Latest Details on True Blood Figures

November 22, 2009 by  

True Blood fanatics, rejoice! DC Direct unleashes its True Blood products. You can now have your own Sookie, Bill and Eric busts – a perfect collector’s items!

Each bust will be sold separately for $69.99 and packaged in a 4-color box. The products are going to be limited editions, manufactured to order and the images are not final yet. However, the busts’ measurements will range from 6.12″-7.25″ high and will be perfect on any True Blood fan’s shelf or table.

This would have been the perfect Christmas gifts for your True Blood enthusiast friends but unfortunately, it won’t be available until July 21, 2010.

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  • Crap…for $70.00, Stephen needs to personally bring to me!! And Bite me..??!! You could go either way with that comment??!!

  • Joanna

    Dammmm, $69.99 really? Come on, the most should be like forty something dollars specially them being 6-7 inches. Sure I’m complaining, but I’m still gonna get that Eric bust. I’ll find an affordable way because I must have one!

  • Yeah!! Geez, $69.99!!?? What ever…might as well say, $70.00 Bucks!! Why is all of this stuff, so spendy!!??? I can’t remember, what exactly I pd. for a calender from Amazon..(True Blood) anyway’s I really wasn’t thrilled over it?! $11 something I think? More than I’ve ever pd. for a calender before… I mean really…6 1/2 inches…!!!! They need (whoever makes these items??!!) Quit being so, fricken greedy!!! People would by this stuff, if it was a decent price!! I mean I love the show and the people on it…But, no way could I or would I pay the high prices they are selling these and other “True Blood” items for!! THINK Of THE FAN’S!! Give us a break….Now I’m done..I’m climbing off, my soap box now…

  • Yowch! Who is going to be able to afford that? I sure can’t! Sorry, I was going to buy the Bill bust, but now… not the right time to be charging so much money for them!