Christmas Magic

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The wind whipped around Sookie’s head as she headed to work at Merlotte’s.  She sighed deeply.  It was just barely over a week before Christmas and the temperature was still in the upper sixty’s.  Some days it even reached into the seventy’s.  It had snowed in Bon Temps a few times in her life, but not in many, many years.  It had been a rough year and Sookie wanted more than anything to really get into the Christmas spirit, but for some reason it was very difficult this year, and the weather was not helping.  Everyone at Merlotte’s knew she had been in a cranky mood, but no one really knew why.  Sookie was usually so pleasant; her recent attitude had those who knew her at a loss.

“Sook, why you so upset baby girl?  You got that vampire melancholy going on and honey it just don’t work right for you.” Lafayette told her towards the end of the night.

“I know Lafayette.  I’m just really bummed about Christmas this year.  I want to have a party but no one is really interested in it and I want it to snow, more than anything. I would love to wake up one of these mornings and see snow covering everything.”

“Well child, sorry to tell but you is living in the wrong part of the country for that to happen.  We got ourselves a regular December heat wave.”

“Yeah I know,” Sookie mumbled as she went to Sam’s office to get her purse and head home.

Sookie’s mood only worsened when she awoke to another muggy morning and the local paper’s front page headline: “Fire Melts Needy Children’s Christmas Wishes.”

Everyone was talking about the fire when she got into work.  The town was buzzing about what a shame it was and how sad it was that the rotary club’s building burned down with all those presents inside.  Sookie listened to what people said and what they thought.  Everyone voiced their sympathy but she didn’t hear anyone that was willing to do anything about it.

“I have had enough!” she yelled, slamming her tray down on the nearest table and getting the attention of everyone in the bar.  “We’re done talking about this and we are going to do something about it.  I am sick and tired of everyone saying how bad they feel.  We are GOING to throw a party and everyone is GOING to bring presents so we can make sure those kids have a Christmas!”

The entire bar was dead quite after Sookie’s outburst.  Sam came out from the back and joined Sookie.

“Party will be here in two days, folks.  Everyone spread the word and remember to bring presents.”

Sookie smiled up at Sam. “Thanks,” she said.

“Anytime, and you’re right!  We gotta do something.  I’ll go call Tara, you call Jason and we will get the whole town together.”

Sookie left Merlotte’s that night feeling really good about herself.  She headed to her car when Bill popped up out of nowhere.

“Bill!  You scared me!”

“Sorry Sookie.  I heard you are planning a party to help replace the toys that were lost in the fire.”

“Yeah, we are gonna have a party here at Merlotte’s in two days and everyone has to bring a present, or presents, for the kids.  I talked to Jason, Tara, Alcide, Andy and everyone else we could think of.  They are all gonna come and help out.”

Bill smiled at her and as always she wondered what he was thinking.

“Would you mind if I helped out too?”

Sookie was surprised. “No, of course not!  Tell Jessica, you guys come for sure!”

Bill smiled again as he watched Sookie head towards home.  When she was out of sight he pulled out his phone and called Eric.

“Eric, I know you could care less about this, but considering it would make Sookie indebted to you, you might want to pay attention.  There was a fire last night and it destroyed the Christmas presents of some local needy children.  She is throwing a party in a couple of days to replenish the presents.  You want Sookie deeply in your debt, figure out how to help her out.”

Eric was quiet for a second before answering. “Thanks for the information, Bill.”

They both hung up.

Time flew by and before Sookie had time to look up it was the night of the party.  So far everyone was going to come, even some of the kids that the presents were for.  The only thing Sookie was still trying to find was someone to play Santa Clause.  She had a suit, just no one to wear it.  Bill finally told her he would take care of finding someone or would do it himself.  Sookie had laughed at him thinking he was way too skinny to play Santa.

By seven that night most of the town was mingling around Merlotte’s.  Alcide showed up with a truck load of toys (courtesy of the wolves in Shreveport).  There were almost more presents than had been lost.  Sookie was really excited and happy knowing that these kids were going to get a Christmas.  Just as she was about to freak out about the lack of a Santa, the front door of Merlotte’s opened and a chilly breeze blew through the bar.

“HO HO HO!  Merry Christmas everyone!” a deep voice echoed throughout the bar.

Everyone turned and looked to see a jolly man dressed as Santa.  The kids flipped out and ran up to him.

