Early Review of True Blood Season 3

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Hey everyone! Jace at Televisionary has seen the first few episodes of Season 3 of True Blood, and wrote an article about it. It has some light spoilers, but from what he said, it sounds like Season 3 is going to be the BEST True Blood season yet! He even commented that he loves the new cast members and what they add to the story lines for True Blood.

In Jace’s own words:

It’s time once again to invite HBO‘s gloriously addictive vampire drama True Blood, returning in just a few weeks’ time with its third season, back into our homes.

Based on the strength of the first three episodes of the season, there’s no need for it to use a glamour, as viewers will only be too willing to let it in without a struggle.

When we last saw the inhabitants of Louisiana bayou town Bon Temps, they were recovering after their brush with the immortal maenad Maryann (Michelle Forbes) and tensions were running high. When poor, doomed Eggs (Mehcad Brooks) finally remembered the actions he had taken while in her thrall, he sought to make a confession to Andy Bellefleur (Chris Bauer), only to be shot to death by Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten). Elsewhere, Sookie (Anna Paquin) considered a marriage proposal from Bill (Stephen Moyer), only to discover that he had been kidnapped.

I had the opportunity to watch the first three episodes of Season Three of True Blood and was quickly sucked back into a world of supernatural intrigue, illicit passion, and seductive darkness.

In order to read Jace’s review in its entirety, please go to televisionaryblog.com and enjoy!

SOURCE: Televisionary

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  • lucy

    One of the sexy things about Eric that always appealed to Sookie was his long blonde hair – what gives?

  • Ckayed

    Alan Ball will do a brilliant job with Season Three. I am eagerly anticipating the premiere on June 13. I am glad that Alan Ball is spinning his own magic with Charlaine’s novels because I feel that her SSN have become drudgery to read and it feels as though she has lost her mojo for writing them. After book four they all seem the same – a mess.

  • lizzie

    I don’t think I am going to like the Franklin Mott storyline! Not going to like the Trickster Eric going after Sookie either. It appears Bill’s storyline is the main focus, of course, but I fear the events leading up and the events after the kidnapping are going to have such bad consequences for our Bill and Sookie. Glad Stephen is going to show his great acting chops – such a storyline that we have been privileged too already by all the little teasers is going to show that Stephen/Bill is the MAN!

    Go True Blood!

    • lizzie

      Oh, thanks Isis for posting this article.

  • jaxx

    Great!! Only 16 more days!! Can’t wait to see old favorites and meet new cast members.