Deborah Ann Woll Talks about Acting, Brooklyn, and True Blood

June 15, 2010 by  

Deborah Ann Woll, who plays newly turned vampire, Jessica Hamby, on True Blood, recently gave an interview with the NY Daily News and claims that she knew she would be an actress from birth. The Brooklynite began acting at age 14 at her high school, Packer Collegiate Institute, and in various programs in New York City. At age 25 she has already achieved acting stardom with True Blood and is currently featured in three upcoming movies.

Ms. Woll says that in Season 3, Jessica will be trying to find her identity: exploring her vampire and human natures and trying to find a balance. She says that Bill and Eric live very different vampire experiences, and she has to find her own path, whatever that may be.

She admits that co-star, Jim Parrack, who plays her boyfriend, Hoyt Fortenberry, is her favorite “hot guy” on the show but that they are all “sweet guys”.  She says, “They’re definitely more concerned with doing a good job and being nice and considerate to everyone than looking attractive.” Naturally, she says her first and only man is her boyfriend, whom she met on They are both originally from New York and were living in LA when they met.

In order to portray both a vampire and a victim of one, Ms. Woll watched animal attacks! She says she viewed “a lot of big cats and crocodiles [taking] down deer and antelope” to get the feeling of “something more powerful than [her] taking [her] life”. She also says that the vampires on the show have two sets of fangs – a hard set and a soft set that are worn “like a retainer”. For her, she claims that the fangs work with her overpowering mouth and add to the teenage awkwardness of Jessica.

As for her three upcoming films, Ms. Woll will play a diverse set of characters from a virgin daughter participating in a heinous murder/torture game in “Mother’s Day” to a mother that is part of a group that wins a lottery in “Highland Park“. In “Little Murder” she plays opposite Josh Lucas as a participant in a crime in which he leverages supernatural means to solve. When asked what she misses most about Brooklyn, she says the “neighborly, pleasant quality” community feeling which is not as prevalent in LA.

Although brief, the interview gave us some insight into the actress who portrays our favorite teenage vampire!


(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)