Deborah Ann Woll on Playing Jessica

June 8, 2010 by  

Deborah Ann Woll talked with the Toronto Sun about her audition for and portrayal of the character Jessica, True Blood‘s young vampire.

When she auditioned, she thought they were in the midst of filming episode nine of Season 1.  It was supposed to be just a guest spot, which means the actor is only called when needed.  “I had no idea what I was getting myself into.”  And she’s still marveling at her luck that Jessica has become a major character in the show.

The two scenes for the audition were the tribunal and in the woods with Bill (Stephen Moyer) after Jessica was turned. Deborah knew she would have to show trauma and drama as well as some comedy.

“I remember rolling around on the ground and eating my tears, just sort of spreading non-existent dirt into my face.  But I guess that’s what they were looking for.”

Working on her southern accent took a bit of work.  Born in Brooklyn, NY, Deborah found herself, in Season 1, sometimes falling out of Louisiana in the South and into Yankee Brooklyn, accent-wise.  And it sounded very wrong to her own ears.  By Season 2, she no longer had that struggle.

Talking about Season 3, which begins on June 13 on HBO in the States as well as in Canada, we know that the story continues right where it ended on the Season 2 finale.  But we don’t know what the consequences will be for Jessica for feeding on a stranger.  What is Deborah‘s take on the circumstances?

“To give that much power to someone so young and inexperienced — and particularly this girl, who was sheltered and abused for so long — it’s a truly dangerous prospect,” Woll said.  “There is that beautiful childlike innocence and warmth and acceptance that children have.  But they don’t understand sometimes the consequences of their actions.”

And haven’t Jessica‘s uncontrolled emotions been referred to several times as a child with a loaded gun?


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