Deborah Ann Woll In The August Issue Of H Magazine

July 29, 2009 by  

Deborah Ann Woll, who portrays the newly turned vampire on Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV series True Blood appears in the August edition of H magazine.  The online magazine spread features an interview and fashion shoot with Deborah looking absolutely stunning.  In the interview Deborah discusses in great detail how she prepares for her scenes and for the role as of a vampire.

“Research is a great tool.  The more I know about my surroundings and the situations I am in the more creative I can be.  So there is the culture of Louisiana, the primal vampire animalistic qualities, the awkward home schooled teenager syndrome.  Even sometimes looking up precisely what a word means can be very eye opening.  For instance Anger is not an emotion I access as easily as others, so when I was called upon in the script to become very angry I looked up the word in a dictionary.  The definition that struck me the most talked about “righting an injustice” or “teaching someone a lesson”.  That was something I understood very clearly. If I felt someone was treating me or others without respect I could desire very strongly to teach them a lesson.  Right away my experience was more specific to the moment than just playing “angry.”

To read the interview and to enjoy the wonderful pictures click the link here.


SOURCE: H Magazine

  • Mikaslymm

    I love Deborah Ann Woll….I cannot wait till the rest of the world sees how amazing she is.

  • Yeah i wish they hadnt covered her face but i thinking her hair is what makes her, her.

  • nyx

    I agree why did she cover her beautiful face… although I do think it is a great shot.

  • She is so beautyful, why didnt show the whole face????