Dead in the Family Secret Revealed

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(The following post may contain spoilers related to the ninth and tenth books of Charlaine HarrisSookie Stackhouse, aka Southern Vampire series.)

Charlaine Harris‘ tenth Sookie Stackhouse novel, “Dead in the Family,” reveal why Eric Northman couldn’t immediately come to Sookie‘s rescue when she was kidnapped and tortured by the faes in book 9, “Dead and Gone.”

The scanned pages, posted here, are from the end of “Dead and Gone” in paperback which presents a preview of Chapter 1 of “Dead in the Family” and pick up where a previously released portion of Chapter 1, posted here, leaves off.

Sookie is at the gym with JB du Rone, working to regain her strength after sustaining severe injuries in the Fae War. Tara, JB‘s wife, is reading a baby book, and she and Sookie talk about which doctor Tara plans to see during her pregnancy. JB smiles when Sookie is able to lift 10 pounds more than their previous sessions. Tara asks Sookie to babysit sometime for their child after it is born, and Sookie finds herself looking to the future — presumably something she hasn’t done since her horrific confinement.

The next paragraph skips ahead a few days. Sookie, in bed with Eric, has awoken from a nightmare, which she cites as a typical occurrence. She is crying, and Eric, sensing her pain, is crying too. He begins to explain why he couldn’t come to her rescue when she was taken by the faes. His boss, Victor Madden, would not allow him to leave, and chained him to the wall with silver to prevent it. Victor used the excuse that he could not allow Eric to get involved in the war, no matter what happened to Sookie. He pretends to forget that Sookie and Eric are married, even though he witnessed the ceremony. It took a clandestine call from Pam to Felipe de Castro,vampire king of Nevada, Louisiana and Arkansas, to gain Eric‘s release. Felipe owes Sookie for saving him from Sigebert.

Sookie is skeptical of Eric‘s story at first, but allows herself to believe him. It is clear to her that he suffered the torture along with her, even if he didn’t experience it firsthand.

These pages are surely just a taste of “Dead in the Family’s” secrets. The book hits shelves in May, so be sure to save your appetites!

SOURCE: The Unread Reader

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Eric Northman and Sookie Stackhouse
  • Mrs Northman

    I can’t wait for book 10 to be released, athough here in the uk it looks, (according to amazon uk), like we’re not getting it here until the 10th of june 2010!!! Do any of you guys know if this is correct or not?

    My favour does lean (heavily) towards eric, but i would really like to see more of bill in this book too as he seems to be playing to small a part in Sookies life (except during life threatening chapters). Would love to see more of an intense love triangle between the 3 of them before she finally decides who to be with for good, which i’m hoping is at the very least Eric or Bill, don’t think I would be a satisfied reader if it were someone else! In my head tho i’d love it to be Eric, I think he really does love her, but has just been confused himself at these feelings having spent the last 1000+ years feeling nothing but blood hungry. He also doesn’t quite know how to act around her when other people/vamps are there, it might show him as weak to them, leaving them free to make an attempt at his position or even at sookie.

    Okay have rambled on now when all i really wanted to know was if anyone knows if the amazon release date for book 10 in the UK is correct? lol

    thanks 🙂

  • Antonio

    Ok Ive got aa question How is it that Eric was able to “hear” Barry asking for Bill? That being the case,Why didnt Eric go down and save Sookie instead of Godric??
    Can Eric read minds as well? could he “hear” sookie’s thoughts?
    This is All just Incredible!!

    • lizzie

      Antonio, Eric was booked into a room close to Bill and Sookie’s. As Vampires have great hearing, he heard Barry knock on Bill’s door and heard Barry give the message. Easy peasy!

      Also, Eric was in Dallas to find Godric – not to save Sookie. He used Sookie to find Godric. As soon as he heard that Sookie had found Godric in the church, he was off like a flash.

      Hope this helps.

    • pbt

      Waving at Antonio. Yes, Sookie had agreed to go to Dallas and help Eric locate Godric. I believe the agreed sum of money was 10,000 dollars and all expenses paid.

      Eric was in Dallas to help locate his maker. The Dallas episodes are some of my favorites from Season Two. As far as the Viking reading minds, we have not seen this. Vampires by nature have very acute hearing abilities.

      In the source material, the only vampire to have mind reading capabilities was Queen Sophie Anne. I am not sure if AB will use this in True Blood. I sure hope he does.

    • Nia

      Hi Antonio, hope you are well,

      Eric was just across the hall and obviously could hear everything going on in Bills suite, even the arguments between Bill and Lorena: Bill wanting to leave to go help Sookie.

      At one point Bill even asks Lorena if he could call Eric to go help Sookie if he himself could not. Lorena just laughs at Bill and says Eric is the reason she is here and that Eric wants Sookie, and Bill should just let him have her.

      Eric then hears what Barry says about Sookie and the sheriff in the basement of the church, thats when he goes to the rescue. Not when Bill is pleading with Lorena to help Sookie.

      Vampires have very acute hearing as Bill said way back in S1 when talking to Andy B.

      Also we know that vampires can hear behind the hotel closed doors because Lorena heard Bill and Sookie making love from the hallway.

      It has not been shown that a vampire can read other thoughts yet in TB. Queen Sophie may have that abiltity but we have not seen it yet. I do not believe that Eric can read minds. In the books Sookie does read a bit of Erics mind as I stated earlier and it frightened her.

      Team True Blood!

    • jaxx

      I agree with Nia, PBT and Lizzie. They’ve totally summed it up.

  • Javs

    I thought there were some already endearing and emotional scenes between Eric/Sookie in previous books but this was WHOA. I’ve been fond of Eric since LDID and it makes me squee that they are *finally* a couple! And Sookie/Eric arguments in the books are *always* LOL (“Buddy? *Buddy*?”) so Eric and Sookie together is a win-win for me.

    Why, oh, why isn’t it May 4th yet!?

  • pbt

    56 days and counting!

    A mere 17 days until the release of Dead in the Family. Source material.

  • Antonio

    Did I mention That pic of E/S at the top is Really Cool not to mention Hot!! I’m sure Now that she has ingested his blood and began having erotic dreams of him that some sexual tension will continue to build between them and a fair amount of flirtation~~Mostly on Eric’s part,I imagine As Lafayette would say “Bring It on Beaotch!” LOL

  • Hi Everyone!

    As I mentioned today on a different post and since the topic came up here I though I should repeat myself.

    The show is an ensemble show focusing on different themes and I guess I just take issue when this “team” stuff or pecking order of one character over another. It is a great show and all this favoritism of one character over the other just seems to take away the fun.

