Could HBO True Blood’s sixth season be it’s last?

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True Blood coming to an end:

The cast of HBO's True Blood

Since Alan Ball, creator of HBO’s True Blood, has left the show, rumors have been running amok that the upcoming season of True Blood could be it’s final.

It’s no secret that shows can’t last without their foundation. Another potential piece of evidence? The’s show will be putting forth 10 episodes instead of it’s usual 12. However, Alan Ball was quoted as saying that it was due to the economy and to help accommodate Anna Paquin’s (Sookie Stackhouse) pregnancy.

What do you think Truebies? Will True Blood face the true death after Season 6?

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  • TRUE BLOOD is not “good” without strong ‘story lines’ for ALEXANDER SKARSGARD, …’Eric’..the most “interesting” character..and ON-SCREEN attractive  character  as well.  ERIC should have been given MORE story lines…and SKARSGARD more chance to ..’inreract’ with the great caST OF True Blood; especially Nelsan, Paquin, and of course we all love ‘PAM’ ,,as written in season 2..  no need to bring in so MANY new “Characters” each season.. the primaries work really well !!…just let their “STORIES” …UNFOLD…and let their ‘characters’ develop !!…THE BASICS were GREAT..and ERIC (ALEX SKARSGARD) was my primary …REASON for watching True Blood…KEEP him a “VIKING-VAMPIRE” !! ,,,as written by Charlaine Harris…her Southern (romance/adventure/vampire)novels were really FUN !!

  • DannyJane

    I would hate to see True Blood go out on an abbreviated season.  However, the show has gotten very lazy.  Trimming costs doesn’t mean trimming quality.  I would rather see a tighter, leaner show than the rambling mess it’s become.  Phasing out Hoyt was a good first step.   Trim more of the unnecessary plotlines like the useless ones about Arlene and Terry or Andy and Holly, keeping them as background characters as needed, or else bring them into the main story more.  Focus more one the leads.  Use special effects sparingly, but dazzlingly.  Done well, the show could go on to a seventh season and end with a bang–not a whimper.

  • I would hardly call Alan – True Blood’s foundation. He took a great epic show and turned it into something unrecognizable and messy. I hope the new producer will listen to the fans and what they want, especially if this does end up being the last season. BUT…Hopefully, it will live to see a Season 7.