Dead in the Family Review Reveals Some Unexpected Turn of Events

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A few lucky readers have snagged an advanced copy of Dead in the Family, and some, like Hope from Paperback Dolls, claims that it’s definitely worth the wait. The 10th long-awaited installment of Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse series, Dead in the Family, focuses primarily on issues pertaining to the family– both genealogical and vampiric.

Dead in the Family begins with Sookie physically and mentally recovering from her brutal torture she endured by the evil fae at the end of Dead and Gone. Although less trusting of others, we get to see Sookie become more practical and pragmatic when facing problems. Luckily, we also get to see her return to being the rescuer, rather than the victim.

Of course, family issues are the central component to Dead in the Family, and as Eric and Sookie settle into their romantic relationship, they get an unannounced set of visitors: Eric’s maker, Appius Livius Ocella, and his new vamp child, Alexei Romanov. Thwarted into their family crisis, Sookie begins to see a new side of Eric that forever changes her perspective of him.

Readers will definitely be reacquainted with Sookie’s ex, Bill, as he continues to heal from the silver poisoning he contracted in Dead and Gone. While he may be ambivalent about his own health, Sookie “uses stealth to find a remedy.”

The weres have to deal with the Great Reveal, which effects both Sam and Alcide. While Eric is dealing with his own family politics, Sookie finds herself again in the middle of a were crisis — which results in what is described as a “Shakespearean ending.”

As stated by Hope on Paperback Dolls:

“Overall, this was an enjoyable read, and I liked seeing Sookie’s growth and determination as she adjusts to the demands of her life in the supernatural community. While sometimes it seems she is still less than understanding of her loved ones, she has come a long way in a short amount of time.”

Dead in the Family involves some interesting character development, as well as “answers several lingering questions readers have had, and it resolves more plot points than it introduces, so it stands on its own better than the previous installment did.” Eager fans will have to wait until May 4 before they are able to sink their teeth into their own copy!

SOURCE: Paperback Dolls

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  • wanner

    seriously…i cannot wait for the eleventh book…..have it been written ? haha…so greedy of me!

  • stephm

    thank you so much for this review two friends and i are reading these together we are all on book six and are devouring them! The Shakespearean ending part has me concerned, I truly hope there is no Tempest or Macbeth ending.:(

  • Bobbie

    Thank you for posting the reveiw. Sookie uses “stealth in finding a remedy”.hmmmm another word for stealth is covert I wonder who’s back she is going behind….possibly Eric’s.? I think there may be trouble brewing for Sookie and Eric in the future maybe not this book but boy howdy its comming.

  • JANE


  • Antonio

    This sounds So interesting I’m tempted to grab up a copy to read just for myself and I havent Even Read ANY of the other books! I wonder for how much longer she can keep this all going!
    10 books….a Tv series adaptation on HBO No less ..And a comic book series to be revealed this summer Wow!!
    What next? a series of short CGI type animation on Cartoon Network? Perhaps at night when the kids are in bed?
    A clothing line? True Blood on Broadway??
    I’m Still Waiting for a companion book with lots of pictures from onset and interviews with cast and crew!
    Congrats again to Ms. Harris! 🙂

  • Tracie Black

    I have to read the book the night of May 4th because May 6th I’m going to a book signing by Charlaine Harris in Bailey’s Crossroad, VA and get her to sign it. And I hope Book 4 too, that’s my favorite!

  • jaxx

    Aghhhh!! 18 more days to go. I can hardly stand it. I actually took off the next day at work so I can read this book. I know, I know, pathetic. I’m hoping Sookie seeing Eric in a new light is a good thing. I’m hoping he and his maker have the same type of relationship that Godric and Eric had and that makes Eric more sensitive, plus he will be dealing with a sort of sibling??? It will be interesting to see how Sookie helps Bill too and, of course, Alcide and Sam’s dilemmas.

  • veruca

    Gah, I don’t like the sounds of Sookie seeing a new side of Eric that forever changes her perspective of him… unless… she already knew he was a badass, so maybe she sees the more helpless side of him, forever making her adore him? Please?

    • Loleaf

      veruca, I’m right there with ya!! I hope CH has Eric show his more sensitive side (to Sookie at least). We know he couldn’t show it to the other vamps, that would make him look weak and we don’t want that due to the new vampire regime. I’m also glad that Sookie will be helping Bill recover too.. Along with more Alcide and Sam of course, can’t hardly wait to get my hands on a copy!!!