    Therefore I encourage everyone to use the Team True Blood slogan at the end of your post if you wish but Team Eric Northman/Viking Vampire God and Team Bill will be deleted.

    Again we were all fine for a while but I sense a growing friction developing again due to all this team stuff and it is truly taking the fun out.

    pbt, I edited your name for Bill because to me it is being disrespectful and causing tension.

    From now on Team True Blood or Team Commando as I would agree to any of the True Blood men that way! 🙂

    • Nia

      Thank you so much AdoreBill for jumping into this foray and for your insistance on respect for all the characters, actors and hopefully each other.
      You have my support and vote always!!

      Team True Blood forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pbt

    Just a few off the top of my head. Sorry I don’t have the time to look up page numbers and passages. The first postings are from various books and the last are from True Blood thus far.

    Living Dead in Dallas
    •Eric saved Sookie from the Long Shadow attack

    •Eric saves Sookie twice ( the Callisto attack & the bullet sucking scene-shields her from bullets).

    •At the orgy Bill & Eric assisted in saving

    Club Dead
    Eric carries her out of Club Dead when Alcide leaves her by herself.

    •Eric saves Sookie by giving her blood to assist in the rescue of (Bill)

    •Eric helps out at the gas station

    •Eric helps out with the were attack back at Sookie’s house after Jackson

    Dead to the World
    •Sookie saves Eric by babysitting him while he has amnesia.

    •Eric saves Sookie from Debbie twice (in this book)..during the witch war & at her house.

    Dead as a Doornail
    Eric saves Tara per Sookie’s request.

    •Eric ran to save Sookie from Mickey

    •At the end she saves herself from Mickey.

    Definitely Dead
    Eric saves Sookie & Quinn

    All Together Dead

    •Eric saves Sookie from the bite of Andre.

    •Sookie saves Eric from the bombing of the hotel ( in Rhodes).

    From Dead to Worse
    Eric shows up at Sookies house & he admitts to going under Felipes rule.

    •Sookie saves Eric from one of QSA’s minions..

    Dead and Gone
    Eric saves Sookie by alerting her that they were married (the knife)

    •Eric saves Sookie in the final battle of the Fae war.

    True Blood
    Season One
    Escape from Dragon House
    •Eric directs Sookie and Bill to the exit to escape the police.

    Season One, Episode 12
    You’ll Be the Death of Me
    •Sookie saves herself from Rene.

    SeasonTwo, Episode 3
    •Eric calls in Dr. Ludwig to help in diagnosing Sookie’s wounds and how to heal her.Even Bill credits Eric with saving Sookie’s life since Bill’s blood would not help.

    Season Two, Episode 8
    •Eric offers himself to Steve Newlin in exchange for Sookie and Godric’s lives.

    Season Two, Episode 9
    I Will Rise Up
    •Eric shields Sookie from silver bullets contained in a FOTS bomb that goes off in Dallas

    Eric saves Bill from the FOTS kid who has the crossbow pointed at his back after the bombing in Dallas.

    Eric offers to meet the sun with Godric and end his 1000 yr old life. Almost the ultimate sacrifice.

    Season Two, Episode 11
    •Eric offers to seek advice about the maenad from Queen Sophie-Anne at Sam’s request.

    Though we will never agree, that’s fine with me. I still enjoy reading the source material and watching the show immensely. As I have said, I have for the most part enjoyed the differences that True Blood offers. Especially Lafayette’s character and Jessica. As I have said, I am dismayed sometimes with how Alan Ball has handled certain story lines and characters. But I suppose if I or anyone else was happy about everything we wouldn’t be here discussing this show seven months later. I look forward to the conflict, the drama, the passion and heart break that lies ahead.

    Season Three by Alan Ball’s admission will contain certain themes and ideas from the books. I am looking forward to this. And I am sure that AB will be putting his own personal spin on all of it.

    Whether Sookie and Eric resolve their interests in each other will remain to be seen. As I have said before, it is very doubtful that Alan Ball will go that direction this season. Will Bill and the mission be used this season? There are so many questions to be answered this season. I am confident that Alan Ball and his writing team with answer some and create a new array conflicts for us viewers.

    As Ollie said above, we love who we love for our own personal reasons. Whether we are speaking about the books or speaking about the television show. I expect that at times we will be in ecstasy, at times we will be frustrated and at times we will be like What the f*ck just happened!

    58 days until the V-ddiction continues!
    Go True Blood!

    • Gee pbt, the guy deserves a medal! Tell you what, you have the books and I’ll have True Blood! Not interested in Sookie or her lovers. Just in Bill. Glad TB is more than Sookie’s universe.

      Go True Blood!

      • pbt

        No, Lizzie. I like True Blood too. I also have enjoyed the books for the most part with some exceptions. Looking forward to Season Three. Waiting Sucks for sure!

        • Antonio

          Wow! You certainly have done your “homework” here! I’m impressed! Its amazing just how much you guys are devoted to these books And to the show! I’m sure that Ms. Harris would be glad and Mr.Ball,too!

    • Katra

      Do you really find it necessary to make Bill seem to be less than he is by using a child’s nickname? No one does that to Eric, and I can’t believe you find it appropriate to belittle the character you don’t like in that manner.

      • pbt

        Sorry I forgot to use his full name. I have been trying to do that in my posts because some feel its in appropriate when I use Billy. Thanks for reminding me.

        William Compton from now on!

        • Katra

          No one is asking you to use Bill’s full name, just Bill, the same way everyone calls Eric by his name. I mean, calling Bill ‘Billy’ is akin to others calling Eric ‘Ericy-werekie’.

          • pbt

            No disrespect was intended.

    • Nia

      Well now,
      it is unfortunately late and I have a 17 hour work day tomorrow, so the only thing I can say right now is that the reason I used page numbers and direct quotes is to give the facts as they were written and not sugar coat them with my point of view as you have with some of your examples.

      Lacing them with your opinions defeats the purpose. I can see quite a few that are incorrect, or simply written as you would like it to be.

      And since Bill is mostly absent in most of the books, It is incredible how much he yet does for Sookie.

      As to your childish namecalling, we all know here that you DO do it to offend, which is sad, or perhaps feeble and desparate would be more accurate.

      Bill will suffice. I would never call Eric anything other than his name. I may not care for his character as I do Bill but I would never demean him or Alex or myself by resorting to such nonsense. In fact I cannot recall anyone else here who has called Eric names as you have Bill.

      What I do is try to post as intelligently, and hopefully with a bit of fun, what I read/see/speculate, and what I feel, and of course use the facts as often as possible.

