Deborah Ann Woll’s “Mother’s Day” Revamp Ready for Viewing

April 16, 2010 by  

Director Darren Lynn Bousman has finished mixing his sure-to-be-a-hit remake of the 1980 scare flick, “Mother’s Day.” writer, Joseph McCabe, claims that fans will be impressed to see TV favorites such as Deborah Ann Woll, “broaden their range … on the big screen”. Ms. Woll, of course, appears as our favorite vampire-in-training, Jessica Hamby, on “True Blood.” In “Mother’s Day” she plays Lydia Koffin, the only daughter in a family of five hell-bent on revenge against the family that is currently living in their childhood home.

Thriller/horror genre fans will delight in the plots fine points. The Koffins take the current homeowners and their guests hostage and exact sadistic games against them.‘s McCabe previewed two scenes from the film and recounts their psychological plot points. In one scene a Koffin brother is mortally injured in a fight and is determined not to die as a virgin. His mother intends for one of the female hostages to deflower him. Two of the male hostages must then fight to save their spouse/girlfriend and prevent the act from occurring. In a second scene a female prisoner manages to escape but a male prisoner must bring her back or his spouse/girlfriend will be killed. Ms. Woll appears alongside Deborah De Mornay, who plays Mother. McCabe calls the cast “impressive” and the film a less campy retake on the classic. No word on a release date just yet but as soon as we have the information we will post it. In the meantime you can visit the movie’s Web site to see the latest photos.


(Photo credit:  HBO Inc.)