“Whoa!  Hold on one second, let Santa relax for just a minute and put my feet up!  I have had a quite a journey.”

Sookie pulled Sam aside. “Do you know who that is?”

Sam looked at her with wide eyes. “I thought you knew him.  I don’t have any idea who it is.”

They both continued to watch as “Santa” placed a large bag he had carried in by his side and grabbed a chair to sit down in.

“Um, er, Santa?  Would you like any refreshments?”  Sookie asked, hoping she could tell by his voice who the mystery Santa was.

“Oh thank you so much Sookie!  I would love a glass of milk if you have any?”  He smiled and winked at her.

Sookie still had no idea who the man was but went to get him some milk.  She pulled Lafayette out of the kitchen with her.

“Do you know who that is?” she asked him.

“Sookie, now you know I’m into some crazy sh… er stuff, but I’m not down with fat white men in costume, that’s too freaky even for me.” He laughed as he headed to grab a drink.

Sookie rolled her eyes at Lafayette’s pervy sense of humor.

As she handed Santa his milk he began taking the children on his lap and asking them what they wanted for Christmas.  The strange thing was, as each child voiced their wish, Santa pulled it out of his bag, and he certainly did have a lot of MP3 players in that bag!

Santa kept the kids busy for the next couple of hours with stories and tricks.  Finally, he stood up to leave.

“Oh, wait a second, I never asked Sookie what she wanted.  After all, it was her idea to plan this party; I suppose we should ask her what she would like for Christmas.”

Everyone applauded and pushed Sookie toward Santa.  Embarrassed, she walked forward, and strangely enough, heard absolutely nothing from Santa.  His silence was as peaceful as Bill’s (or any other vampire).  She nodded to herself, that explained everything.  He was a vampire Bill had obviously asked to do this.  Relaxing a bit she walked over to him and sat on his lap.

“So Sookie, what would you like for Christmas?”

Sookie thought for just a second. “Well Santa, I know you probably can’t do this one, but I would really like it to snow.”

Santa was quiet for a minute before answering her. “Sookie, I would like nothing more than to make that happen for you and I will certainly do my best, but even I can’t do everything, this is Louisiana after all.”

Sookie laughed. “I know, but it can’t hurt to ask,” she said, smiling.

Santa winked again and got up to leave.

“Well, Santa has to get back to the North Pole; I have a busy few days ahead of me!”

With a merry wink to all in attendance, he headed out the door.  Sookie saw that he left his hat on the chair.  She grabbed it and ran out the door to catch him.

Santa was no where to be found but she heard heated voices coming from around the side of the bar.  She walked over cautiously only to find not one, but two, Santa’s arguing intensely.

“I told you I was going to do this!”

“You did not, you told me to do something and Pam actually gave me this idea”

“Of course she did!”

Sookie stood dumbfounded as she stared at Bill and Eric, both in Santa Claus suits, yelling at each other.

“Bill? Eric?  What are you guys doing here?  Bill, the Santa you sent just left.  He was amazing; by the way, you will have to tell me who he was.”

Bill stared at Sookie as if she were crazy. “Sookie, I couldn’t find anyone to do it.  That’s why I dressed up to come do it myself and ran into Eric who obviously thought he could do a better job.”

Eric growled at him.  Sookie couldn’t help but laugh at the site of Eric Northman, Viking warrior, dressed as Santa; then again, maybe he had known the guy.

“But, if you didn’t send that guy, then who was he?” Sookie asked to no one in particular.  Both men remained silent.

Sookie hadn’t realized that the temperature had dropped quite a bit since the start of the party.  She felt something light and wet land on her cheek.  Looking up, Sookie saw small white flakes falling slowly from the sky.

Sookie’s mouth fell open. “No way!”

The next morning, Bon Temps woke up to find the entire town blanketed in snow.  The weather report called it a freak storm and a major weather anomaly because not a flake of snow fell anywhere else in the entire state of Louisiana.

Disclaimer: “Christmas Magic” is provided for entertainment purposes only and is a parody of the fantasy series, True Blood, and as such is presented here for your amusement. The writer has no relationship/affiliation to HBO, True Blood, or any of the cast or crew of said program nor any relation to Charlaine Harris or the Sookie Stackhouse novels.

By: Reagan Grimes

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