Deborah Ann Woll Finds Strength in Boyfriend’s Ailment

August 19, 2009 by  

Deborah Ann Woll is fast becoming a household name ever since her appearance as Jessica on HBO’s hit show True Blood. Recently, Deborah discussed her boyfriend’s situation and how its giving her a new outlook on deborah_ann_woll_70811life. Her boyfriend, Edward ‘E.J.’ Scott, suffers from Choroideremia (CHM), a hereditary condition that also affects his brother and grandfather.

The disease robs the affected person of sight slowly over time,and causes loss of vision due to degeneration of the choroid and retina. Deborah said that though Scott has been reduced to walk with the aid of a walking stick, his strength has surprised her.

“He is so proactive about preparing for this inevitability in the face of something so scary. I can only be awed by his strength and commitment.”

She is attempting to use her new-found fame to rally support for him and others that suffer from the same disease. She also found light in his time of darkness. Deborah has Celiacs disease — a severe intolerance to food types. She realizes though she suffers, it’s not that bad.

“I honor E.J. by being equally as strong in my much less life-changing predicament with Celiacs.”

To find out more about CHM, visit the Web site listed below. To catch Deborah on the small screen, check her out on Sundays at 9 p.m. on True Blood, HBO’s hit show now in Season 2.

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