Charlaine Discusses True Blood and Sookie’s Sex Life

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The UK’s Metro recently sat down and talked to Charlaine Harris about True Blood. Charlaine is the author of the Sookie Stackhouse series, which is where the HBO series was adapted from by Alan Ball.  The interview with Charlaine began with asking her how she began writing the series.  Charlaine has written mysteries for several years and had two other series’ under her belt before she began feeling like she had something more to offer.  Charlaine explains that she came up with the idea of writing about a woman who was dating vampires. She figured a mystery that included romance and the supernatural would intrigue readers, and boy was she right! Charlaine admits that the hardest part was trying to sell the story. It took Charlaine’s agent two years to sell the book.  The biggest problem they faced was where to categorize it. Was it a mystery, a romance, or sci-fi?  When asked if she ever considered abandoning the project Charlaine had this to say:

“No, I had a taste of what I wanted to do. The change of scenario was invigorating. With mysteries you have to have a dead body, clues and a denouement, and I found the conventions restrictive.”

Charlaine was then asked what she felt readers expected from her books.  Of course we want vampires but Charlaine has noticed that there is always a demand, especially amongst her younger readers, for Sookie to have sex. As most of her readers know, that doesn’t happen in every book.  This is also a one of the biggest differences between Charlaine’s novels and the HBO series.  Charlaine sees this difference but explains that this is where her and Alan Ball’s approach to the story is different.  Another difference between the books and the show is that Alan Ball has added many extra characters. Charlaine explains that this is because you can’t have Sookie on the screen all the time and that Alan Ball has proven his talent with the unique characters he has added to the story and she feels she went with the right person when it came to adapting the books.
Charlaine was then asked if she finds it easy to turn the books out. Charlaine answered saying:

“I wrote two books a year for three years, which was hard. A book a year is easy. Some are hard no matter how many years’ experience you have. They become hard when I’m growing tired of the characters or can’t think of new things to do with them.”

Charlaine went on to talk about her writing habits.  She admits that she is quite disciplined when it comes to writing.  She goes to her office at 8:00 am and will work until 4:00 pm just like a normal office worker would.

Charlaine goes on to discuss with the Metro the current craze with vampires.  Charlaine jokes that she wishes she knew, because had she known she would have written vampire stories a long time ago.  Charlaine does give one theory though. She thinks that vampires represent the erotic.  She also sees that there has been a rise in people reading urban fantasy novels and that meshes with the vampire fad.

The interview then begins to focus on Charlaine’s background and how she began writing.  Charlaine has been writing since she was in highschool.  When she married her second husband she was given the opportunity to write full time so she took a creative writing class and the lady who taught the class worked at a huge publishing firm who thought they should buy Charlaine’s book.  She has always written mysteries because she grew up reading them.  She was a huge fan of such authors as Jane Austen, Edgar Allen Poe, and Arthur Conan Doyle.  As the interview came to a close Charlaine was asked what impact the success of the show has had on her. Charlaine answers by saying:

“My bank account’s a lot healthier. It’s also fun to meet people from other walks of life, such as producers, directors, actors, wardrobe people. It’s interesting to see how it all works.”

Charlaine was also asked if she has attracted a crazy fan base due to the show and the novels. Charlaine explains that she has some of the most delightful fans but admits that she comes across a few fans who are a little too into the story and do get upset when the story doesn’t go the way they want it to.  Charlaine’s newest chapter in the Sookie Stackhouse series, “Dead in the Family”, was just released earlier this month and Mrs. Harris continues to bring fans a phenomenal story once again!


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  • Jaxx I see you point and Maybe I’m a little bias because I really like the idea of Alcide and Sookie’s relationship progressing into something more, but I also know from what I’ve read that Sookie would never really be accepted into the Were-pack because she isn’t one of them.

