Denis O’Hare talks about True Blood and Wolves

July 11, 2010 by  

IF Magazine caught up with Denis O’Hare for a two part interview. During the second part of this interview he talks about his theater background, how he found out about True Blood, and working with wolves.

Denis O’Hare plays the King of Mississippi Russell Edgington on HBO’s True Blood. Denis is new to True Blood but he has been on stage most of his life. He started on stage in Chicago, and then later moved to Broadway in New York City. He has also been in some television shows such as Law & Order and CSI: Miami. Denis said that many of the actors on True Blood originated from New York like himself and Michael Hall also worked with him during Romeo and Juliet. So while he had never worked for Alan Ball previous to True Blood, he would seem logical that he had seen or heard of his work before.

When asked if Denis O’Hare was ready to bare it all like so many on the show do, Denis replied,

“No. Not yet. It hasn’t happened. I’ve gotten this far in my career without having to do that, it’d be nice to keep some things private, you know what I mean? If I’m called upon to, I will gladly, but Russell has dignity. I think he needs to keep his dignity.”

Denis does add that even thought the other actors have dignity they are also 25 years old!

The character that Denis has to play only rarely has to bite people but when he does, Denis makes sure to talk with the actor about what is getting ready to happen and make sure that the other person involved are comfortable. He explains that Russell is very much a southern gentleman, very knowledgeable in what he wants, he plans it and follows through down to every last detail. He does mention that Russell is also very much hot headed with a BIG temper.

While he hasn’t had to work with the wolves very often, he did have to work with them the very first episode he did. True Blood has decided to use real wolves rather than CGI wolves, this decision was mainly based on the “realness” of the wolves that were used in the Sookie Stakehouse series. The wolves are mainly kept away from the actors and separated by an electrical fence. So far, they have been very skeptical of everyone so the main issue is more with the wolves remaining focused during the shoot.
Denis said the one thing that has most surprised him about the show was,

” I have to say, I am bowled over by how friendly everyone in the cast and crew is, how hard everybody works, how professional everybody is. Everybody comes here to work. They do a really, really, really good job. Everyone is prepared to go, ready to go, and yet they manage to have fun while doing it. And it’s a really amazing balance. There’s no attitude from anybody, there’s nobody who has any sort of diva position. Everyone is great. It’s pretty amazing.”

We agree! This show has had two very amazing season and so far season 3 has had a lot to offer us. Tune in tonight for the brand new episode of True Blood where you can see more of Denis O’Hare and all your favorite characters.


(Photo credit: HBO Inc.)