      Team True Blood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • pbt

        Nia, no disrespect was intended. I think it was great that you have all the page numbers, etc. I love how you are always so thorough with your posts and opinions.

        I think the next book will be very interesting indeed. I am not sure that CH will break the bond yet but I am hopeful that it will be done. I would love to see how all of this is going to play out in CH and AB’s worlds.

        Have a great weekend. pbt

        • Nia

          Thanks pbt, we love and fight for our men don’t we.

          Peace, love, and Vampires (I guess we should include shifters and werewolves now, right Antonio?)

          Team True BLood!

    • Antonio

      I like your assesment of TB episodes with Eric and Bill
      However, I did Not see it as Sookie saved herself from Rene with No help from Any1 else! Sam helped a good deal! In fact Sookie tells Tara that He saved her life! Bill,In a Grand gesture,Get up from his dirt rest to come out into the sun to try and save Sookie! If THAT is not devotion,huh?
      I agree with you that Eric Did Save/Protect Sookie a couple of times in S2!
      Bill may have brought her to Fangtasia But it was Eric who called in the DR and it was His place and Bill Did thank Him for His help since his own blood alone could not help her at that time.

      • Nia

        Hi Antonio!! (WAVES!)

        I have an interesting notion to share with you since you brought up the last epi of S1.
        If you are able to, watch the end of the S1 finale again.

        When Bill is starting to fall down, weakened and burning from the sun, and calling Sookies name, the camera focuses somewhat on his eyes, which somehow seem to change a bit (now this definitely could be just from the suns effect on them).
        As soon as that happens, Sookie just instantly wakes up from unconciousness and that terrible beating not to mention a huge blow to the back of her head.

        I have always wondered if Bill and Sookie have a deeper connection. We know that he can feel her because she has had his blood, and he has had hers, but what if she can feel him too???????
        Could Alan B. be showing us another side to their deep relationship or is it just another side to the blood bond that CH has not explored or has not YET explored.

        Just some food for thought. If you are able to watch that paricular scene agan, I would be curious to see what you think.

        And of course you are right, without Sam there Sookie would have died for sure. He stopped Rene from bringing down the stone statuette to her head. To believe that she saved herself is completely incorrect.

        Team True Blood!

        • lizzie

          Nia, I agree and you beat me to the post! The cameras definitely panned onto Bill’s eyes and then suddenly Sookie opened up her eyes and did the deed. I think Bill bonded with her and gave her the strength!

          I remember AB saying that Bill and Sookie have a bond that will last forever! This was an example, imo.

      • pbt

        Antonio, you are right that Sam had a part in the Renee situation. I guess my point was that Sookie ultimately dealt the final blow that resulted in Renee’s death. Actually if Sookie had not woken up she would have been dead.Sam was down for the count at this point. I am wondering if Sookie’s *godmother* was involved.

        I thought about the comment about Sookie waking up at the last moment with Renee towering over her and I have always wondered the same thing.

        So I am wondering if it is somehow connected to her glowing hand (*bookies you know). Originally Sookie’s “godmother” was in the Ratts attack scene but was subsequently deleted from the s1e1 by Alan Ball.

        Food for thought and speculation for sure. Love all the intrigue, mystery and drama.

        • jaxx

          I’ve wondered that too pbt. I am currently rereading Dead and Gone (Chapter 10 was the best) and there is a point where Niall tells Sookie that Fintan has always been watching his family from afar. Niall wasn’t allowed to visit them but sent the “godmother” to help her. I definitely think there was some fae force behind the chains in S1E1. I’m wondering with the introduction of the fae, if we will go back to that scene in a flashback. There was a deleted scene 2 years ago showing someone in the woods helping Sookie and Bill saw her too, maybe the godmother???? I’m hoping they go back to that.

          • Nia

            Hi Jaxx,
            That is a very good point and a definite possibility!!

            Perhaps Sookies “fairy godmother” helped her wake up and deal with Renee (as she probably helped Sookie with Mack) because I do not believe that Sookie was able to come back to conciousness and with such strength, to be able to handle Renee on her own. The beating that Renee gave her and the hit to the head was so awful.

            Sam must also be credited first because, as I have said, Sookie would have recieved a death blow by Renee had not Sam interceeded when he did.

            Team True Blood!

          • jaxx

            With the introduction of the fae, I definitely think AB should go there. I think we talked about this deleted scene before also. For some reason, it was taken out before that episode was played. Maybe they’re saving it until the fairies are introduced??? Possibly the “fairy godmother” helped with the Rattrays and Rene??? You’re right, you just don’t wake up like that out of unconsciousness and in the books, the fairy godmother always got to her in time. I hope they go there. It would be an interesting twist and a way to tie up that loose end in S1 again. They never really explained how the chains tightened around Mack’s neck like that.

          • Nia

            Hey jaxx, good to catch you,

            I definitely think that AB will go the way of the fae (has a nice ring doesn’t it). It does become a very important part of the story. It also does make good sense that Claudine wakes up Sookie and reenergizes her to take on Renee.

            I remember a part in the books when Sookie was driving and she was so tired that she started falling asleep. Claudine magically appears in the car and wakes her up.

            I would think that AB took out that scene because it would have given to much away to all the book readers. I prefer the first epi with out Claudine. Makes it more interesting to speculate!

            Team True Blood!

        • Antonio

          Hi PBT and Jaxx {{{waves and smiles}}}
          I had just streamed a bit of Eric from S2 ..I saw some of this last year when it was on HBO.
          I forgot how funny and what a smartguy wiseass Eric could be!
          I laughed my head off when Eric tried to sound like a human southern guy! Just So Funny! Sookie:Hes Your maker isnt he?
          Eric:Dont use words you dont understand Sookie: You have a lot of love for him Eric:Dont use words I dont understand!
          So Funny In that particular scene Eric shows a more caring protective side and then reverts to a wiseguy smartass ..Whoa!
          It will be quite interesting to see how Eric’s character is developed and will hopefully have More screen time. As for godric,I hope there will be More flashbacks of him!
          The whole godric-Eric relationship …fascinating!
          Bill certainly did Not have a relationship like That with His maker! Both Alex And Stephen do an Incredible job here!

          • pbt


            Yes, I hope we see a lot more of all of these characters. The particular scene that you referenced was very interesting. It was probably the first instance where Sookie realizes that Eric has love in his heart too and that William Compton is not the only vampire who is capable of loving someone.

            Despite previous conversations to contrary (Sookie and William Compton in bed at the Hotel Carmilla), they are vile despicable creatures. You have a heart Bill. You are not like them.

