What Creatures May Be In True Blood’s Future

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The Southern Vampire Mysteries are full of paranormal creatures. Some, like vampires, are obviously there from the very beginning. Others, however, come much later in the series. One of those creatures is the werewolf, which as we know will be appearing in True Blood‘s upcoming season three, and presumably for as long as True Blood continues to create new seasons. In future books (beyond book three) and possibly future True Blood seasons, there could be many other new creatures too. An upcoming plotline for season four of True Blood will most likely involve Eric Northman getting amnesia and becoming completely antithetical of what we know him to be, acting almost as though he’s “fallen out of a Twilight novel”.

Another possibility for future seasons of True Blood is the introduction of faeries. Should they be introduced, we’d probably meet a pair of twin faeries with a connection to one of True Blood’s lead characters. We could also meet a couple of other new characters important to the lead characters of True Blood, including John Quinn, a weretiger who will be very important to Sookie, and Charles Twining, who has the awesome designation of being a vampire pirate bartender.

So, we’ve now got vampires, shapeshifters, and other were-creatures for sure, but there’s still more that we could find added to the cast of our favorite show. At this point, we could also see witches, demons and maybe even a mixed creature that is a werewolf and a vampire!

Of course, none of this is for sure, since season three is still in the works, but of course, anything is possible in the magical True Blood world that Alan Ball is creating.

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  • Antonio

    Here is something else to think about…
    Doesn’t Every vampire story need a hunter/killer like Van Helsing? Where is the vampire “hunter” who would seek to purge the town of vampires and werewolves? Surely,He or She would make an interesting character? Or would that aspect make it too much like Buffy? Shouldn’t there be aa human who thinks he can outsmart Bill or Eric? Stakes? Garlic? Holy Water? Wolfbane?
    or it that in the past?

    • jaxx

      Antonio, I think in this series the point is moot because vampires in TB actually came “out of the coffin” so to speak and are integrated with society. Not hidden like the vampires of the past. But, there is also the Fellowship of the Sun which is an anti-vampire “church” so to speak. You could sort of classify them as anti-vampire society, but they are not allowed to kill them, it is against the law now.

  • Antonio

    Ok it would be most interesting to see some of these new creatures brought to the story. However, I hope that AB and the writers Do NOT turn the show into another Buffy or Charmed!
    I would hope that rather than doing something along Those lines he would stay true to what the author wrote out in her book series(I havent read Any of them..But I know that a lot of you here have) Besides the statement that in S4 that Eric’s amnesia may make him look like he fell out of a Twilight Novel?
    What does That mean? Twilight is Another thing altogether!
    It has its Own fanbase and audience. Eric Doesnt need to be “like” Edward Cullen Or Any Other character out there.
    He is his own unique character.
    It will certainly be interesting to see what new creatures could be on the show in subsequent seasons. Were-tiger? sounds Incredible.. Maybe it could have chased Maryann out of town?
    LOL Keep it TB and Not another Buffy clone! JMHO

  • jaxx

    Thank you Isis. Bring on the supes. All the characters you mentioned have a significant impact on storylines and Sookie’s and Jason’s life and well as interact with other characters, especially Claudine, who I hope we meet and the end of S3 or beginning of S4. Some are charming, funny, witty, even strange and supernatural and very much intertwine with the storyline taking you into a totally different and wonderful universe, an escape from real life for a while. I hope AB does put them in, they were very entertaining in their own right.

    And yes ladies, the “shower scene” is a must for S4. Please, please, please do not omit that one. I’m dying to see how Alex will interpret and play this scene out.

    • Antonio

      I dont know You gals keep mentioning a shower scene..
      I know at 1 point Bill finds Eric in a bathtub in S1 So i’ve heard anyway (I havent seen all of S1 yet) If Any thing needed a shower or bath it would seem to me to be a Werewolf! Since they are dirty and smelly and forage around like dogs! LOL
      Its funny how we’ve gone from the days when vampires lived in spooky castles with cobwebs,”brides” and coffins to vampires going to high school driving Ferraris and dating “outcasts” going to proms …Working at hospitals owning big fancy homes
      ~~~Twilight stuff~~~
      Well True Blood vampires may be a bit more “traditional” but they too have become modernized too to some extent.
      Bill drives,has a cell phone a pager a We game system
      I guess at this point,Wolfbane raw garlic and crosses dont do so much anymore?? LOL

  • truebloodfan

    i really really hope that when it comes to series 4 alan doesn’t change much between eric and sookie

  • MarleneEmmett

    Alan Ball as we have seen in Season 2 doesn’t follow the books.
    We have to pray that he doens’t “go too far off the beaten path
    when it comes to Season 3″~What you also have to keep in mind
    is that “TrueBlood is Alan Ball’s interpertation of CharlaineHarris’s books and very rarely the two shall meet”.

    I hope that he does keep certain passages of the books “as is”,
    ie,the Shower scene in book 4,must be written exactly as is”

    He’s promised that we’ll get to see AlexanderSkarsgard nakked
    and also promised us some flashback scenes with Godric, also
    there’s talk of Eric’s parents~So I’m looking forward to season 3

    • Loleaf

      Marlene, I totally agree with you in everything that you say. I hope I don’t sound like a perv, but I enjoy Alan interpertation much much better LOL!! As for keeping the shower scene the same as written, OH YEAH!!! Can I get an AMEN!! 🙂 🙂 LMAO!!

  • Loleaf

    PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!!! Let Alan follow the books when it comes to the other chararcters and plotlines. Can’t wait to see who he gets to play Quinn, Claude and Claudine!! OMG, how are we going to be able to wait that long!!! AARG, does anyone have a spare straight-jacket or an empty padded cell… ANYONE!!