  • annm329

    Charlaine has said that from the very first book that she always knew who Sookie would end up with, so maybe we should only look at the guys from the first couple books. I think Sookie would be happier if she ended up with a shifter or were because she can lead an almost normal life with them. With the vampires she has been in danger many times. She also doesn’t want to be changed and she wants children, so to me shifter or were would be the obivious choices, Sam or Alcide. Which if you think about it, they are the only two guys she hasn’t sleep with yet.

    • jaxx

      Yes, I remember that interview. In the first couple of books there was only Bill, Sam and Eric. Alcide was the 3rd book. I also think it’s one of the weres/shifters and I just have a funny feeling its Sam. I’ve had it from the beginning of the book series. She’s just sowing her oates with the vamps, even though I would love her with Eric, I really sadly can’t see that happening. We’ll have to wait and see. 🙂

    • Hi Ann!
      Your right and the book sort of reads ass if Sookie and Sam (Wow, Sookie and Sam) even their names go together. Anyway, You can tell S&S will probably end up together in the end. And I too find it interesting that she hasn’t slept with Sam or Alcide, but not out of a lack of attraction just apprehension. I’m still holding out for Quinn I really think If he can fix his family issues he would be a rather nice fit for Sookie too.

      • Everyone I know I submitted a comment that I failed to spell check so please don’t remind me. I failed to proof read what I sent and I apologize for that. Thanks everyone.

        • annm329

          I spell things wrong all the time and my husband laughs at me because I keep a dictionary right next to the computer for my blogging. Thank god the folks that visit this site don’t get on you about spelling and grammer!!

          • The funny thing is I keep a dictionary right next to me as well and have a tendency to forget it’s there.

          • LOL no problem at all annm. 🙂

        • jaxx

          I have a dictionary and a thesaurus. I thought I was the only one. LOL. 🙂

          • I hear yeah me too!

          • I hear you me too! I guess I’m just not so perfect (hahaha)

          • annm329

            Oh my gosh!! I had no idea so many do the same thing. Next time my hubby gives me crap about it I get to tell him I’m not the only one!!

  • Jan

    Love CH books ,Soookie love life .
    1. Was Bill ends up with frist guy ? Very Very few
    2. Eric loves her she loves him ( he still a vamp)
    3.Qunn hes the next guy ,hes never there ( see ones ever few months )
    4 .Sam great friend plus a boss (friends last longer)
    5.Alcide ,Sookie has all ways had a liked him,in DITF she likes the man he has be come.
    6.If no one new comes in I think it will be Alcide .Love Eric .
    But Sookie does not want to be a vamp.

    • I’m rooting for Alcide myself but I’m kind of on the fence about it because I feel being with him would cause too much conflict within the were pack, even if she is a so-called friend of the pack. I have a feeling she would get a little bored with Sam-I just can’t see them being anything other then friends and maybe lovers briefly at some point. I believe Sookie loves Eric but there is a huge difference between loving someone and being in love. Eric’s in love,Sookie’s in limbo as she figures out how to release herself from Eric’s blood bond.
      How do you feel about Quinn outside of his disappearing acts?

  • Sookie has so many men vying for her affections that she can afford the luxury of being picky. She seems to have high demands in terms of what she expects a man to do for her. She has an idea of what she want and what she’s willing to put up with and that’s great but her high expectations can also lead to a very lonely existence. She’s young enough to be picky but sooner or later she will have to make a choice or one will be made for her. She can’t have kids with a vampire, the life of a shape shifter and ware wolf can be quit dangerous, and a normal human being doesn’t appeal to her (gift). She sounds like she’s a bit perplexed about her future and rightfully so.
    Sookie can have a so-called normal life but she would be miserable. She’s stated that her life didn’t really begin until she met Bill,Eric, Alcide, and Quin. What’s a girl to do?

    • jaxx

      I guess it depends if she can live without kids or not or grow old and die when a vamp cannot. If she wants kids and to live a somewhat “normal” life and grow old with someone, then Sam, Alcide or Quinn is the choice. If that doesn’t bother her, than one of he vamps is it. She would have to be turned at some point, I’d imagine. It would look like Bella and Edward in New Moon.

