“Dead in the Family” Hits Shelves May 4

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book-sookie-stackhouse-charlaine-harris-dead-in-the-family-10A Book Reviewer from Wilmington, North Carolina’s Star News Online received his advanced copy of Charlaine Harris‘ “Dead in the Family” this week. For those of you who have been faithfully reading Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse series, this is the long-awaited tenth book. Harris’ blog acknowledges that the book has an underlying theme of family and specifically refers to those of Sam, Sookie, Eric, and Bill. The Star News Book Reviewer makes no note of the family theme, but he does give a general plot summary. I will try not to regurgitate too much here, but if you have not yet read this far in the book series, you may want to stop now.

Apparently Harris has Sookie mourning the loss of both her beloved Fairy Godmother, Claudine, who was killed during the Fairy War in “Dead and Gone“, and her grandfather, who has returned to the Fairy World permanently. Sookie attempts to make amends with Eric, and their struggle with defining their complicated relationship continues (Sookie inadvertently symbolically “married” Eric in the last book). In the biggest hint yet at what the book holds, the Reviewer notes that at least one of the Fairies did not return to the Fairy World and continues to exist in the Human World for the purpose of seeking revenge on Sookie. I see another mystery in readers’ futures!

This Reviewer’s preview certainly whets the appetites of those of us eagerly awaiting Sookie‘s next adventure. Given Harris’ blog post and lack of detail in either her notes or the Book Reviewer’s, I still wonder what will transpire between Sookie and Eric, Sookie and Bill, Sam, and Jason. Will Sookie’s discontentment with Alcide resolve (I can’t help but want her with him, though Harris seemed to dash that hope in the last few books!) Harris claims she had “big plans” for several characters but did not want to cram everything into this book and is holding some back for the next – giving fans more reasons to devour “Dead in the Family” and start awaiting the next. Fortunately, we have True Blood to tide us over in the interim!

SOURCE:  Star News Online

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  • jaxx

    I am rereading books 8 and 9 just to prepare for book 10 in a couple of weeks. This book has been long awaited because I think a lot of questions will be answered including the “blood bond” question once and for all. But, I’m sure as some loose ends get tied up, others will be open. Can’t wait.

  • Antonio

    Whats interesting about these books ..And I havent read ANY of them is that it seems that Ms.Harris has her own ideas about vampires weres and other monsters. She created her own little world for these characters to exist…even a place Bon Temps which means good times i believe. She may not go by the “traditional” aspects of vampire stories (No castle,moats coffins in dark dungeons, garlic large wood carved stakes with mallets) But she has managed to capture the imagination of So many! I too wonder sometimes Who Sookie will end up with Eric? Bill? Sam? Of course by the time we know the answer the series may be drawing to a close.

  • Loleaf

    I just hope she clears things up with Quinn eventuallyif not in this book but in another).. I really like his character and felt bad that Sookie broke it off as quickly as she did on account of his dependent family (thought that was a little hard-hearted).

    • jaxx

      Loleaf, I think in an interview with CH, Quinn will be reappearing in book 11 or 12, not in book 10, as I understood it.