            Godric had asked Eric to safely get Sookie out of the church and not to harm anyone. As a good child, Eric followed the orders of his maker. The relationship that Godric and Eric had is very special indeed. We also see this in the relationship between Pam and Eric. Pam despite being lazy (Eric’s words) is very loyal to her maker Eric. I am looking forward to the flashbacks this season with the Viking. Some with Godric and also with his parents and his “princely” life. Some of this back story should give us some more clues into what makes the Viking tick.

            Only a few more days until DITF. I have the book on order and will be patiently waiting for the UPS delivery person.

  • Antonio

    I must say that I’m impressed. You All certainly know this book series and your devotion to your fave characters!
    I wonder if “bookies” and film fans engage in this much of a heated discussion over Twilight! LOL About THAT I could tell you the 1st film was good but I think that the book was Better!
    ( little side note here Only 75 days until TL Eclipse is released here in US)
    Anyway You Ladies certainly know your stuff when it comes to this!

    • pbt

      Thanks, Antonio. I am by far not a book expert at all. This really was just a quick off the top of my head list. I am sure the true bookies “Jaxx” could give a more complete list of accomplishments of saves by the Viking.

      I will admit that I am not a fan of Twilight so I can not speak about that series. Perhaps I will have a chance to read that this summer. For me teen angst is not as attractive as maenand madness! LOL

      • Antonio

        Hi PBT To Me, Twilight is about Much More than just “teen angst” although that is a part of it. Its about acceptance,tolerance,forgiveness,finding faith in love and even seeking some form of redemption Many of the qualities that True Blood Also deals with..To THAT extent they have Much in common,I believe. In my first article here I compared True Blood’s Bill Compton with Twilight’s Edward Cullen and tried to show the various differences And similarities between them and their respective storylines as characters.
        I know that the Twilight series was written primarily for youth (mostly teen and tween girls) But I feel that ANY 1 could get something positive out of it! The 1st book,Twilight is 1 of my Very favorite books~~ I like the series But books 1 and 3 are my faves! I feel that Both the Twilight Saga and True Blood appeal to different people for different reasons.
        There is No “Eric” character in Twilight just as there is No “james” or “victoria” in the SSnovels Or the show.
        They are different but kind of similar in that the themes of self-awareness and acceptance tolerance and love are prevalent throughout Both Its just that TB is a bit more vocal politically about it.
        Although,I do think that Sookie Stackhouse is a stronger character than Bella Swan.

  • Nia

    I forgot to add something. I wonder what would really happen if the blood bond between Eric and Sookie were broken???? Would she still want to be with him??
    Long before the last book, Bills blood bond wore off, yet she realized how much she truly loved him again.

    OK, how about another excerpt, from DAG. Sookie is recovering from her wounds and Eric takes her to see Bill who is dying from his battle with the fae when he saved Sookie.

    DAG 298-300*******

    Clancy’s given you blood, Sookie said. You’ll get better.
    Maybe, said Bill.He voice was a scool and calm as it had always been.
    Iam feeling some strength now. It will get me through the fight. that will be time enough.
    I was shocked almost beyond belief.
    Bill, I said urgently, thinking of so many things I wanted to say to him. He’d closed his eyes, but now he opened them to look at me.
    Eric drew a long long knife form a sheath on his thigh. Iron, he said smiling.
    And Bill smiled too and it wasn’t a pleasant smile. Kill as many as you can. Clancy help me up.
    No, said Sookie.
    Sweetheart, Bill said, very formally, I have always loved you and I will be proud to die in your service. When i am gone say a prayer for me in a church.
    As I watched Bill, waiting with apparent calm for death to come to him, I had a flash of him as I’d known him: the first vampire I’d ever met, the first man I’d ever gone to bed with, the first suitor I’d ever loved. Everything that followed had tainted those memories, but for one moment I saw him clearly and
    loved him again.
    Bill and I were standing side by side, and then he slowly and deliberately stepped in front of me. Bill threw his knife at the next fairy, he reached back to take my grandmothers (iron) trowel.
    Breandan (evil fae) gets past Eric, leaped over Clancys body, faced Bill, and said,
    Youre the one, the one who killed Neave.
    I took out her throat, Bill said, and his voice seemed as strong as it ever had been, but he swayed on his feet.
    I see shes killed you too, Breandan said and smiled, I’ll be the one to make you realize it. While Braendon was distracted by the defenseless were, Bill thrust the trowel under Braendons raised arm.
    Bill began to fall.

    Bill saves Sookie again, twice in one book, sacrificing himself.
    Nuff said!

    Team True Blood!

    • jaxx

      Nia, that is the million dollar question I and I’m sure everyone else is waiting to be answered. I, for one, want the bond to be broken. I want to see if the love Eric and Sookie has is for real or a result of the blood bond. I want there to be real love between Sookie and Eric. While it would break my heart to learn otherwise, no one should be together because of just a bond. I want them to be together because they are truly in love with each other.

      I have no idea what to expect at the end of this book series. As much as I want my favorite vamp to be with our favorite telepath, I just have this suspicion that Sookie will be with neither Eric nor Bill at the end. It will be someone else and I think that will be Sam.

      With 3 books to go after Dead in the Family, CH will have to throw us a curve somewhere. She always does. I hear Quinn is going to be back in book 11 or 12 and there is also Alcide and the ever faithful Sam in the background. Can’t believe we have to wait 3 more years to find out once and for all who Sookie will choose, if anyone. CH herself has said that she hates a happy ending. Should be interesting. ANYTHING can happen at the end of this tale. ANYTHING. 😉

      • Nia

        Hi Jaxx,
        I cannot stay long but I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your posts. You are always upbeat and diplomatic. The fact that we have our own favorites does not matter here. We can discuss with out animosity.
        I look forward to discussing with you in the future. There will be so much to talk about, whether the article is about the books or show!

        BTW, I agree with you about the blood bond and that it should be broken. If Sookie truly loves Eric then they should be together. I have always said I believe in True love, because it is so rare to find, it should never be wasted.
        Hugs to you!

        Team True Blood!!!!!!!!!

        • jaxx

          Well thank you Nia 🙂 I enjoy discussing books and show with you also. We love our different vamps and that’s ok. I’m sure there will be plenty to talk about as S3 unfolds with the introduction of new characters, plots and twists. Should be fun. Only 57 more days to wait, we’re getting there. 🙂

          Big hug!! 😀

          True Blood Ensemble Rocks!!

  • Nia

    Hi everyone,
    Good lets talk the books.
    I am glad that Sookie has fallen into a comfortable relationship with Eric. If she chooses to not explore the blood bond issue then good for her. Ignorance is bliss. I feel that then they really do belong together. I would just hope for Bill to somehow find a real love, that is of course if he survives the death blow dealt him when he saved Sookie.