      • Ha,Ha,Ha That’s so true, it will start to look like Bella and Edward-Sooo true, your right. But I think she’s in a self-exploration point and time in her life and that’s led to bit of apprehension for her. I’m eager to watch Alan Ball’s take on Sookie’s romantic life in the True Blood series because he’s stated that he doesn’t see Sookie’s romantic life having the fairy tale ending many fans are hoping for.

        • jaxx

          I agree. Even CH herself said she doesn’t like fairy tale endings, so maybe Sookie will not end up with any of them. Can’t wait to find out.

      • Antonio

        1 Thing here to consider though…
        Bella BEGGED Edward to turn her. He would Not because he did Not want to inflict the same pain he felt when he was turned. He did Not want her to become a “Monster”. He loved her just how she was!
        Sookie is adamant that she does Not want to become a vampire!
        She does Not Want to be turned Even though at Some point she would Have to be…If she is to remain with Vampires!!

        Even King Russell thought that she should be turned.
        He implied that to leave her mortal would be to subject her to harm and those who wanted to hurt or aquire her.
        Bill said ” That is Not a choice!” KR: Oh but it Could Be!”
        I dont Think Bill would want to turn her anyway
        He told her about how felt when Lorena turned him about what he lost about his humanity!
        I also feel that Eric would bite Sookie if he felt that it would increase the “blood bond” between them

        As for TB becoming more like Twilight? I DONT see THAT Happening!

        • jaxx

          Antonio, LOL, you misunderstood me. I didn’t mean TB would end up like Twilight, I just meant Sookie would end up like Bella in the beginning dream scene of New Moon, where she is an old woman and Edward is still 17. That’s all. That’s what I meant if Sookie doesn’t get turned, she will end up like Bella did in the dream, an old woman and Bill will still be in his 30’s. 🙂

          • Antonio

            We really dont know that. Sookie is Not all human. She has a special “gift” and she has some “talents” which she has yet to discover..remember the scene with Maryann..What are you?
            Plus Sookie may be part Supe herself!

            Bella was All Human so that scene would have been a viable possibility for her and Edward!

            Bella didnt come into her “talents” until After she became a Vampire.

          • jaxx

            Not sure if being 1/8 fae would have that much impact on her life expectancy. Her father died in a flood and her aunt died of cancer, and she was 1/4 fae. It didn’t seem to help her longevity whatsoever. I guess we’ll have to see what AB decides to do with the whole “fae” thing. He’s already expanded it into something different than we’ve seen in the books. It will depend if AB counts longevity as a fae trait.

        • I don’t see TB becoming Twilight either. I wouldn’t even put TB and Twilight in the category outside of both having to be stories about vampires. TB story lines are much more advanced in terms of content, and is a much better show in comparison in (my) opinion. I’m sorry but I’m can’t say that I’m a Twilight fan I’m too big of a Alan Ball fan.
          As for Sookie not wanting to be turned your right she did state that she didn’t want that for her life, even though she is accepting of vampires. And I tried to disagree with your point about Eric turning Sookie if he felt it would tighten their BB and your right all of his actions dictate that he would turn her if given the thought.

  • In the Sookie Stackhouse series Sookie is always commenting on how selfish her brother Jason is and she quick to imply that he is a womanizer but I really don’t see that much of a difference between she and her brother. She’s indecisive in her dating life and she can’t seem to figure out who she wants to be with. She likes to string the men in her life along. She loves Bill but doesn’t want to date him and yet can’t stand to see him with anyone else, She loves Sam, shes sexually attracted to Sam but doesn’t want to ruin their friendship or jeopardize her job if the relationship fails and yet doesn’t really want to see him attached to anyone. She likes Alcide, is attracted to Alcide but fears being second in his life in relation to his priorities. And then there is Eric Mr. Right Now. The best lover she’s had in her brief dating history, he intrigues her in many ways but can’t really offer her a fairy tale ending. She loves him but she isn’t really in love with him.
    Sookie is very much the player in the supernatural world but she acts as if she’s not because, she’s quick to act in dire situations. She is spiting image of Jason except in the female form.

