Deborah Ann Woll Kills on Purpose in New Movie

July 2, 2010 by  

As True Blood’s Jessica, Deborah Ann Woll accidently killed a human.  But in her new movie, Catch .44, Deborah Ann will get paid to do that deed.

The movie, which begins filiming in Louisiana on July 8th, teams Deborah Ann with another actress who plays a vampire in the Twilight films, Nikki Reed.  Evidently these two lovely actresses have what it takes to play two of the three female assasins on a possible suicide mission., in a brief article, stated that the other stars in the movie are Bruce Willis, Malin Ackerman and Forest Whitaker.  That’s a very high-powered cast.  Per, this is an independent film; a crime drama dealing with a psychopathic hitman and a crime boss.

Well, watching her wonderful portrayal of new vampire Jessica every Sunday on HBO, we’re certain Deborah Ann will be up to taking a bite into crime in this new film, due out in 2011.


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