Dressing the True Blood Cast

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Have you noticed how Sookie, Tara, Jessica and Pam dress?  When they are wearing clothes, what do Jason, Bill, Sam, Lafayette and Eric wear? True Blood‘s costume designer, Audrey Fisher, shared with Fancast her ideas of where our favorite characters would shop and what clothing items are their favorites.

To get a bigger picture, Audrey explained that the costumes must project the hot, humid Louisiana climate.  Add to that the sexy kind of heat and you’ve got the requirements for skimpy and lightweight garments.  “I try to show as much skin as possible.”

Believe it or not, Audrey said the “garmentless sex scenes” must be considered as carefully as any garmented costume design.  There has to be a certain amount of coverage and those covers need to be comfortable and unseen by the camera.

So where are the apparel hangouts of these Bon Temps residents?

Starting with the ladies, while Pam would shop at Neiman Marcus for beautiful pumps, Sookie shops at Walmart and Target for tank tops, bikinis and shorts.  Tara, on the other hand, is very poor and just borrows clothes and wears hand-me-downs.  Jessica loves sundresses but her human father shopped for her at the mall.  Queen Sophie Ann also doesn’t shop, although she loves expensive jewelry.  She gets sent samples from Yves Saint Laurent.

We can probably guess that Sam shops at Boot Barn for his plaid, snap-front shirts.  Jason gets his 501 jeans and Frye boots at the Army/Navy surplus store.  Bill loves his Henley shirts and shops at Dillards, but as Audrey explains she feels “like we’ve moved to a different territory with Bill this season. Bill can’t live without high quality menswear, like he really enjoys a beautiful shirt.”  Eric‘s favorite tracksuits are from high end shops, but Audrey couldn’t put her finger on a particular store.  Lastly is Lafayette, who shops at the Fashion Bug for girly items.  He’s constantly wearing a do-rag and buys knock-off brands, like fake Chanel and fake Fendi, then puts his own twist on them.

So next time you’re in downtown Bon Temps, take note of who’s at that sale rack next to you.

Source:  fancast.com

(Photo credit – HBO Inc.)