Chris Bauer Reveals Details of True Blood’s Season 6 on Radio

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Chris Bauer Talks to ‘The Key (98.3)‘ & ‘Fish in the Morning‘ About True Blood:

Chris Bauer plays Andy Bellefleur in HBO's True Blood Season 6Fans of HBO’s True Blood are eagerly awaiting to see how Andy Bellefleur’s parenting skills will pan out in Season 6. For Chris Bauer (the actor who play Andy), it’s just nice not to be playing a bad guy. While he Bauer has had the chance to play bad guys such as a paedophile in The Devil’s Advocate, a prisoner in Face/Off and a union boss associating with the mob in The Wire, he had this to say about having a role on the right side of the law:

You only have to play those guys a couple of times before you know what’s like to be in that skin and then it’s fun to move on to something a little more normal.

he recently told radio station 98.3, The Key.

Speaking of his fantastic performance on The Wire, he also had a chance to speak more about that role to radio station, 93.1, Fish in the Morning.

But it’s the tasty little morsels he dropped about True Blood’s Season 6 that had trubies ears pricked. When the interviewer suggested that Andy’s role has been expanded on by HBO because Bauer is such a good actor, he replied with:

That’s an incredible compliment. I’m just gonna assume that what happened because that makes me feel good.

he told 93.1.

Make sure you check out the full radio interviews below.

The interview for The Key (98.3) can be listened to by clicking here.

For the Fish in the Morning (93.1) interview, please click on the sound cloud below:

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