Creator Alan Ball and True Blood Cast Members Talk About Season 4

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Talk of Season 4 is in the Air

Joe Manganiello and Anna Paquin as Alcide and SookieThe website Digital Spy recently gathered together several articles featuring creator Alan Ball and cast members Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton) and Rutina Wesley (Tara Thorton) discussing season 4. While none of them are specific about things happening in season 4,  there is quite a bit of hint dropping!

Alan Ball told TV Line he suspects that Alcide Herveaux (Joe Manganiello) has already fallen for our heroine Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin). However, he maintains that even if Sookie had mutual feelings for him, they would have quite a bit to overcome as a couple.  But anything is possible, especially considering the state of Sookie’s love life at the end of last season.

A Dark and Crazy Season

Stephen MoyerCast member Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton) recently hinted to E! Online that there will be a new dark presence in season 4 originated by Denis O’Hare (Russell Edgington) in Season 3:

“We have a new presence that will be a new kind of spectre that represents darkness.  We had the wonderful Denis O’Hare as the king of Mississippi last year who is gone at the end of season 3, so we got something else coming in to replace that darkness, which is going to be really interesting, I think, this whole new topic we have not covered.”

I hope Denis O’Hare comes back as Russell because they left the story line open and Denis himself has hinted that he might be back this season.

Rutina WesleyRutina Wesley (Tara Thornton) recently spoke to Access Hollywood and has described season 4 as crazy and exciting. She also said that the new season will bring changes for Tara. She hopes that the character will gain power and strength. At the end of season three Tara actually left Bon Temps. So does that mean Tara comes back? Rutina didn’t answer that inquiry but she did say:

“That is the big question. I can’t tell you that. I love my job too much”

So Truebies, what do you think about the teasers Alan, Stephen, and Rutina gave us? Does it make you hopeful for the new season? Tell us in the comments section!

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  • Cynthia Delclaire Butler

    I agree and the “Shave and the Hair Cut” part…and of course of the Bloopers too. I have notice a few episodes to where Bill uses his figertip,next to the pinkie finger,to draw blood but uses his middle finger to heal Sookies bite marks after biting her while they were in the shower.
    So you see Bloopers do happens…not all actor or actress are perfect…its good tricks to catch with your eyes…
    Also when I say “got it ” or ” think about it ” It was just a figure of speach to give the fan a chance to think about things they may say before they it?
    Good…and as for the “heehee”..I was just letting my evil feelings out while I was thinking of “Trueblood”…just as Sookie did as she pour Talbot in the Sewer while Russel watches in the last episode of season 3….”heehee”…..oops I did it again!

  • empress amy

    Season 3 sucked so I really hope season 4 is better oh sookie is an oracle the most powerful supernatural creater there is

  • boo boo bear

    Hey, I found a quote directly from Alan Ball himself right here on this web site that directly impacts my statements that he is leaving us clues:

    “Some viewers can view True Blood as pure entertainment, but the more aware viewers will be able to see the underlining meanings and the deeper intentions that Alan Ball wants to draw out. The show will leave many with thought provoking questions, which makes True Blood so much better than a simple television show.”

    simply go to the top of this column where it says “Related Posts” and above that and to the right is a picture of a bottle of True Blood that says: “Alan Ball on True Blood”. this quote i posted here is in that interview.


  • boo boo bear

    Marina, apparently the mods here do not want me to give links so i must simply explain: In your verbose response you mentioned several examples and they all have been explained at the talk forum on HBO.COM called Clues. There are MANY MANY examples if what you are calling continuity errors and we now know that there are NO CONTINUITY ERRORS, Alan Ball has left us clues and there are over 3000 submissions that prove this. I am sorry if I burst your bubble, but when he continually says NOTHING IS RANDOM, he means it. If you care to read at this place you may ask questions and many people will answer you with examples. Simply go to HBO at the talk forums where we discovered them and we collect them and almost anyone will help you to understand better. BTW, Eric and Godric were together in 1945 Germany, but it has been only 65 years and we know that Lorena’s count of 70 is also incorrect. It has been 80 years since she and BC last saw each other. Go see and find out what other clues we have found: mirrors, fans, owls, many many more and they started in the very first episode and most point to the witches coming this season: there is a song by a singer called Donovan “Season of the Witch” that was used in the HBO teaser the other night but we called that song months ago and every line is coming true. We also saw a bottle of Tabasco & a bottle of Southern Comfort on Eric’s desk once, directly in front of the camera (with a fan: why does a vampire need a fan? something bad is going to happen quickly if you see a fan running with an actor directly with it) as soon as we were introduced to the community of “HOTSHOT” the two bottles on Eric’s desk disappeared. if you go to a bar and ask for a HOTSHOT it is a single shot of SC with a shot of Tabasco in it. when the event the clues are pointing to happen, the clues usually disappear. try it, you will be amazed at what we have collected. Owls, mirrors, etc…point to the goddess Hecate, queen of the witches/sorcerers, all clues come in the magical number X3, then X6, so on. there are way too many to post them here, you must read them for yourself but we have proven this hundreds of times in the HBO thread but the mods here do not like me sending you somewhere else i guess. cya there and welcome!

