‘Dead in the Family’ Makes Amazon’s Best Books of 2010 List

November 14, 2010 by  

Customer Favorite & Editors Pick

Dead in the Family CoverEvery year Amazon.com rates all of the books released during the last year in their “Amazon’s Best Books” list.  The list includes Top 100 Editors’ Picks, Top 100 Customer Favorites and Top 10 lists in 23 categories such as Romance, Non-fiction, Mystery & Thrillers.  Charlaine Harris, the writer of the series behind HBO‘s True Blood, has received yet another honor.  For the 2010 list, the 10th book in the Sookie Stackhouse series, ‘Dead in the Family’ came in at No. 4 in the Top 100 Customer Favorite books list and No. 80 on the Editors’ Picks list.  In addition the book was named No. 1 on the Science Fiction & Fantasy Top 10.

This is not the first time that Harris’ books have made the list.  In 2009 ‘Dead and Gone’ made the list at No. 8 and in 2008 ‘From Dead to Worse’ came in at No. 65.

You can view the complete list here.

Source: Amazon.com – Best of 2010: Books

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  • Jjbc

    Unlike so many out there I enjoyed Dead in the Family, I Have read it twice so far. Sookie is maturing and Eric showed a great degree of depth. He is a veyy conflicted vampire always interesting.

  • Lizzie1701

    F\I have also read it and thought it meh but I think people bought it in a frenzy and were then sorry. Oh well.

  • jaxx

    I will have to re-read this one again. I didn’t really care for it the first time but other have told me when you read it a second time, you will like it better. So over the holidays, I will give it another try.

    • ~ Caitlin

      I need to read it again before that next book comes out. I was a little disappointed to. Hopefully, the next ones better.