Could Anna Paquin’s Golden Globe Win Foretell a Possible Emmy?

January 12, 2009 by  

truebloodcast_goldenglobes_011109_001Well, it’s possible but not very likely. The Golden Globes are substantially different from the Emmy’s, where in the last five years just 4 winners of the Globes in a major category have gone on to win Emmy’s.

The Golden Globes are awarded by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA). HFPA was founded in 1943 but they didn’t begin handing out television awards until 1955, and, as can be seen by the seating arrangements at last nights 66th Golden Globe Awards, they still treat television as an afterthought. The Globes are an odd little award show, which seems to have historically been instituted in order to garner more attention from the studios for the foreign press corps. The membership of HFPA is quite small, about 90 people total.

The Eligability requirements for TV shows, as posted on the HFPA website basically detail the hours and number of episodes that a program must air and that it must be generally available for TV viewing. Oh, and it has to be at least partly of US origins. This is all well and good but then there is this portion:

“*Registration: *

An entry form must be duly completed and returned to the HFPA as early as possible, but no later than the date given in the official 66th Golden Globe Awards Timetable.”

Followed by this hidden at the bottom:

“Throughout the year, the HFPA will meet with cast of selected television series, mini-series and motion pictures made for television to journalistically cover these shows. This is at the discretion of the Television Committee and all requests must be submitted by September 1 of each calendar year.


This made me curious, so I started digging and found out that this is really a giant shell game. The studios nominate their shows (through the registration form) then this group of grade B entertainment critics, many of whom are not even full time reporters, decides who they will let schmooze them this year. The studio of the HFPA chosen shows are expected to feed this group described as “more star-struck fans and moochers than serious reporters.” in an expose movie called “The Golden
Globes: Hollywood’s Dirty Little Secret” released in 2003 and directed by Vikram Jayant.

L.A. Weekly film critic John Powers said the group’s members are “essentially just bottom-feeders around the industry, who’ve somehow been inflated to this point where their judgment is supposed to be very, very important.”

According to MSNBC, “If stars and filmmakers fail to turn up for a schmooze session with the HFPA, it generally kills a movie’s chances for Golden Globe nominations, which draw attention that can boost a film’s Oscar prospects.”

After digging this information up I couldn’t help but reflect on my first reaction when I heard that Anna was nominated for a Golden Globe and that Stephen wasn’t. I was totally befuddled. No matter how one feels about Anna’s performances, the general consensus is that Stephen Moyer’s performances have been pure magic, the glue that holds the show together and the only reason that many watch. Could it all be so simple as Stephen wasn’t there, perhaps he was back in England during the True Blood schmooze fest set up for the HFPA? Or is it just that since they value movie actors so much more than television, Anna got the nod due to her prior work while Stephen was ignored? Potentially they could have voted on whom to nominate having seen neither a single episode nor even a single scene with Vampire Bill in it. According to Wikipedia, some years the decision on who wins has been made by as few as 22 voting members!
Twenty-two part time movie fans getting all this attention. Evidently you need to be recommended by someone already in the association in order to join as well. HFPA: a nice neat little fraternity of career assassins in the making.

I don’t blame Alan Ball for playing the game but I am sorely disillusioned after learning all this. The award isn’t worthless because it brought True Blood even more visibility, something very valuable to me as a fan of the show. It was wonderful to see all of the great talent in one place enjoying themselves. Which brings us back to the original
question: Could Anna Paquin’s Golden Globe win foretell a Possible Emmy?  Apparently not. Apparently, any similarity to an actual achievement award, living or dead, is purely coincidental and unintentional.  Void where prohibited by transparency laws. Some dissemblance is required.