Into the Dark – the Lure of True Blood

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What is it about the dark that is so enticing? Is it the seeking of our earliest experience of existence in the dark protection of the womb? Or the seductive mystery of what cannot be fully seen? Or the creative opportunity of mentally imagining what could be around each shadowed corner? Whatever the reason it draws as honey draws the bee to what is sweet to the tongue and as the flame draws the moth to what is potentially deadly to the touch.

Excitement. Surely a component. We as beings are always seeking that which makes us feel more intensely – the scare of a haunted house, the thrill of a free fall, the rush of a death-defying act. The building of anticipation, of discovery, of encountering the heretofore unknown is a unique drug.

Beauty. The moon is as fair a sight as the sun – fairer by many historic accounts. There is much beauty to be seen in darkness. And darkness knows the art of the tease – requiring you to come closer if you wish to see more…if you dare to.

Passion. I truly believe a life without passion is no life at all…or death, as it were. Darkness is the realm of many passions. Lack of sight intensifies touch, smell, taste. Many feel freedom in the dark that they do not experience in the garish light of day. It is as if the shadows are more personal and intimate.

This was inspired by a beautiful, passionate wolf I met in the dark:

Run through the night with me
On the heels of the swiftest shadow
Side by side, claws kicking the dirt
The joy of the hunt

Exhilaration of the wind
We need no sun to heat our path
Blood flows fast and hot as glowing iron
I have your scent embedded in my skin

I could find you without aid of sight
Your spice as taunting as your taste as you run,
Run through the night with me
You of sweetest tongue and sharpest tooth

The darkness calls whether vampire, wolf, fairy or other half hidden luring creature – I can’t wait to see what HBO’s True Blood has hidden for our discovery next.

What have you met in the dark?

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Written By:  Earienne deGrey

Photo Credit: HBO

Screen Captures Courtesy James