    • jaxx

      I’ve never thought of it that way. You sure summed it up. It seems no one will ever be good enough for her.

    • Antonio

      I’d like to thank you for your most astute assessment of these characters..I’ve never thought of it that way,Either.
      I think that Jason and Sookie are different and yet they Are quite similar,Both searching for something real and meaningful in their respective lives.
      If what you had alluded to in your post regarding Sookie and her prospects for a happy and fulfilled love life are true,Then I find it to be sad. I hope that is Not the case.
      It Would appear from your observations here that No 1 Is “good enough” for her. …That is just plain sad and pathetic,Maybe?
      It seems to me that she would Always be in some kind of danger dating or loving a Supe–Irregardless of whether Vampire,Shifter Or Werewolf or Beast as may be the case.
      As you have stated above, She Could very well settle for a more “normal” coherent life with a human guy,But, Such would Not be enough for her whatwith her “gift”. Plus she could hear their thoughts and I think that bothers her.
      I used to think that Bill was the Only 1 whose thoughts she could not hear Now I realize that she could not hear the thoughts of ANY Vampire Including Pam,Jessica,Eric and probably Not Franklin,Either!
      She probably couldnt hear SA thoughts,Either.
      Anyway, I always thought that Sam would be good for her,But,That Never happened Really.
      Bill,Her one true love~~supposedly has been separated from her.
      Eric,Well as you stated above finds her to be a point of curiosity. He knows that she is different…He would like to find out how to best utilize her “gifts” for His own benefit..Not that he doesnt like her~~I’m sure that he Does.
      I’m hoping that Sookie will at least admit to an attraction to Alcide. IMO, He would be So good for her! He could protect her,fight for her, and he’s warm-blooded..He could give her a family and Werewolves are highly territorial So he would Always protect her from encroachers.
      1 question though… Vampire blood is in demand it has some pretty intense side-effects on people. What of Were blood??
      If Sookie were to take some Were blood from Alcide…How would That affect her? Would it make her stronger? would she become a Were like Alcide and Cooter??

      It seems that the prospects for Miss Stackhouse finding and holding on to lasting love are small and complicated. Thats sad!
      I hope that Sam can Also find someone who will value him and accept him for what he is,too! In This particular way,I feel that Sam and Sookie would be ideal for each other…Since they are Both “different” and have special “gifts”.
      Yet She remains aloof and distant almost indifferent towards Sam and he just wanted to protect her and help her…I dont get it!!
      I’m hoping that in the show she gets close to Eric as he would be a great ally for her to have…If she can trust him,that is!
      Alcide would also be great for her,I think!!
      Could it be because of her “fae” nature that she’s not destined to be with Any1?? That would be sad,indeed!
      BTW: I have Not read the books I’m Only commenting on what i’ve heard others here say about Sookie and her fae connections

      • jaxx

        Hey Antonio, how are you? Did you see Eclipse yet? What did you think?? Hope you had a good 4th of July!! 🙂

        Anyway, I have also always thought Sam is the one for her. He loved her long before any of the vamps, weres and any other supes showed up. I still hope at the end she picks him but then again, we’re talking about Sookie here. lol. Yes, she is part fae and it’s just enough to drive all the supes crazy. This will be interesting once it is revealed in TB.

