Denis O’Hare’s True Blood Experience at Comic-Con 2010

August 7, 2010 by  

“Well it’s definitely overwhelming but good-natured–sort of like Mardi Gras meets a science fair.” That’s how Denis O’Hare describes his experience at San Diego Comic-Con 2010. The actor was welcomed with open arms by the True Blood-loving crowd because of his scene-stealing turn in Season 3 as the manipulative Vampire King of Mississippi, Russell Edgington. Denis did an interview with the blog SieWorld in which he offers his reflections on the convention.

Like many actors who play vampires, Denis did in fact have a “biting” experience. A security woman stopped him and Kristin Bauer van Straten on their way up to a rooftop party:

“[She] asked for badges or bracelets and just as things were threatening to get officious, she suddenly screamed, I mean screamed and was like, “Oh My GOD!!!! It’s Pam and the KING! She let us in the party and then we took a series of pictures with her and her friends and she directed us to bite her friend’s neck. Which we promptly did.”

As someone who is used to being around theater people (who are probably a little tamer in their affection), Denis seemed pleased by the level of passion from True Blood fans but also a little unnerved, feeling like lots of people in the crowd knew who he was. He was stopped often, but he says that everyone was very respectful.

When Denis mentions some of the True Blood swag he got, he says that his boyfriend, Hugo, was given a “VILF” shirt:

JS: Uh…”Vampires In Love Finally”?
Denis: Ooooooh, you are so pure of heart. Think MILF.
JS: I forgot what MILF stands for, too.
Denis: “Vampires I’d Like To…”
JS: Got it. Got it. Moving on.

As a fan of sci-fi himself, Denis was happy to go to the various parties and meet some of the people he’s admired, such as Mirina Sirtis, Levar Burton, and others from Star Trek: Next Generation.

His favorite part of the weekend: the True Blood panel.

“I had a really good time with the cast. The panel was a trip. Coming out into that room where 5,000 people are screaming and applauding and laughing… that was sort of a once in a lifetime moment.”

To sum it up, Denis describes Comic-Con in three words: “Freaky. Fantasy. Frolic.”

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(Photo courtesy of Denis O’Hare)