    Yet I am intrigued that she is questioning her feelings or lack of, for Eric. Shouldn’t gourmet sex be good enough? Perhaps not.
    And if I am not mistaken, up till this last book, Eric never told Sookie he loved her. Whereas Bill told her he loved her, first book, pg 166.

    As to Eric being detained by Victor????? Even Sookie is questioning that. Why did he not fly right away when Bill called him???? He could have dropped all and took off. Eric became involved in the fae war anyway so?????? I am sure there is much yet that needs to be revealed. At least Bill never gave up even though Sookie was with Eric.

    Many of you already know my feelings on this. Eric is a great character for what he is. But he does not care who he hurts, betrays, or what he does, to get what he wants. Even to forgo vampire courtesy and respect. Something that Bill always had in volumes.

    I admire and love Bills character for all his good traits and bad. He is not perfect and yet it is these imperfections that endear him and what make me love and defend him.
    As Lizzie says we will champion him.
    He makes mistakes and yet acknowledges them as well as pays dearly for them, he also learns from them.
    He loves deeply, yet he is also a victim of his circumstances. He is an underling and as such must answer and obey those above him, whether it is the queen, Eric or his maker Lorena. Because of them and all their machinations did most of the trouble between Bill and Sookie start. They would have been happy if they could have been left alone. They had their troubles, sure, as any couple, but compounded by the fact that Bill is so different and trying so hard to mainstream.

    Book Bill is wonderful but not as completely loving and wonderful as TB Bill. In this I thank Alan Ball everyday for reading all the books, chatting with CH, and seeing what was written between the lines. His character development of Bill (plus all the other characters) and the acting of the wonderful Stephen M. has taken our TB Bill to heights that should have been done to begin with.

    I would now like to address an issue that has been brought up before, books and show. That is the supposed instant chemistry, sexual tension, between Sookie and Eric that some have said was there from their first meeting, book and show.
    For the benefit of those who have not read the books or for those who just choose to not see I will give you some excerpts from just DUD.

    This first one is when Sookie and Bill go to Fangtasia for the first time and right after meeting/speaking with Eric:

    DUD pg 108-109***********

    If you had been interested I would have been obliged to let you with Eric, said Bill.
    NO said Sookie sharply.

    Eric is better looking than I am, He is more powerful and I understand that sex with him is unforgettable. He almost never kills anymore. So as vampires go he’s a good guy. You could still go with him. He is looking at you.

    I don’t want to go with Eric, Sookie said stubbornly.

    And I don’t want to go with any of the fangbangers, said Bill.

    So we are allright? Said Sookie. Yes, said Bill.
    (Bill goes to the bar to get drinks)
    Eric appeared to be counting my eyelashes. I tried to keep my gaze on my hands, to indicate modesty. I felt power tweaks kind of flow over me and had an uneasy feeling Eric was trying to influence me. I risked a quick peek and sure enough he was looking at me expectantly.

    (Bill comes back)
    Eric is breaking the rules just attempting to glamorize you after I told him you’re mine.


    This is just one example of Eric disrespecting Bill. How can anyone admire a man who blatantly tries to steal away someone who belongs to another. Boggles my mind.

    The next excerpt is when Sookie goes to Fangtasia to question Erics employees.

    DUD pg 192*******

    Sookie, Eric has told me to bring you to Shreveport again, said Bill.
    IT TOOK ME A SECOND TO REMEMBER WHO ERIC WAS. Oh, the big Viking vampire? Said Sookie.
    You mean he ordered you to bring me there?
    What does he want? What will happen if I don’t go? Said Sookie
    He’ll send someone, several someones, to get you. Said Bill
    So you’d feel obligated to fight them?
    Of course, you are mine, said Bill.

    DUD pg 202********

    Suddenly I was in Eric thoughts. He was thinking he could make me do what I wanted anywhere, anytime, just by threatening Bill or some human I loved. But he wanted to mainstream, to keep as legal as he could, to keep above board. He didn’t want to kill anyone if he didn’t have to.
    It was like being suddenly plunged into a pit of snakes, cold snakes, lethal snakes. It was only a flash, a slice of his mind, sort of , but it left me facing a whole new reality.

    DUD pg 223*****
    (this is after Eric sent a woman to Bill as a reward for services, Bill was furious and sent her back after he told Sookie. This is some of their conversation afterwards)

    Sookie? Bill was kneeling by me, an arm around me. Do you love me? He asked.
    I nodded.
    Why do you talk of leaving me?
    The pain made its way out through my eyes in the form of tears.
    I am too scared of the other vampires and the way they are. What will they ask me to do next? Eric will try to make me do something else. He’ll tell me he’ll kill you otherwise. Or he will threaten Jason. And he can do it.
    Bills voice was as quiet as the sound of a cricket in the grass. A month ago, I
    might not have been able to hear it.
    Don’t cry, he told me. Sookie I have to tell you unwelcome facts.


    Eric is intrigued by you now, said Bill. He can tell you have mental powers that most humans don’t have. He anticipates your blood is rich and sweet. Bills voice got hoarse when he said that, and I shivered. And you are beautiful.

    DUD pg226******

    I guess no matter who I cared for it wouldn’t always go smooth. But I hadn’t counted on obstacles this drastic.
    There is no way you can outrank Eric, I guess, since age is the criterion?
    No, said Bill. Not outrank, ….and suddenly he looked thoughtful. Though there may be something I could do along those lines.
    I love you, Bill said.
    I feel the same about you, I said and put my hands against his chest so he wouldn’t tempt me. But we have too much against us right now. If we can pry Eric off our backs, that would help.

    Ok, that’s enough for now. These are just a few examples of what Bill and Sookie faced (and how Sookie felt about Eric) because of Eric and of course others.

    To pbt, your little pet names for Bill and other more demeaning names from the past ( I remember them all) are disrespectful to all of us here, moderators included, who admire Bill, not to mention its childish. Why is it you feel you must continue doing that?
    Are you so threatened by Bill?? Good gosh, that is ridiculous, yet you continue. I would never do that to Erics character. He is Eric.

    Now to briefly address your mention of Bill being a:
    “Rapist/back room dealing/edict vampire“ (this is something only befitting your association with the red, not here)

    OK, AGAIN, Bill did not rape Sookie. We have hashed this all before but it just doesn’t sink in. Of course you will have your opinion, but if it was rape why did not Sookie say so???????
    What Bill did he did not in his right mind. Tortured, starved, near a kind of death, locked in a trunk with a warm body, he reacted out of pure vampire instinct to survive, not knowing where he was, what he was doing, or to who. And when he came to his senses,….what did he do? He was so completely upset and apologetic and did his best to put Sookie to rights. Why don’t you mentally put Eric in the same situation and then talk.

