Deborah Ann Woll or Evan Rachel Wood as Mary Jane in Spider-Man

January 15, 2010 by has been buzzing about who should be cast in the role of Peter Parker in the latest reincarnation of the Spider-Man movie that is set to be released in the summer of 2012.  However, the question that they have brought up is who should take over from Kirsten Dunst the title role of Spider-Man‘s leading lady love, the red-headed Mary Jane Watson in the franchise. As they stated no one knows for sure if Mary Jane will be cast in the upcoming new Spider-Man film, but provided several suggestions, including two True Blood actresses, Deborah Ann Woll (Jesscia Hamby) and Evan Rachel Wood (Vampire Queen of Louisiana, Sophie-Anne LeClerq) as possible contenders for the role felt that Deborah would be able to portray the qualities of Mary Jane well as they state:

Woll‘s portrayal of a young woman out of her element [True Blood’s Jessica] ultimately proved sympathetic due to her romance with the socially awkward Hoyt. It’s an arc that’s familiar to popular Mary Jane, who eventually falls for the nerdy Peter, so there’s no question that Woll could pull it off.”

Evan on the other hand, who is to be playing Mary Jane in the Spider-Man musical, would seem to be a likely choice for the movie version.  According to she would be a great choice.

Other contenders mentioned include Amanda Seyfried from “Big Love”, Leighton Messer from “Gossip Girl” and Nina Dobrev from “Vampire Diaries”.

So what do you think? Which of our vampire lovelies would be best at tugging the heartstrings of Spider-Man. created a visual presentation of each of the actresses and their cartoon representations to help people decide who would be best for the role. You can watch it by clicking the link here.


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