Denis O’Hare Says It’s Good To Be King

July 30, 2010 by had a few questions for the vampire king of MississippiTrue Blood‘s King Russell Edgington, played wonderfully by Denis O’Hare, is causing a great deal of angst this season for Bill and Sookie fans.

When asked about the king’s intended plans for the vampire blood addicted werewolves in his employ, Denis said that all his plans have to be revised due to certain events occurring in episodes 7 and 8.  “Things start to go really crazy.”

Now we’re intrigued.  What about more somewhat disturbing scenes such as the eating frenzy of the stripper in the king’s limo?  All Denis would share is that Russell is in bed with someone in episode 10 when stuff happens.  He would not say what things, nor would he admit to his bed partner being male, female, human, vampire or werewolf.

Of course playing with wolves has been one of Denis‘ more fun experiences on the show.  He said working with real wolves is incredible.

“I got to meet one young wolf and actually sit down and pet him before he knocked me over on my ass.  They’re fantastic animals.”

Stating that it is, indeed, good to be king, Denis admitted that Russell can do whatever he wants – order people around, eat who he wants.  “It’s fantastic.”  And yes, the show should move from Bon Temps to Jackson, where there are better restaurants and large plantation houses.

Asked if he was rooting for Bill or Alcide, with regard to Sookie, Denis put it simply.  “I’m on Team Russell.  My team.”

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