Deborah Ann Woll Embraces True Blood’s Social Commentary

July 14, 2010 by  

Jessica Hamby, a newly created vampire on True Blood, can be spoiled and self-centered but Deborah Ann Woll, who portrays Jessica, is the exact opposite.  Deborah started out in the theater and had small parts on television shows before she landed the roll of Jessica.  In an interview with Nylon Magazine she describes her character saying:

“There’s nothing cool about Jessica. I mean, she’s just working her way through it. And it’s sort of fun to struggle with her sometimes.”

Deborah regularly champions several causes, including Choroideremia, which her boyfriend suffers from, so being part of a show that really focuses on social commentary was an exciting prospect for her.

“With HBO, we can get 5 million [viewers] a week, which is really pretty cool, you know?  You can use that… as a tool for subtle revolution, as I call it… You think you’re being entertained, but you’re also being asked to look outside yourself, which is a hard thing to do. I think things that are unknown are scary to us, and therefore we judge them.”

Deborah can be seen next in the horror remake “Mother’s Day” and “Little Murder“.

SOURCE: Nylon Guys Magazine

(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)