Denis O’Hare completes the Hare and Tortoise Race

September 23, 2010 by  

Denis Participates in the Hare and Tortoise Race

Denis O'Hare running down a street.Denis O’Hare on September 11, participated in an 8K charity race that his father started in memory of his mother who died of ovarian cancer.  The race  called the Hare and Tortoise 8K run/walk uses the donations to help educate the community about ovarian cancer and helps pay for medical testing for woman in the area.

The Race

During the race, in efforts to raise even more money, there was a silent auction. One of the items that was auctioned was a hand stitched fabric portrait of Russell Edgington which was made by Denis O’hare’s cousin Judy.  In the end, his sister ended up winning the bid of the portrait of him. This way they could “you know…keep it in the family.”

Denis O'Hare with a fabric portrait of Russell Edgington

The Charity

In an early exclusive interview with TrueBloodnet, Denis O’Hare talks about the race and other charitable organizations he is involved in. The website for the foundation that was set up by his father is listed as well for anyone who is interested in donating towards that cause.

Great job to Denis on completing the run and being part of such an awesome cause.

(Photo Credit: Denis O’Hare Facebook fan page)