    As to “back room dealing”, you would have to elaborate on that. I am assuming it is the mission that he was ordered to do by the queen. Again out of his control.
    Edict……. The mission again??

    I don’t want to even get started on how many times Eric has lied, manipulated, controlled Sookie. That would take soooo much longer.

    Team True Blood!!!!!!!!!

    • noreen

      Nia- HERE HERE!

      • Nia and Noreen!

        Here! Here! as well!!!! This absolute hatred of Bill (and Stephen M) is absurb!! I can only presume it is because Bill/SM is such a great looking guy and SM is such a fantastic actor who portrays Bill to a T, and that there is real love shown between B/S, that the Erics just can’t handle the change! I don’t know. As already has been stated many times., TB is not a documentary of CH’s books series. I just hope AB goes on his merry way and not look at hateful sites/posts and goes on his original plan of TB being not only a love story between Bill and Sookie, but involving the whole cast as each and every one of these great characters deserve their story told!

        Go True Blood!

        • Hi Lizzie,

          I must say I agree with you. It does look very badly on us as fans and I feel ashamed at times of the spiteful comments and behaviors as I hope Alan Ball and the cast and crew do not think that such behavior is indicative of the average True Blood fan.

  • Antonio

    This “blood-bond” buissness makes me wonder about something.
    It’s apparent that in the Show, Eric uses blood bonds to keep track of people to monitor their actions so he can remain 1 step ahead of them. With Eric, the blood bonds which he forms are nothing more than a power play. He can also manipulate and try to control others with whom he has formed such a bond.
    Bill has a “blood bond” with Sookie..She had His blood,He has had hers! Does this mean that Bill can utilize this bond to keep track of Sookie and monitor her? Can he also use this to manipulate and perhaps control Sookie? My question is…Is Sookie bound to him by love OR the “blood-bond”?
    If Sookie Is bound to him ONLY because of the blood bond thing then Maybe “love” may not be part of the equation?
    It seems that Eric does Not “love” those whom he has “bonded” with. Bill IS a vampire and as such Can be deceitful and manipulative My thing here is If the blood-bond was Not an issue, Would Bill Still love Sookie? Could she love him Without all of that? Sookie can not be glamored by Either Bill or Eric Yet that doesnt mean that she couldnt be manipulated by a blood bond. I guess I’m having a hard time trying to understand How this works! Jessica is forever bound to Bill He is her maker he can and does command her about! Would it be like that with Sookie? Is she his “slave” because of the bond thing? Could Bill become Sookie’s maker? He can feed off of her as much as he likes and she is in No danger of becoming what he is? I know some1 here said once that the process of “turning”
    was somewhat involved in the world of the books,But, To me it doesnt make much sense!

    My original point here is Could Bill love Sookie despite the bb and Not because of it? It is a good point i think.

    • LOL this is the one things that Charlaine regrets putting into the book as it has almost taken on a life of its own and her trying to explain it. The blood bond only works with humans feeling connected and sexually attracted to the vampire they drank blood from 3 times (to create the blood bond). Bill loving Sookie has nothing to do with a blood bond. He loves her because he just does. However, since she had his blood he can sense her and her feelings both pleasure, pain and danger and track her.

      LOL Like I said very confusing and sometimes contradictory statements which is why Charlaine regrets writing about it.

      • Antonio

        I appreciate the info and your explanation but I still dont understand this stuff! It seemeed all So easy to explain back in the day..If a vampire made you feed from him you were bound to him as a “love slave” If you were female and his type of course! LOL So Sookie had his blood but she is in no way bound to him as a “slave” as Mina was to the Count…I know its different but hard to understand! In Twilight,for example there are no such bonds and Edward could Not feed off of Bella because in so doing he would Kill her! Its a different “world” I know. But then again If Edward Cullen walked out into broad daylight All that would happen would be he would “sparkle” like a crystal If Bill Compton were to do that he would be toast!
        Well maybe Bill wouldnt utilize that bb with Sookie but i think that Eric definitely Would!

      • jaxx

        I agree with Ollie. In CH’s world, for a blood bond to be effective you need to exchange blood 3 times. After 3 times, you are bonded. That doesn’t mean you are a slave to that vamp, it only means you are very closely connected. You feel their feelings, good, bad, sad, angry, lustful. You know when the other is in danger, seeing each other is a unique comfort. Bill only had a blood “tie” with Sookie because they had only exchanged blood 2 x according to CH (which being a couple, I can’t understand how they only exchanged blood 2 x myself), so you can see where this can become very confusing. And, yes, I also read that CH regrets inventing this, since readers demand in depth explanations as to the ties, bonds and everything in between. I don’t think CH anticipated readers getting that deeply involved in the formulas of a blood bond, etc. Poor CH. LOL.

        That’s why the question of the blood bond with Eric and Sookie is so important throughout the latter books and hopefully will be dissolved in book 10, if not 11. We need to know if Eric and Sookie truly are in love or if it is only the result of the blood bond. Being an Eric/Sookie fan, I, of course, hope they are truly in love with each other after the blood bond is broken. There has to be some magic spell or other formula to break this bond. Maybe Niall can help break this bond. Or maybe Claudine will come back as an angel and in some way help Sookie break this bond. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. LOL.

        As I am re-reading books 7, 8 and 9 in anticipation of 10, this question keeps coming up in different conversations with Eric and Sookie and Sookie asks this question over and over. The way Eric seems to be answering for the most part whenever Sookie claims “it’s because of the bond”, his response mostly is “it’s more than that” and I believe he means from his end as well as he keeps reverting his past amnesia which occurred in book 4 and what happened between Eric and Sookie BEFORE they were blood bonded in book 7.

        I know, I know, this is all very confusing and I hope this topic gets put to rest as a result of book 10. I, myself, want the bond gone and to see once and for all if this is the real deal or not and put this question to rest once and for all.

        20 more days until I can find out. I’m sure I’m be up reading this book most of the night until I find out the answer.

        Hopes this helps, Antonio, Wow, I’m exhausted…. LOL.

  • There was no wedding ceremony for Victor to witness…where the heck do they get that??? All he saw was the knife…you left out the part where Sookie replies to Eric’s reasoning…”The bad vampires made me do it”…sound familiar?? Really hope Charlaine gets rid of the blood bond and we find out what Sookie really feels…plese.

