Charlaine Harris Shares her Thoughts on True Blood at Comic-Con 2010

August 7, 2010 by  

Charlaine Harris attended Comic-Con 2010 and caught up with her on the red carpet.  In the interview Charlaine discusses her feelings on Alan Ball‘s adaptation of her books and the differences between True Blood and the books.

In the interview when asked how she feels about HBO‘s True Blood Charlaine says that it is “happy city” where she lives.  She says that she watches the show every week and that it’s party time at her house when True Blood is on.  Charlaine reiterates that she loves that the fans embrace the books and the show and that they are able to enjoy the two different entertainment experiences.  She says that she has no input on the show aside from providing the foundation with the books and she also loves that fans of the books can still be surprised when watching the show since Alan does not strictly follow the books.

It is obvious when watching the video of Charlaine that on top of being a fantastic author she is also a genuinely down to earth person. Enjoy the video!