Deborah Ann Woll’s Boyfriend Runs for Awareness

October 18, 2010 by  

Deborah Ann Woll’s Boyfriend E.J. Scott ran in the Chicago Marathon on Oct. 11th, 2010.

EJ Scott Running Chicago MarathonDeborah Ann Woll‘s boyfriend E.J. Scott suffers from Choroideremia. A degenerative, hereditary eye disease, it attacks peripherally and erodes it until total blindness occurs.  Scott ran in the Chicago Marathon on October 11, 2010 to bring awareness to Choroideremia.  He completed this task by running the Marathon with a blindfold and a guide.

Scott said he, “trained 10 months on a treadmill so he would be ready to run the marathon”.  He wore the blindfold because the exposure to the sun while he ran the 26.2 mile race would cause further damage to his sight.

Choroideremia is mostly found in males, and affects an estimated one in 50,000 people.  Scott is not the only one in his family that has been affected by this disease.  His younger brother Kevin, and his nephew Liam also have been diagnosed with it.  Scott’s grandfather went blind at the age of 40.  He says this disease, “really has shook the foundation of his family”.

Scott who is a Improv Comedian, was pursuing an acting career in LA when his eyesight started deteriorating.  This prompted him to move in 2008 to Chicago, the city Deborah Ann Woll still lives in.  Deborah is very supportive of E. J’s. quest to help and raise awareness for CHM.

Scott said, “his diminished vision is like looking through two paper towel rolls”.  To get around he uses a cane and he wears glasses.  The theatre where E.J. performs also hosted a benefit show to raise money for the foundation.  There is no cure or treatment for this disease.  All proceeds from the benefit went to the Choroideremia Research Foundation.

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