    • jaxx

      I agree Sammy. I hope the blood bond is dissolved and then we will see once and for all if this is the real deal or brought on by the bond. I hope it’s the real deal because as much as I love E/S together I wouldn’t want them together if it was just because of the bond. They have to really love each other without the bond, jimo.

  • Dee

    I’ve barely just got started on All Together Dead, though I don’t mind the spoilers for books nine and ten. After reading the spoiler about why Eric couldn’t come and save Sookie from the faeries, and given that other spoiler, is that why in book ten part of the storyline involves around her *thinking* that she loves Eric?

    Eric in himself is a difficult character to deal with, I’m not super convinced that Sookie is gonna fall totally head over heels with him, so I’m very skeptic at this point. I’m curious to see what Dead in the Family has in store for us fans.

  • T lynne

    eric is great, I want more of QUINN the purple-eyed WERETIGER!!

    • wanner

      i hope alan will pick one of the ugliest actor…so no one will adore to quinn…..hehehe….so irritating.

  • Funny, it is like we have read separate sets of books. I do not see Eric in the same light as you all. To me, he is shallow and really, is the excuse he gave Sookie that of a “high authority” Vamp?? Sorry – it is a bit ‘woosie’ to me.

    Bill has more depth and really, CH has done his character a disservice in how she dissed him and did not delve into his character more. I mean, this Vamp wanted to mainstream and regain his humanity – and he proved himself to Sookie over and over again! Did Eric ever want to harm himself to save Sookie??

    AB has seen the real character of Bill and is expanding on it, thankfully. At least he is doing Bill justice. Hopefully he will not sway from his original idea for Bill and Sookie and get swayed by the Eric rush as he has said on many other occasions that everytime he changes his ideas to suit others, his projects fail.

    Go Team True Blood and Go Bill Compton!

    • pbt

      Yes, I do believe we did read a different set of books Lizzie. LOL.

      But its all good. The books that we read have Bill as the dark rapist/back room dealing/edict vampire who betrays Sookie’s trust and Eric is the ancient vampire who has saves her butt on more than several occasions. Bill is one of the primary reasons that Sookie has just deep seeded trust issues. The books really deal with Billy’s short comings and not the Viking.

      Sookie has saved Eric’s neck on more than one occasion. It will be interesting to see who saves who in this book. I predict Sookie will be saving Eric. I agree that Alan Ball has to develop all the characters more for the television version. And he has done a fine job on most of the characters.

      I am so waiting for Book 10, DITF which this article is about. The blood bond should be broken and I believe that Sookie will finally realize what we have all known for the last 9 books that the Viking truly loves her.

      Jaxx you are right. Eric has told her before but not in English. During sex Eric has told Sookie in his native tongue that he loves her. LOL. Too bad Sookie was too dum* to ask what he was saying.

      Well 60 days until Season Three and 22 until DITF hits the books stores. If you have not read the first chapter is well worth it.

      Again, Cecilia thanks for the wonderful article and the opportunity to talk about the source material for True Blood.

      Go Team True Blood! Go Viking Vampire G*d!

      • noreen

        I too don’t think the same books were read. I don’t see Bill as a rapist in the books and Sookie does not either. As to the secret mission he had to do it, the Queen would not have let him get out of it. And per Ms. Harris Bill did fall in love with Sookie very early. Also per Ms Harris Eric is not telling Sookie he loves her in his native tongue. I don’t know where you have heard different. Eric may not lie to her but he does not tell her everything. He does not tell her what he does not want her to know. To me that is just like lying. I do not think either Bill or Eric is all good or all bad. They are a mixture of both.

        • jaxx

          Eric speaks sweetly and softly to Sookie twice during and after they make love in Dead and Gone in a different language, not English. One could ony speculate that he is telling her he loves her in his native language. He does verbalize this in English in chapter 1 of book 10.

          • noreen

            Actually I was going by what Charlaine Harris said, which was that was not what he was saying, but it really does not matter

          • jaxx

            Yes, PBT, I am also hoping the blood bond means nothing and that Eric and Sookie realize that’s not what is holding them together, only their real love for one another. 🙂

        • Hi Noreen,

          I agree with you. I hope AB sticks to his original vision about Bill and not get swayed.

          irt the book series, so Eric tells Sookie he loves her in Book 10. CH is contracted for 3 more – 3 more books of lovey dovey Eric and Sookie?? Who knows, maybe she will change her tac altogether. Maybe CH will bring Bill back due to his popularity in TB or go for someone else, but 3 books of S/E may be getting old and boring to some.

          I also love Bill and only want the best for him, in CH’s world and of course in True Blood! I doubt I will be reading Book 10.

  • Antonio

    BTW That pic of Eric and Sookie is Really Cool! Its from a dream sequence in S2 and the sexual tension builds from there!
    Wouldn’t it be kind of cool if by the time she Does find Bill she is already fascinated and smitten with Eric?? I don’t think this blood tie with Eric will be erased so easily or soon!
    If Eric had fed off of Her perhaps it wouldnt be Such a big deal
    Well Maybe to Bill it would be! LOL But She had His blood that makes a difference especially since he is much older and more adept than Bill!
    Funny how Sookie had a “sex dream” of Bill Before she had his blood!

  • Antonio

    Its something that you should mention the books again. 9 books seem like a lot to me…I only read so much. It does sound like Eric is a more interesting character in the books. What’s funny is I could say something similar about the Twilight books as well. For example, I could say that if you really wanted to get know Edward Cullen then read the book especially the 1st one!
    Edward is somewhat more brooding more enigmatic maybe even more predatory in the book! The scene where Bella becomes violently ill and Edward carries her to the school nurse while struggling to resist his own instinct to bite her and drink her blood was incredible (she hit her head on the classroom floor and it was sort of bleeding So it drove him that much more crazy to try and resist that vampire urge) Too Bad That part wasnt in the movie. Also missing were her first dreams of Edward and the nightmare she had of a huge wolf attacking Edward (a premonition of Jacob and his native american wolfpack).
    It sure is quite interesting to hear about Eric in the books..when i can here. I’m sure its somewhat different.
    Anyway, I did check out the first half chapter of DITF online.
    It looked pretty good. I dont know if i will read the books though i feel it might confuse me. There is No jessica in the books and Hoyt is probably dating someone else,right?
    Tara owns a clothes boutique and Lafayette is not a drug dealer right? Anyway thanks for the info and advice!

  • lee

    I was blessed to win a ARC Dead in the Family. Already read it and might even re-read it. I’m a big Eric fan but i have to say this book makes me feel slightly saddened for Bill. Great Book!

    • noreen

      With your comment about Bill I don’t think I want to even read it now

      • lee

        Even if you’re a bill fan, u should read it…it’s really good.