  • Cynthia Delclaire Butler

    That’s right..don’t spoil the knowing of what’s gonna happen on “Trueblood”….for those who can’t afford to get the books or didn’t know there were books …it would spoil our imagination of what to expect is gonna happen it?..thanks!..if I had all those books then I would read them then be disappointed if the show wasn’t really like the books saids it would be…think about it?…good.
    I just love the show..since yall spoiled it for me just to hear that Bill is not gonna be with Sookie….that is sad….but with Eric
    More mysterious..heehee..cya

    • Marina

      Dear Cynthia Delclaire Butler,
      I am truly sorry that you feel that our conversation has spoiled the events of season four for you, I really do, I know what it’s like to find something out that you didn’t want to know, I accidently saw a bit of dialogue on the last page of the last Harry Potter book and I could derive the implications and I was distraught, wishing that it could have been an unknown surprise. (FYI don’t read the info about trueblood characters on wikipedia) But I would like to say that while we have mentioned that a relationship between Sookie and Eric is explored in the fourth book we did not express whether or not it was a platonic or romantic relationship this was your assumption nor nor did we imply that Bill and Sookie do or do not resolve their current problem and again we were not stating any of this as a fact for the fourth season of the show as you had claimed.
      It is regrettable that you feel reading the books would ruin the show for you as so many of the most popular franchises originate as novels and whose fan base is generated by the same readers. While I can not speak for everyone nor guarantee that you would have the same experience I started to read the books after watching season one and I enthusiastically express that the show and the books complement each other regardless of the differences that may seem drastic. What’s wonderful about knowing both is that you can keep or believe in, if you will, the best of both worlds. No matter the thoughts I’ve expressed here about what I’d like to see or what I don’t want to see I can assure you that even though things have been left out or substituted from the books I have yet to be disappointed. However, Trueblood is a wonderfully crafted in and of it self.
      Cynthia, I just want to let you know that while your laugh at the end of your post lightens the tone of your text, I was initially concerned as I interpreted your post as a little cynical. Since when reading another person’s words we can not hear their voice it is very easy to misunderstand the tone and ultimate meaning that the writer intended. When you used the command form to imply that you wish for people who post to “think about it?” or asked them if they “got it?” this comes across as condescending and makes the your context strike as personal, I appreciate your impute and I apologize if, as is common, I have misunderstood you, but I would love and encourage you to add to the conversation with your thoughts, opinions and hopes rather than criticize our content that you perceived as spoilers.


  • boo boo bear

    Marina, there are NO continuity errors. When Alan Ball said so many times NOTHING IS RANDOM he meant it. There are clues spaced all thru out all episodes, every single thing in the camera’s view is there for a reason, every word spoken is said for a specific clue to something else. Try the HBO forums and see where and how they mesh. Most fans completely miss them, but they are CLUES. Alan Ball is a genius and his interpretation is NOT the exact copy of the books or I would have left long ago! ONE MORE TIME: there are NO CONTINUITY ERRORS. they are clues!

    • Marina

      Dear, BBB

      When I wrote that sentence as if I was speaking to Allen I was doing so in jest. I think you have misunderstood me, I love and quite honestly idolize Allen Ball’s work; it inspires me. All of the production elements of the show do: the cinematography, the set design, costume design, script etc. I’m a film/screenwriting major and I think you may have misinterpreted my usage of the term ‘continuity errors’ sub categories could be referred to as, ‘script continuity’ or ‘production continuity’ and you are correct in saying that every aspect or element within the camera frame was chosen for a reason, so much dedication has gone into the composition and it reflects in that almost every frame could be consider an artful photograph.
      I would also agree that I would be less inclined to watch religiously were he to keep to the books, I have repeatedly stated that I enjoy Allen’s interpretation and his creativity. I mean no criticism when I state my opinion as it is just my opinion and I don’t intend to imply that my depictions are correct or “the right way to portray it” and I’m sharing because I also want to know other people’s responses.

