what’s in store for the ending of the Sookie Stackhouse books. Before signing books Harris answered some fan questions but started the question period off joking:

“Yes, I’m happy with Alan Ball‘s production of my novels. Also, if you ask me where I get my inspiration, I will spit on you.”

During the interview Charlaine reveals that her male fan base has grown since the release of the True Blood television show. The Sookie Stackhouse novels already had a larger male fan base than her previous books but after the show came out more men showed up to her book signings. She may have fans all over the world but when asked what her kids thought of her very sexual books Charlaine replied:

“The show has given them brownie points with their friends, but only one of my kids reads my work.”

One thing sure to get fans all worked up was Charlaine‘s comments at RT Booklovers Convention this year where she hinted that there is no happily ever after for Sookie. The Huffington Post asked her about this and she replied:

“I don’t write absolutes. I don’t write the kind of “happily ever after” that romance readers enjoy. I’m not saying that “happily ever afters” are a bad thing, and I’m not saying Sookie will never be happy … but she’s not going to settle down and start a family and have the white picket fence.”

Harris has said in the past that she will not “turn” Sookie so that leaves fans wondering how exactly this series will end. We know there are at least three more books to come in the series so hopefully the end is not something we will have to think about for a while!

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  • Arahlee

    Love True Blood and loved all the Sookie Stackhouse books am waiting for May. I love love Erik and Pam. I hope all the politics and the weres and the shifters and fairys come out in the true blood series.

  • Ckayed

    She better start writing some better quality material than she has been – after Book Five they stink. Book Nine was a complete waste of paper and time and money and the reviews on Book Ten are horrible – I know I won’t be spending my time and money on them any more. Thank God Alan Ball is doing with the material what needed to be done with the novels. Alan Ball is making the material interesting, exciting, believeable and expanding the characters as they needed to be in the novels. If the last three SSN are as bad as the last five, Alan Ball will have to spin the story as only his creative genius can and create what needs to be created. Sorry Charlaine, you’ve lost your mojo and you’re cheating and disappointing your readers.

    • Val

      Well I’m afraid that is-as has been said before-a matter of opinion.
      Its just like who loves which Vamp best,or supe or human. We all have our favorites (including story-lines). AB is doing a great job with Charlaine’s books-I love the variety,but he still is working off her books.Without those basic ideas he wouldn’t have had the Trueblood premise to start the first season.
      Hopefully,the two will continue to travel hand,fang, and paw together!

      • Loleaf

        I agree val! I’ve enjoyed all of Charlaine’s books! I love Sookie and Harper’s adventures!! Can’t say I’ve never read the Angora series, but the others were fabulus in my opinion.. the Sookie series did slow down a bit, but I wouldn’t say that they were a waste of paper Ckayed. Just building up our expectations for the next three!! 😉 Which I will buy regardless as soon as it hits the selves, no question about that!!! I just wish that she would write more Harper books!! Alan also loves Charlain’s Sookie series or he wouldn’t have bought the rights and made this wonderful series!! Although I wish he would follow the books on certain parts to the letter…I know that isn’t an option plus we wouldn’t have our wonderful new character’s like Jessica or Lafayette, who in my opinion steal the show at times! Alan and the dream team of writers wow us every week with their imaginations that leave us saying “no way, that just did not happen” LOL!! You get no arguements with me about what he is doing.. as I have said before, he is an “evil genious”!! 😉 2 hrs and 15 min. to go! Team True Blood all the way!!

        • Val

          GO TRUEBLOOD! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!@!@

    • Semiramis

      Ckayed, you do make some valid points. There are many of us out there who thing TB is far superior to the SVM novels. We do thank CH from our hearts for coming up with the amazing characters whom we love (and also love to hate in some cases), but there are certainly some to which she does no justice whatsoever, which I think is a shame. I also have the feeling that writing this series has become merely a way to put her daughter through college, which is valid, I suppose, but I too don’t think that the later novels are nearly as good as the first two are.