Denis O’Hare Predicts the Return of Russell Edgington

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Is Our King Clairvoyant?

Denis O'Hare as Russell EdgingtonWhile he can’t say for certain, Denis O’Hare is sure we have not seen the end of the Vampire King of Mississippi, Russell Edgington.

In an interview with the Australian Associated Press, O’Hare gives his thoughts on the upcoming season of True Blood ahead of Supanova, a pop culture convention in Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia.

Last we saw, Eric sacrificed himself to bury the King in cement. But, as we saw, Eric survived. So will Russell?

“I think there’s a very good possibility that he’s going to get out. I just can’t tell you when… He may be enjoying himself down there, gathering his thoughts and making his plans. He will definitely bust out of there.”

As a self-claimed fan of True Blood before he landed the role of the Vampire King, O’Hare has great things to say about his fellow cast members, including their varying backgrounds and experiences.

O’Hare also discusses the skill of fang-speak.

“The fangs are a challenge. I was warned before I went on that I would have to master the fangs…”

He admits that sometimes actors must re-record their dialogue fangless to play over the fanged version for clarity.

Supanova is only the second fan convention O’Hare has attended, with San Diego Comic-Con being the first. And now with a whole season under his belt, Denis is interested in seeing how the fans will react to his appearance at the convention.

But we have not seen the end of Russell Edgington. Long live the King.

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