Countdown for True Blood at the Golden Globes

January 10, 2009 by  

Anna & AlanThe countdown has begun to the Golden Globes and the anticipation for True Blood and Anna Paquin winning in their categories is growing. Many websites have already been making their picks for who will be taking the Golden Globes. Since this site is dedicated to “True Blood” we, of course, want Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV series “True Blood“ to take the Best TV Drama Series award and Anna Paquin to win Best Actress in a TV Drama Series. Some websites have made predictions who they believe will win the awards. According to The Feed at they feel that Anna Paquin will win the Best Actress category because of her work on “True Blood” and her previous Oscar win making her a strong candidate. However, they do not mention “True Blood” but we know that “True Blood” should win and we would all love to see the whole cast up on stage accepting the award.

SOURCE: Deggans heads west to cover Golden Globes and TV Critics Tour

(Photo credit: copyright Albert L. Ortega/PR Photos)