      Going back to the continuity errors that I eluded to and that you have passionately denied I would like to elaborate solely for clarification.
      An example of a common production error or perhaps set/editing error is when in a scene an item, no matter how noticeable or faint goes from being in the scene in one shot/angle, and then say there’s a shot is on something else, but when we go back to the initial shot/angle an object like a coffee cup or a picture that was on the wall is suddenly not there anymore.
      A Trueblood related example is in season two, episode eleven when Tara is handcuffed to the table in Lafayette’s house. During the conversation with her mother while she is trying to convince her to help her escape [to rescue Eggs] the shots go between Tara, and her mother and amongst the medium shots you can see that Tara’s left shirt straps go back, and forth between being evenly or normally situated on her shoulders to having slipped slightly down her arm since she’s handcuffed to the table and in the midst of a moving speech she would have been unable to repeatedly fix her straps. This depiction of the scene relating the mishap is in no way carrying negative implications or judgements I’m just stating a fact that there is a continuity error, one that is extremely common and whilst it annoys me as a person who watches and is involved in making films it’s not a poor reflection on the series nor am I implying the show is of lesser quality because of it, we’re all human.

      While I hesitate to give an example of a script continuity error

      (because I fear that someone may think I’m attacking the show, and in devotion to defend it may criticize or make this discussion personal. This discussion is not about me, it is not about a reader it’s just about the show and how much we like it. I like this site, I really like working with the people who run this site and I agree with them in their desire that this site remain free of any form of aggression or negativity. Please, if anyone ever feels like I’ve written that seems directed at someone personally and negatively please ask for clarification because I never intend to do so.)

      I shall draw your attention to episode 6 of season 2 Hard-Hearted Savannah. In the lobby of hotel Carmilla Eric is just chillin’ right? Eh, turns out he’s waiting for Lorena and (pardon me if this is not verbatim) she says something about why would he [eric] think that she would want him back, that she’d even take him, eric says, “you didn’t come all this way just to see me.” Lorena responds, “I haven’t seen Bill Compton in over 70 years, surely you can not think that I have any pull over him…” Eric says, [and this is the important quote] I haven’t seen my maker for much longer than that and yet I am still loyal to him; fiercely loyal.”
      If the events over the last three season have only encompassed a few months in Bon Temps time and the “Bill & Lorena” video made by hbo [after show extra clip] was dated 2010 than 70 years ago would be sometime in the 1940’s… I can not say what amount of time Eric considers “a much longer time [than 70 years]” but regardless it does not matter in the context of the example because….

      let’s jump ahead to Season 3 Episode 2: Beautifully Broken Sookie charges into Fangtasia demanding that Eric help her find Bill, she shows him the operation werewolf rune, and while he says he knows nothing about it, the flashback that follows reveals otherwise. In fact it reveals that Eric has a deeply rooted connection to the rune or rather, what/who it symbolizes. While we later find out that operation werewolf’s leader is the cause of the death of Eric’s human family in this episode the woman werewolf in the flashback exposes the leader to be a vampire. I’m sure you’re wondering, uh Marina? where’s the script issue you’re talking about? Yea sorry about that I just wanted to set up the premise at to why he was having the flashback but what’s more important is that fact that it took place in the 1940’s during World War II and what brings me to the script is that Eric wasn’t alone, Godric was with him and while we could dismiss this as saying he just nonchalantly lied to manipulate Lorena we can’t deny [that based on the delivery of the line] there was an aggressive strength to the statement. I’m curious to what you think? Do you agree and consider it something the writers may have missed (which is entirely possible considering it had probably been a whole year between writing these two scenes) or do you think that considering Eric is a master at manipulation and such -plenty of time of to practice, that he just lied to Lorena?
      Honest Question: Does anyone know if vampire hair can grow in the Trueblood universe? If not I could also note that while Eric only got his hair cute a little while ago it was short in this flashback (although the short cut is more historically accurate for a soldier than the long hair….)

      BBB… I was wondering if you get a chance if you could link me to the site about the clues you were talking about, I don’t have a lot of free time and so I don’t view a ton of extra videos/interviews or go on very many fansites or forums but I’m very curious about this and appreciate you bringing it up. I hope I’ve clarified myself, however, longwinded 😛
      –I’ve re-read your post, and I’m wondering if by clues you mean symbolism, in which case there is no doubt that trueblood is loaded with it, I would agree.


