Denis O’Hare’s Eagle Lands February 11

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O’Hare as a Legionnaire in The Eagle

Should I mention what a fan I am of movies with Roman soldiers in them? I am holding back the inner squeee! Barely. The February 11 theatrical release of The Eagle is all the more thrilling because True Blood‘s Denis O’Hare stars in the film in the role of Lutorius. The movie also stars Channing Tatum and is directed by Kevin MacDonald.

About The Eagle

The story of The Eagle is loosely based on the Legio IX Hispana(the Ninth Spanish Legion) which was eventually posted to what is now Great Britain and is thought to have disappeared in about AD 117. The movie is an adaptation of Rosemary Sutcliff’s 1954 novel The Eagle of the Ninth. According to

In 140 AD, two men – master and slave – venture beyond the edge of the known world on a dangerous and obsessive quest that will push them beyond the boundaries of loyalty and betrayal, friendship and hatred, deceit and heroism….

20 years earlier, Rome’s 5,000-strong Ninth Legion, under the command of Flavius Aquila, marched north carrying their treasured golden Eagle emblem. They never returned; Legion and Eagle simply vanished into the mists.

. . . Flavius’ son Marcus (Tatum), determined to restore the tarnished reputation of his father, is galvanized into action. Accompanied only by his slave Esca (Bell), Marcus sets out into the vast and dangerous highlands of Scotland – to confront its savage tribes, make peace with his father’s memory, and retrieve the hallowed Eagle. Along the way Marcus realizes that the mystery of his father’s disappearance may well be linked to the secret of his own slave’s identity and loyalty – a secret all the more pressing when the two come face-to-face with the warriors of the fearsome Seal Prince (Tahar Rahim).


For more about the movie and some great scenes and commentary check out the featurette. You can see O’Hare at about 2:45, by the way.

I know I’m going to be in the theater getting my Legionnaire fix. How about you?

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