Dead in the Family Secret Revealed

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(The following post may contain spoilers related to the ninth and tenth books of Charlaine HarrisSookie Stackhouse, aka Southern Vampire series.)

Charlaine Harris‘ tenth Sookie Stackhouse novel, “Dead in the Family,” reveal why Eric Northman couldn’t immediately come to Sookie‘s rescue when she was kidnapped and tortured by the faes in book 9, “Dead and Gone.”

The scanned pages, posted here, are from the end of “Dead and Gone” in paperback which presents a preview of Chapter 1 of “Dead in the Family” and pick up where a previously released portion of Chapter 1, posted here, leaves off.

Sookie is at the gym with JB du Rone, working to regain her strength after sustaining severe injuries in the Fae War. Tara, JB‘s wife, is reading a baby book, and she and Sookie talk about which doctor Tara plans to see during her pregnancy. JB smiles when Sookie is able to lift 10 pounds more than their previous sessions. Tara asks Sookie to babysit sometime for their child after it is born, and Sookie finds herself looking to the future — presumably something she hasn’t done since her horrific confinement.

The next paragraph skips ahead a few days. Sookie, in bed with Eric, has awoken from a nightmare, which she cites as a typical occurrence. She is crying, and Eric, sensing her pain, is crying too. He begins to explain why he couldn’t come to her rescue when she was taken by the faes. His boss, Victor Madden, would not allow him to leave, and chained him to the wall with silver to prevent it. Victor used the excuse that he could not allow Eric to get involved in the war, no matter what happened to Sookie. He pretends to forget that Sookie and Eric are married, even though he witnessed the ceremony. It took a clandestine call from Pam to Felipe de Castro,vampire king of Nevada, Louisiana and Arkansas, to gain Eric‘s release. Felipe owes Sookie for saving him from Sigebert.

Sookie is skeptical of Eric‘s story at first, but allows herself to believe him. It is clear to her that he suffered the torture along with her, even if he didn’t experience it firsthand.

These pages are surely just a taste of “Dead in the Family’s” secrets. The book hits shelves in May, so be sure to save your appetites!

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