Chris Bauer in Mamet’s Romance

August 15, 2010 by  

Chris Bauer joins an all star cast in David Mamet’s play Romance, which opened August 10th at Bay Street Theatre and is directed by Lisa Peterson. True Blood fans known Bauer as Andy Bellefleur, the new sheriff in Bon Temps.

The title of Mamet’s play can be deceptive; the cast has seen it as a reflection of the judicial system, the romance of hope or to the simple idea that there is no relation between the title and play.

Chris Bauer plays a prosecutor who is having problems with his lover played by Matt McGrath. Also in the courtroom farce are Joey Slotnick the defendant, Reg Rogers the anti-Semitic defense attorney, and Richard Kind the judge with hay fever.

The play is set in a city where a Middle East peace conference is taking place, which is supposed to show how absurd it is to create peace abroad when peace seems impossible in small situation.

Rehearsals for the play started on July 19 and all the actors have said that the challenges to this play was the language style Mamet is known for. Characters often have clipped dialogue and everyone cuts one another off. The language is also politically incorrect, with every line being either a racial slur or stereotype. Bauer admits:

“This is just about honing your concentration and allowing it to flow…It’s about repetition, practice. There’s no weight to the words; it’s just getting our 40-year-old brains where they should be.”

However, the play does have a message of tolerance. Mamet seems to ask the audience to work through the rude language in order to create acceptance and peace within their own relationships and then, hopefully, larger ones that effect society.

Romance will run at the Sag Harbor theater at 8:00pm Tuesdays through Sundays until September 5th with tickets ranging from $55 to $65. True Blood fans let’s support our favorite Bon Temps sheriff as well as theater!


(Photo Credit: HBO Inc)