Contest – Get Your Lips On Some Tru Blood!

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The Delicious Beverage Debuts in Stores:

The New Plastic Tru Blood BottleNow that Tru Blood is available in plastic bottles well equipped for mortal hands, it is being more widely distributed.  BevMo!, a leading specialty retailer in the western United States, has slated the beverage for distribution in California and Arizona stores.  FMCG Manufacturing Company’s unique beverage will also be available in BevMo’s online store ( for #2.99 per bottle, or at Amazon. Over 1 million bottles have already been sold nationwide.

The Tru Blood soda will boast a distinct blood orange flavor. The taste will be both a bit sweet and a bit tangy, perfect for your favorite mixed drinks. The soda itself will be alcohol free so you don’t have to worry if any “teacup humans” get their hands on it.

Contest rules:

This contest is only open to residents of the continental United States. Please leave us a comment below, sharing what you are most looking forward to in Season 5 of True Blood. There are 2 prizes. Grand prize: a case of 24 drinks. Second prize: a 6-pack of drinks. One comment per person, winners will be chosen randomly. Contest ends at midnight PST, Thursday, October 20. Good luck!

Just for fun, here is a list of HBO approved mixed drinks using Belvedere Vodka. Be sure to let us know your favorite!

Great Tru Blood Drink Recepies:

The Belve Compton
1.5 oz Belvedere Orange
1/2 oz lime juice
3 oz ginger beer
3 oz Tru Blood
Add all ingredients to a highball glass filled with cubed ice and garnish with an orange wedge.

Faeries’ Nectar
1.5 oz Belvedere Pink Grapefruit
3 oz grapefruit juice
Dash lime juice
Shake with ice and strain over cubed ice into a highball glass.
Top with 3 oz Tru Blood.
Garnish with a slice of light fruit (if not available a grapefruit slice will suffice).

Lovin in the Coven
2 oz Belvedere Citrus
1 oz lemon juice
1/2 oz simple syrup
Dash egg white
Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.
Charge with 1/2 oz Tru Blood.

Belvedere Bloodsucker
1.5oz Belvedere PG
1/2 Campari
Shake with ice and pour over cubed ice into a rocks glass.
Top with 1.5 oz Tru Blood.
Garnish with a blood orange wedge.

Belvedere After Dark
1.5 oz Belvedere Vodka
1/2 oz ginger syrup
1/2 lemon juice
Pour 2 oz Tru Blood over ice into a highball glass.
Shake the rest of the ingredients and layer over the Tru Blood.
Will cause a two tone effect.
Garnish with a slice of ginger and a slice of blood orange.

Thanks to Gina at FMCG Manufacturing Company for the great news!

Be sure to visit FMCG’s Facebook page.

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(Photo: BevMo!)

  • Anonymous

    I want to see sookie us more of her powers. I also want to see what will happen with Lafeyeyte now that he has a dark power inside of him.

  • Anonymous

    I am looking forward to seeing if Sookie hooks up with Alcide.

  • i’m looking forward to seeing Lafayette discover Tara and sookie in the kitchen.  what a mess.

  • I’m looking forward to all of it, waiting sucks!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m looking forward to the return of Russell, finding out what’s up with Rev. Newlin, and how things go between Sookie and Eric after the witch war… and of course more Pam!!

  • I am looking forward to seeing what everyone will be doing especially Jason and Jessica!!

  • I am looking forward to seeing who Sookie chooses to be with, what Russell has in store for everyone and of course just more ERIC!!!

  • I am looking forward to more character development. We still do not know all the different abilities Sookie has. We don’t know what is different about Jason. Alcide and Sookie will hopefully get closer this season and I am guessing that he might be part of the puzzle for her finding out what else she can do. I predict that each character will have more of a focus episode where we learn the most about him/her. Each season so far has grown in depth and I expect Season 5 to be a continuation of that. I’m really wishing June/July would come already!

  • Benjamin Shapiro

    I can’t wait for the action romance and blood!