Congratulations To True Blood For Winning For Breakthrough Performance!

September 21, 2009 by  

emmy-statueCongratulations to True Blood for winning for best Breakthrough Performance at the 2009 Emmy Awards last night!  For 3 weeks True Blood fans voted and made their voices be heard loud and clear to both the Emmy board and to the millions watching the show that True Blood is the number 1 among fans!  At the end of the Emmy Awards last night, True Blood was announced the winner of the Breakthrough Performance Award and it sent a strong signal that True Blood has a massive following that should not be ignored.  To all the True Blood fans that voted and helped make True Blood number 1 and stand out at the Emmys, thank you so very much!!!  Perhaps now True Blood, Alan Ball and all the fantastic actors and crew on the show will get the recognition that they deserve from the establishment.  Once again, thank you to all the fans for making it happen and congratulations to True Blood!!!

We would also like to extend out congratulations to Michael Emerson (Carrie Preston‘s husband) for his Emmy win for Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of Benjamin Linus on ABC’s Lost!

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  • Terri Hurt

    It was great to see that Trueblood received the Emmy award but why didn’t they present the award to them on stage like the rest of the award winners??

    • Lizzie 1701

      Hi Terri, I read it was not a real Emmy – they just associated it with the Emmy Awards and was promoted by Vaseline. Still, did you hear the applause the show got when clips got shown! I hope those Emmy Board people sucked in when they found out the love the fans and the actors in the hall had for our show!! It was quite obvious that TB is popular out there with the media as well!

  • Lizzie 1701

    Stephen Moyer should be included in the Emmy nominations next year (personally did not like Ep 9 or AS’s portrayal in that episode). Just about everyone should have been nominated and in my opinion, they should give multiple awards as it would be hard to make a choice between the actors!

  • Nia

    Congratulations to True Blood, Alan Ball, and the amazing cast for snagging this win. It was so well deserved. There should have been more nominations but perhaps next year.
    True Blood was well represented by the handsome, witty, and fun Stephen Moyer. It would have been wonderful to see Anna there with him. The Emmys realized their mistake in not giving him a nomination for best leading actor (which he earned for the past 2 seasons)and instead, invited him as a presenter. We wish the best for you Stephen and the rest of the cast, hopefully next year will bear better “Emmy” fruit.
    It was interesting to hear the increasing amount of applause as each time True Blood was mentioned or a clip shown. That was telling in itself. Wake up Emmy’s!!

  • pbartteacher

    Congratulations to True Blood on the Breakthrough Performance at last night’s Emmy Awards. Let’s hope that the voting members are taking notice. It will be interesting next spring when the Emmy nominations are read. Truebies will be watching the nominations telecast very carefully. Anna Paquin, Alexander Skarsgard and Alan Hyde are all deserving of a nomination next year. “I Will Rise Up” was by far the best episode of Season Two and can be attributed to the acting skills of these three professionals.Alan Ball and the writers are so deserving of awards also. All Hail True Blood, the best program on television. Let the V-ddiction continue in Season Three.

  • Tammy

    I agree that there was alot of fan support for True Blood and maybe next year they will listen or True Blood fans can boycott the emmys. It is obvious that the fans love it and maybe this will reflect in the Golden Globe nominations. We shall see!!!

  • Becky

    I feel happy that True Blood was awarded “Best Breakout Performance”, however they were horribly snubbed for all other major awards. They should have been winning in ALL the dramatic categories, supporting, leading, writing, and music (as well as Best Dramatic Show”. It seems as though many in the audience felt the same because when they said the name and showed some clips when they were preparing for the Dramatic Best of awards, the noise was much louder for True Blood from the crowd than for any other show they showed clips of.

  • pam

    So glad they won atleast all our voting for that category was worth something. I do think more awards should have been won by True Blood and cast!!! Can’t wait for Season 3