      • Re: honest question

        Marina, Alan actually has said that in the True Blood world, vampire hair can grow, because he wanted the option open in the future to change the looks of the characters if he felt it was necessary. That’s also why in some episodes, the male vampire characters have 5 o’clock shadow though they don’t in others. 🙂

        • Marina

          Thank you so much Isis! I had noticed the 5 too, and I thought that the short hair in the flashback seen seemed like too blatant an error to really be one and so considered that this was an exception within the universe. It certainly frees them up to not have to worry about keeping them looking exactly the same all the time, golly, that would be a nightmare!

          • Glad to help out on that! It was something I had an issue with too until I saw the interview in which Alan explained it. 🙂

          • boo boo bear

            Alan Ball also said in that interview that since after death, in the casket, a body’s hair and nails continue to grow that it would be realistic for them to be able to cut their hair and shave.

            It is also because Eric filmed another movie (Generation Kill) during our hiatus and needed to cut his hair for it, so they incorporated it into TB. In the books, this small point was different, in the show it is better I believe.

  • Marina

    While I am excited for the developments for Tara’s, and Russell’s story lines I have strict reservations about the implications of a relationship between Sookie, and Alcide. I don’t feel like there is enough chemistry between them to foster one, as per relayed in the books.
    Honestly, do we really know much about Alcide [based on his hasty and limited screen time]? Since Alcide was a more prominent character in the books they were able to build a stronger and more dimensional relationship. However, their platonic, and friendly relationship is adequately portrayed in the series, and while it is apparent that Alcide does have affectionate feelings for Sookie, the wood in the fire is but kindling.
    I appreciate and am in awe by how Alan Ball, and the other writers have taken the opportunity, let alone the risk to enhance the story by adventuring out into the numerous sub-plots of other characters, and keeping a main story line as an over arching plot that pulls everything together.
    I do not see the the reason or space (if you will) for a relationship to develop due to…well…the other relationship that is supposed to develop…but as I just mentioned Mr. Ball does morph, and elaborate on the books’ main plot quite extensively, and beautifully. I just hope that while he is unleashing his creativity everywhere, that he will hopefully choose to stay close to the fourth book’s main plot.
    My question to you, reader, is: How do you feel about the hints about an impending relationship btwn Sookie and Alcide? Have you read the third book, and if so how do you think that affects your opinion?
    What do you hope for most in season four, and if you’ve read the fourth book, again how do you think that affects your answer?
    Of course you don’t have to answer these questions if you respond to me, lol. And feel free to disagree or make a case! <3

    • Antonio

      Hi Marina Welcome! Your post is most impressive! I’ve read books 4-6 and i agree that the show does differ from them. I can agree with you regarding Sookie & Alcide. In the books,there was more time for them to get to know each other and since,like you say,he was a more prominent character in them. You’re right,If a person just watched the show,as I had until the Fall,They wouldnt think there would be Enough chemistry or attraction.
      However,Mr.Ball and the writers have proven time and again that Can spin Quite a yarn when it comes to plot twists and new storylines! It Certainly Hasn’t been boring! I think we need to give the writers and the characters a chance too develop further.
      Alcide is still a new character on the show…and as such we need to find out more about his character. I will say that the viewer gets a different dimension of Bill Compton from the Show!
      Dead to The World Is a Great book,I agree.I’m Sure that Mr.Ball will try to stay within a framework of it. The Man is going his Own way here..and like it or not Fans can respect that.
      In answer to Your question… I’d like to see Sookie get closer to Eric…Especially Now that she is estranged from Bill~~which i think is Sad by the way.
      At the end of last season,Sookie went away with the Fae..perhaps to some far distant place?
      It will be interesting to see if she is missed or for how long she is gone. Perhaps SHE will be the 1 with amnesia? She wouldnt remember Bill Nor loving him and that would Hurt him More i think…given his feelings for her!
      In the books,Sookie has a deep emotional as well as blood bond with Eric. I hope the writers explore that more!
      I think they have Already begun exploring that bond! When Sookie asked Eric “If I get into trouble,You can feel it,Right?”
      Eric nodded.
      It will be interesting to see Bill try to fight Eric for Sookie!
      And Maybe,Just maybe..Claudine isnt what She seems to be,Either!
      Maybe a darker side will be revealed in Alcide? Which may push her Further into Eric’s arms??
      Id like to see Both Sookie and Jason become stronger and more savvy! In the books,Sookie is headstrong and willfull ..shes savvy and self reliant.I Hope the writers make her more like that.
      Eric + Sookie Im Looking forward to! Because they are So Different from each other….Opposites attract!
      Sookie and Alcide?? I’ll leave That to AB!
      Thanks again for posting! 🙂

      • Marina

        “Eric + Sookie Im Looking forward to!” You and me both!