        • noreen

          Thanks, but no thanks. Bill is my favorite character in the series and he has been so minimized and had so many bad things happen to him. With your comment about feeling sorry for Bill that just tells me nothing good about what will happen for him. I think I am just done with the series. But thanks

    • Wow thanks Lee for the heads up on Book 10! But now I don’t know if I will read it. 🙁 It breaks my heart everytime I read bad things happen to him or his heart feels broken. I guess I have to hope that Alan will do Bill right.

      • Antonio

        Bill Compton is in many ways an anti-hero of TB because he tries So hard to mainstream and reconnect with his humanity Plus he seems like a darn nice guy too! I can understand how you feel,But, I’m sure Whatever Alan Ball and the writers have planned may shock and surprise fans (Sam Trammell said as much in a recent interview here) But it wont be dull and it will be quite a ride! This is what people Pay for when they tune in! I’m sure that Bill,Tara,Jason,Sam,Andy,Arlene Even Eric and Pam will have some tough times to deal with!
        How BORING it would be if Bill and Sookie got married and bought a home in the burbs This ISNT Bewitched! LOL
        Hard as it may be to watch, There may be some things that we may not like but thats the show right and true fans Will stick with it! If I can come back to watch it At All after all that Maryann malarkey orgies sex parties and what not,I think I can take whatever they write No More Orgies Please! LOL

      • noreen

        Ollie, I’m with you. I don’t think I want to read anything more bad that happens with Bill. I too hope that Alan comes through for Bill

        • Hi noreen,

          We will just have to wait see what will happen, but wait seems so far away. 🙂

          • noreen

            ollie- it sure does

    • jaxx

      Thanks for the insight!! 🙂 Can’t wait to read it now.

  • pbt

    Awesome Cecilia! I am assuming since this article is about the book series and that I am allowed to post about the books. Yes, the site is dedicated to the television series but feel sometimes we are not suppose to mention the original material. So I apologize ahead of the time if I am not suppose to about the books.

    True Blood Eric so far is a pale version of the original character that Charlaine Harris first invented. Having said that, I realize that Alan Ball and his writers have so much more to develop about this character. I am patiently waiting for the true Eric Northman to step forward. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want a water downed vampire. I still expect Eric to be deadly, stoic and the ultimate purveyor of justice in Area 5. But I am patiently waiting for the funny, fiercely loyal and compassionate Eric too. The Eric Northman that Sookie has fallen in love with.

    Book Eric has slowly learned what it has meant to love and learn to behave in a more tender manner. For over 1000 years, his personal feelings have been buried somewhere deep in that beautiful exterior of a vampire. Eric has finally realized that Sookie is his beloved. In the upcoming book, “Dead in the Family”, Eric finally has admitted to Sookie that he loves her. He has constantly shown her throughout the books that he loves but has never verbalized it. I personally feel this a momentous step on the part of the Viking. A truly touching conversation in bed, as Sookie relives the horrors of her Fae abductors.

    Eric is what he is. Born a Viking, Eric was trained to protect and to kill. Too often Sookie has seen his motives as self serving and high handedness. At a certain level, she is correct. But it also who Eric is and it has taken him this long to get in touch with his feelings for Sookie. It has not been easy for him.

    Yes, Eric does have feelings for the telepath.I know for those who have not read the books that this sounds virtually impossible. In the novels, there is a connection almost immediately between Sookie and Eric despite Bill.

    Over the ten books, Eric constantly saves Sookie from many perils. Most of which are caused by Sookie. Gosh, that girl can get herself in a heap of trouble.

    I am looking forward to the May release of “Dead in the Family” and where Charlaine Harris will be taking our “couple’ Eric and Sookie. I am also looking forward to the “television series”. Yes, it is different but I am enjoying the changes so far. I hope that Alan Ball will continue to develop the character of Eric Northman and that we see all the layers that make up this complex character.

    62 days until the Season Three premiere!
    23 days until the release of Dead in the Family!

    Go Eric Northman!

  • Antonio

    This certainly shows a very different side to Eric Northman.
    At the end of the 2nd season of True Blood, I was convinced that Eric did Not get involved or want to help save Sookie from Maryann because he simply did not care to! Eric,on the show,is portrayed as narcissistic,self-absorbed and relentless. Yet, there may have been another reason why he did not get involved
    Its a shame in a way, Since Eric is an authority figure and a head of a vampire ruling community that he and others could not come in and “order” Maryann away from town!

    • Loleaf

      Throughout the book series Eric grows into a persona when it comes to Sookie. He starts off pretty much the same as in the series, but then as the books progress he softens toward her and begins to have feelings for her. Which confuses him immensely, since he hasn’t had any humanly feelings for over 1000+ years.
      He also both on the series, and in the books, has to maintain a vampire status qua so to speak being sheriff the area. Along with the portrayal of him being self-absorbed and relentless, he has a protective fierceness that comes from his viking days of fighting alongside his men. Which throughout the years of fighting for survival, it’s hard to fight against the urges that kept you alive for so long. But that’s just my insight into our character of Eric..

    • jaxx

      Antonio, if you want to know the real Eric Northman, the one his most devoted fans have come to love, I implore you to read this series. They are available at the public library if you don’t want to invest hard earned money for them. You will see why us Eric lovers are so devoted to him.

      Well, since we’re talking books on this particular posting tonite:

      Throughout 9 books and a 10th coming out in a couple of weeks, you will see that Eric, since the end of book 1 and throughout this series, has been truly there for Sookie. (Sam a close second throughout the series). Eric has proven himself over and over again. He had unconventional ways in the beginning, feeling his way through emotions that haven’t been stirred up in 1000 years or ever, but slowly, book by book, these feelings bloom like a rose, opening ever so slowly, layer by layer.

      There are loving, kind, generous, loyal, fierce, protective, romantic, chivalrous, humorous, dangerous sides to Eric. He is calm, cool, collect and when need be, deadly to protect those loyal to him and the one he loves, yes loves. And, she loves him. He finally verbalizes it (although I have a sneaking suspicion that he has verbalized his love for Sookie in the past, but in a different Nordic tongue. You book readers will know exactly what I mean!!)

      I know all of him, good and bad, and love him anyway. Would not want book Eric to change.

      I have just reread All Together Dead in 10 hours and am now rereading From Dead to Worse. Can’t help falling for him all over again.

      And yes, Loleaf and PBT, I can only hope that TB and AB will show these wonderful sides of Eric as the seasons progress. They were spot on with Eric’s character Season 1 and started showing him in a different light in S2, we can only hope this continues in S3 and beyond.

      I guess we will have to wait 62 more days to find out!!!