Creating True Blood’s Pam de Beaufort’s Decomposing Face

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How Pam’s Zombie Look Was Achieved:

Kristin as rotting PamSpecial FX Producer, Dan Rebert, gave us a little behind-the-scenes look at how HBO’s True Blood’s Pam de Beaufort’s decomposing/zombie look was created. Five stages were used throughout the whole process.

The first stage is composed of three tiny stages of make-up. Subtle pieces of make-up began the transformation and a visual effects reveal acted as a catalyst to continue the disfiguration. The second stage is composed of a face peel, where the skin on Pam’s face can be ripped off. A nose piece and dental piece were created as well. The third stage ignited Pam’s healing. The fourth stage signals Pam’s skin renewal, also known as what she looks like after the surgical wrap and face peel mask have been completely removed. The fifth and final stage is the tattoos that show the muscles and veins as Pam is healing.

Rebert said:

“The stuff we did on Pam was probably some of my favorite stuff we’ve done for True Blood…actually [Kristin Bauer] told me that running in heels in the woods was way worse than wearing any of the make-up.”

Hey Truebies, to get a great visual image of the transformation, check out the video!

Source Credit: HBO – The 5 Stages of Rotting Pam

Photo: Kristin Bauer van Straten

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