        It is exciting how different they are from one another, and how neither can really admit nor deny [some of] their feelings, intentions or urges. I’m also looking forward to the writers’ taking advantage of Eric’s amnesia, because it’s a unique opportunity for a writer to be able to enhance the dimensionality a character by practically re-creating him [from new angle]. It would be like he’s a new character; surrealistically familiar while distinctly foreign, and for Sookie, irresistibility naive to his former self.

        Oh joyous escapades abound and eminent.

        Claudine is one of my favorite characters (while I identify with Amelia) and you better believe I cried at the end of book 9.


    • jaxx

      Marina, I have read all the books, some twice. LOL. I always read the current book, which will be Book 4, Dead to the World, before the season starts just to refamiliarize myself with the storyline and also to see how it differs from AB’s version. Honestly, some I like and some I do not, but it is AB’s version and I will always have the books if I want the story the way it was written.

      With that said, I liked Club Dead, which is book 3, and my favorite it book 4, Dead to the World. This is Eric and Sookie’s book and while I love all the characters, I am partial to Eric.

      Club Dead’s storyline, imo, was a pretty good interpretation of CH’s novel. Of course, there were additions and deletions but I really enjoyed AB’s version of the storyline. Alcide was introduced and for those who have not read the books or have only read some of them, Sookie and Alcide’s relationship does grow to an almost relationship status, BUT some very big events get in the way which prevents them for getting closer. Alcide is still around in the last book, which is book 10, and I don’t see Alcide exiting anytime soon.

      I am very much looking forward to AB’s version of DTTW. In this book, Eric does get amnesia through an interesting twist of events and, while I don’t want to spoil for anyone who hasn’t read, this is Eric and Sookie’s book. We’ll have to see how AB interprets it. Maybe Sookie will be the one with amnesia as a twist, who knows.

      The books are from Sookie’s perspective only, so in order to have an ensemble interactive cast, the other character’s stories and back stories have to be developed as well. Some I like, others I do not. Jessica was not in any of the books, but I so adore her character and plots. Lafayette was killed off in place of Ms. Jeannette in the first book and I am so grateful AB decided to keep Laf on. I wish CH did as well.

      I hope I answered your question.

      • Marina

        Jaxx, you are so right – we do have the books don’t we?
        I haven’t read the most recent book, and you’ve made me desperate for it lol!
        Yea, I too should have stressed that I adore AB’s insertions like Jessica and keeping Lafayette alive (wicked good banter)and the gloriously British interpretation/portrayal of Franklin Mott (Disclaimer: I do not mean to characterize the character’s behavior but rather the mannerisms that the actor brought to the character) and you’re so right, season three was a nice interpretation…seriously I now strain to think what trueblood would be like if it were to focus only upon sookie’s story line.
        That would be an AMAZING twist! I would would enjoy that, although it would cause a huge chain reaction of necessary changes (not unlike the many in the series)in future plots but it would stifle the growth of Eric. Would you agree with me if I said I believe he is the most dimensional character in the books?
        Honestly I don’t think the story changes are bothering me as much anymore but I can’t help but notice the minute and rare production/script mistakes/contradictions. Oh yea that’s right Allan,if your reading this, I caught those continuity errors in the shot/script!
        Just teasing of course, I tend to get a little flowery in my writing so if it is unclear in any way I too adore AB; I tried to do my semester project on him&his work for my Film and Video Art class.

        • jaxx

          Yes, Marina, I agree. That’s why Eric is my favorite. There are so many sides to him but I think deep down inside, he is mostly good.

        • ~ Caitlin

          Hi Marina,

          It is true there is not as much heat between Alcide/Sookie in the show yet. He wasn’t in that much of the season. I do think there will continue to be flirtation btw Sookie/Alcide. Probably, they will kiss. However, I don’t think that they will become a couple, at least not in this season. I think that issues with thr packmaster might come up this season.

          Like jaxx said book 4 dealt with Eric/Sookie relationship. I think that Sookie and Erics realtionship will be explored this season. AB even said that it’s fated that Eric/Sookie will happen at some point. Plus, a lot of fans will be upset if Eric/Sookie don’t make some progress.

          There are some changes I like in the show and others I don’t care for. I love that Godric was Eric’s make. Jessica and Lala are brilliant. Also, I enjoyed what they did with Franklin and Russell. However, I liked HotShot better in the books. The Maryanne storyline was a little much.

          I’m excited for season three and book 11. Season 3 did follow the book to an extent. AB follows a loose outline of the books.