Deborah Ann Woll Shares Experience On True Blood

February 9, 2010 by  

Sky Entertainment interviewed Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica Hamby) about her experiences so far on True Blood, and she gave us some very interesting and somewhat playful answers. In response to a question about playing Jessica and what it is like, Deborah answered by discussing how much she loves Jessica, since the role allows her to be wild and crazy when she’s usually a pretty reserved person.

Deborah also answered a question about the difficulty of wearing the fangs and whether or not she’s bitten her lip with them. That’s most likely a yes, as Deborah claims to be very klutzy with them in, and has to be careful when she kisses with them in. (One can almost imagine what’s going on between takes… “Hold on, I nicked my lip with the fangs! Let me get that fixed!”)

Another question was about the vibe on set when the cast is working together. According to Deborah (and several other cast members), everyone gets along really well, and there are no egos in the group, which is a rarity on a lot of sets in Hollywood.

A lot of people are wondering what’s going to be in store for the lovely vampire Jessica, and Deborah thinks it’s going to contain a lot of teen angst. Deborah continued,

“The teens are tough enough without being a vampire and an outcast. I like this balance between sweetness and danger that we’ve been playing with and I would like to see more of that continue. And what is it that provokes her to go in either direction? [Show creator] Alan Ball has said that it’s about 50% book and 50% his own creation. My character is entirely Alan‘s and the writers’ so I don’t get any clues.”

Too bad Deborah doesn’t get any clues, since she’s not the only one who wants to know more about her character. (After all, like Lafayette was supposed to die in season 1, Jessica isn’t a part of the source material for True Blood even though she is an excellent addition!)

Deborah continued the interview by talking about how she is rarely recognized by the fans, saying,

“I don’t get [recognized] very often. I don’t leave the house very often so it’s not a problem. I also dress pretty sloppily but I’ll get it if I’m loitering in the grocery store.”

One of the other questions Deborah answered was about the societal fascination with vampires. To that, she answered that vampires can be either terrifying or warm and giving, since they blend into society by looking and talking like humans even while being absolutely different. Deborah continued by saying,

“I think what we see is a little bit of that fear of evil walking amongst us but the flip side of the same coin is that absolute allure of this unknown creature that seems to know more and be more than you.”

A very interesting take on our collective fascination with the sexy, brooding creatures of the night!

SOURCE: Sky Entertainment

(Photo credit: HBO Inc.)