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chsmallCharlaine Harris will be on the chatroom on Tuesday, May 5, 2009 at 9:00 PM ET to chat about Book 9 of her Sookie Stackhouse series, DEAD AND GONE and Book 7 of her Aurora Teagarden Mystery series, LAST SCENE ALIVE.  Other writers who will be participating in the chat will be J.M.C. Blair invited to chat about THE LANCELOT MURDERS C. J. Box invited to chat about BLOOD TRAIL Toni L. P. Kelner invited to chat about CURSE OF THE KISSING COUSINS Joyce and Jim Lavene invited to chat about A CORPSE FOR YEW Mary Jane Maffini invited to chat about DEATH LOVES A MESSY DESK Stuart Woods invited to chat about HOT MAHOGANY Tod Goldberg invited to chat about BURN NOTICE: THE END GAME Sally Goldenbaum invited to chat about PATTERN IN THE SAND Leann Sweeney invited to chat about THE CAT, THE QUILT AND THE CORPSE Elaine Viets invited to chat about KILLER CUTS and CLUBBED TO DEATH.  Here is the link to enter the chatroom to hear Ms. Harris discuss her books:


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  • Natasha

    These are the questions that were asked of Charlaine Harris regarding the Sookie Stackhouse series…enjoy

    EricsLover: Charlaine, have you decided whos gonna end up with Sookie?
    Charlaine Harris: Yes, I have.

    alainanoel: Charlaine, how do you plan your series…or do you? Do you just plan on writing a certain amount of books or ?
    Charlaine Harris: I’m afraid planning is my weak point. Toni and Leann are much more solid than I am in this direction. I just keep writing until I get bored.

    natasha: Hi Ms Harris, Just wanted to say that I really love the Sookie Stackhouse series I am totally addicted to it and I wanted to know if you have an idea of how many more books will there be in the series?
    Charlaine Harris: Natasha, I’m thinking at least three, after the one I’m writing.

    alainanoel: This is for all the authors..who are you favorite characters that you’ve written?
    Charlaine Harris: Lily Bard, for me. But she was very hard to write. There are things that interest me about all my characters, though.

    badbarb: This is for everyone, when you kill someone off in a book do you find it therapeutic?
    Charlaine Harris: Absolutely. It’s a great day, when I kill someone.

    alainanoel: I don’t like that Victor Madden Charlaine. I hope he’s on the hit list someday!
    Charlaine Harris: Victor is a very twisty character, alaina. I was just writing about him today.

    EricsLover: when can we expect the next Sookie book? im sory its just that im hook on it!
    Charlaine Harris: Well . . .it came out today, Ericslover. You knew that, right? So the next one will come out a year from now.

    mary f: You’ve all not regretted killing a character off then?
    Charlaine Harris: I only regret it when readers get all bent out of shape about it. Sorry!

    alainanoel: Charlaine..where did you get Sookie’s name from? Is it a made up name or did you know someone with that name before?
    Charlaine Harris: Oh, I liked Sookie’s gran. But she had to die. Sookie is an old southern nickname, alaina. My grandmother’s best friend was called Sookie.
    ToniLPKelner: I like the way Bill on the show says, “Sookie.”
    Charlaine Harris: Truly, I had no idea it was so unusual. Yeah, he does give it that extra something, doesn’t he? I’m afraid I told Stephen Moyer how attractive I found that line.

    loleaf: Charlaine I love the book series and am on Chapter 7 of Dead and Gone, Do you have any say about how the hbo series plays out?
    Charlaine Harris: No. Alan does the series: I do the books. That’s our arrangement! So far, so good. Actually, we don’t have any idea how long the series will last on HBO.

    badbarb: This is for all the authors what do you have coming out next?
    Charlaine Harris: I have a short story in Toni and mine’s anthology, a short story in the Mystery Writers of America anthology, and the next Harper Connelly will be out in early November. Oh, and a novella in MUST LOVE HELLHOUNDS.

    ToniLPKelner: Charlaine, will A TOUCH OF DEAD include the stories from our anthologies?
    Charlaine Harris: Why, yes, Toni, in fact it will include those stories. All the stories about Sookie. I’ve written some that feature a vampire named Dahlia Lynley-Chivers, and those will NOT be in A TOUCH OF DEAD. Which is a pity . . .I really like those.

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you Natasha! We deeply appreciate you sharing the transcript of the evening’s discussion with everyone! It is so wonderful of you for providing this information to share!