      • Yeah I agree with you. I think that Alcide would make a good match for Sookie because he seems like the most grounded and family oriented guy outside of his mandatory wolf-pack duties. My only quip with Sookie dating Alcide would be based on acceptance from Alcide’s follow-pack members, being that she is not one of them and how that would affect the outcome of she and Alcide’s relationship.
        In terms of Sam I feel that he has some personal-emotional feelings to sort out; and that in the long run could be the demise of the relationship. Sookie’s “condition” leaves her with limited dating pool to choose from however, she’s young,single, and still finding out who she is, not to mention who she is. Unlike most young 20 something female she’s finding out much later in life that not only is she telepathic but part something) else too. Finding out that your not completely human very late in life would be frightening for anyone, but them again,Sookie lives in a world filled with others much like herself.
        I think I read on a blog somewhere that the show will be introducing a character name Quinn from the sixth book “Definitely Dead” into the shows story line later in the season. Quinn was an interesting character to read about because his character is a rare purple-eyed shape shifter a (Were-Tiger) to be exact, who takes a liking to Sookie after lying eyes on her and vice verse. I’m eager to find out how Alan Ball will translate the character of Quinn from the books to the screen because his character is not only mysterious but also has a strong family dynamic going on and I would really like to see the juxtaposition of his world interpreted by Alan. I really enjoyed Quinn’s character in Charlaine’s books and how his world begins to unfold cautiously throughout books six and seven.
        The books are extremely fun and quick to read. It took me approximately a week and a half to read all ten books. You will enjoy the books. However, if you do decide to read the books, try to remember that Alan’s take on the show is loosely based on the novels. He does an absolutely great job reinterpreting Charlaine’s books and its rather fun to see his take on the books brought to life on screen. I love watching the contrast between the show and the books. He picks up on the socially allegories in the books and reworks them to fit into the shows plot lines. I love it!

        • Antonio

          Hello All Welcome Lololee As you can see We are a pretty lively bunch here! 🙂
          Hi Jaxx I Did see Eclipse last weekend I’ll tell you all about that later.

          Anyway, I appreciate All of your responses about Sookie and her love life..Especially,The comments on Sam and Alcide!
          Now,This is how I see it.
          I get a strong feeling about Sookie and Alcide.I feel that Alcide would be a great match for her! Perhaps,He could love and protect her in a way that No vampire could?
          As for Sam, I feel badly for him! As someone pointed out here,Sam was the Only 1 who loved her for herself alone! Sam really liked her and accepted her for who she was…and Without an ulterior motive Or hidden agenda!!
          Sam,It seems Always had her back..He saved her life and All he wanted to do was protect her and love her…Who wouldnt want That?? What’s wrong with her??
          I felt bad when Sam put his arm around her and she yelled “Dont Touch Me!” Remember That scene in S1??
          He said “I thought that You would be the One person who could understand about this!”
          She went off on him… I felt really bad whenn he said “I wanted to tell you for a Long time but I was afraid you’d react like this!” Was it necessary for her to be So mean to him??
          Sam is a good guy..I don’t get her at all!!

          About Alcide,I just get a strong feeling about him and Sookie.
          I feel that the one for Sookie may be a Shifter and Not a Vampire! I agree though that problems with Alcide’s Were-pack
          not being able to accept or understand a relationship he may have with her. I also feel that this Debbie Pelt may be bad news for Both Alcide and Sookie!
          However, Bill’s fellow vampires had a difficult time accepting his relationship with Sookie,Also!
          Malcolm & Diane thought it was a sick joke and Eric couldnt understand Why Bill would hold onto her for Anything More than a feed or sex!! “Admit it,You Love her!” Were his words to Bill in S1.

          Lets look at this shall we?
          Bill Compton: Vampire on a secret mission from QSA Did Not reveal whole truth to Sookie as to Why he was there!
          He Much info on her and her whole family stashed away in dresser drawer. Just How long was He or QSA watching her? Why?
          A “darker” more feral side is coming out in Bill now that he is separated from Sookie
          My Thought: Not Good

          Eric Northman:Vampire Sheriff of area 5 Powerful,enigmatic Brooding manipulative
          Has lied and decieved Sookie for his own benefit
          Also has an ulterior motive for protecting Sookie
          Also a hidden agenda
          My Thought: Not Good
          Not Really

          Alcide may have his Own ulterior motives and an agenda of his own as well.
          I feel strongly that Sookie would be better off with a Shapeshifter (A strong protective loyal Were like Alcide)
          Or someone like Sam loyal,kind,friendly protective of people he cares about.
          My final thoughts on this?
          Sookie dump the bloodsuckers! You need a Shifter Honey!
          Sam M. Or Alcide H.
          I feel that she could never be truly happy and fulfilled with Either Bill nor Eric
          Again this is Just MHO

          • Hi Antonio!
            I see what you mean in regards to Sam. He is loyal, friendly, and honest, all great traits but I don’t feel she would be completely content with Sam in the long run. I think Alcide is a little more exciting and fun,and loyal as well. I like Sam I think that he could provide a pretty stable life for Sookie but what disturbs me about Sam is that whenever there is danger lurking he has the propensity to turn into a dog! what’s up with that? I know Alcide switches up too but at least more times than not he can take on his own battles without morphing into a ware-wolf. I guess what I’m saying is…Alcide has a little more back bone in comparison to Sam. Sam turned into a lion at one point and still got his butt kicked-come on, Sookie doesn’t want to be the man in the relationship.

          • jaxx

            Don’t count Sam out yet. He may surprise you. If it counted and if Sookie were in a committed relationship with Sam, he would come through for her. He turned into a lion to save her which even surprised Sookie. And, I think that put Sam in a new light for Sookie. He did take a licking but there were 20 or 30 weres fighting at the time, sometimes multiples were attacking Sam.

            We’ll have to see where AB takes this with Sookie and Alcide. In the books, even the last one, Alcide remarked he thought he and Sookie would end up together, which I found to be an interesting comment, but in the books, Alcide wanted someone like him, a were. Also, there were complications with Alcide and the whole “Debbie Pelt” situation, Lololee will remember from the books. Alcide really never forgave Sookie for what she did and then there was the whole Maria Star thing (which wasn’t Sookie’s fault), so Alcide has a lot of his own problems to deal with, plus, in the books, Alcide seems to use Sookie for her abilities when it suits him, but TB is different and we have to see where AB will take all of this, and there’s a lot to take.

  • Antonio

    Thanks for this article Its a good read Its interesting to read about her experience as a writer. It does seem in the show anyway That Ms. Stackhouse Does have a rather active sex life with Bill I guess once you go “fang” you never go back?
    I suppose after Vampire Bill Nothing or No1 else is as good?
    I couldn’t imagine after Eric Northman You’d even consider Anything Else But thats just MO. 1 thing though, a sex life and a full love life can be 2 different things. Sookie must decide what is Real for her. I think that a “marriage” between S/B is absurd Precisely because Marriage is Conventional and to ask a Vampire a Supe no less, to settle down and behave in a more conventional acceptable way is then to strip Him of being Who and What he is!!
    Neither Sookie Nor Bill Need “permission” from local society to be Who they are!
    I hope that Sookie does Not marry Bill Anytime soon This is just MO…
    To have Sookie and Bill marry Only to try and legitimize their union is nonsense i feel!
    They Love Each Other That’s All That Matters!
    I watched the last so many minutes of the S2 finale and while it may have been a nice touch I kept thinking Is This Really necessary??!
    If he truly wants to spend forever with her he should consider “turning” her or at least “bonding” her in Some way to him! Again This is just MHO

    • Your absolutely right. Bill proposed because he is old fashioned and wanted to appeal to Sookie’s romantic side because he felt she would want that-would want a memorable moment she could hold on to. He doesn’t want to turn her because Sookie stated that she did not want to be turned, not to mention that once she has turned she would eventually want to go her own way because the relationship between maker and protege is short lived. The desire to venture out on her own would be to great. Also the dynamics of their relationship would be unbalanced, Bill would have too much control over Sookie as her maker and Sookie doesn’t want anyone to have control over her free will. Bill knows realistically that he would have to “turn” Sookie but respects her enough to follow her wishes. Eric on the other hand is intrigued the mystery that surrounds Sookie. He senses something different about her and that turns him on. Eric loves a challenge and that’s how he see’s Sookie-as a mysterious, and intriguing challenge.